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... Fraggin' episode full of flashbacks and clips, ack! :(

And one gigantic line indeed, flail! Flail flail flail! When tied to a particular canon reaction to something, within seconds of that line... flaaaaail! :(

But which is true?

Is history repeating itself? Nathalie was close to having a coughing fit, matched to her reaction immediately post her actions as Mayura, only worse. Could the same thing have happened to Émilie over time? And why? Was the peacock miraculous damaged if, or when, Émilie first held it, or did Gabriel later damage it somehow, causing her accumulating transformation harm and his spiral/further spiral, bad to worse? Either could fit, and here I freely admit envisioning Émilie as a determined protector, of her own loved ones as well as more generally, so when I say either scenario could fit, it's my headcanon getting all over the storyline again. But where is she now? If it's half a Sleeping Beauty situation... then what's the other half? Or is it a monkey's paw wish after all?

Edited to add: Frakking frak! Incredibly blind moments! Émilie is either in a Sleeping Beauty situation or worse, according to a handful of comments I've just seen elsesite. Is that accurate? She's in a coffin/case somewhere that shows onscreen at some point? Either I missed an ep, or there's a visual that I wouldn't have known about.


Date: 2019-02-18 01:39 am (UTC)
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Yeah, Emilie's situation is visuals, not dialogue. We see her briefly in Gorizilla, more clearly in Style Queen and Queen Wasp.



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