Nov. 27th, 2012

chanter_greenie: Commander Seth Goddard of Space Cases fame (SC: Goddard - do the best they can)
Today was quieter than yesterday, shadowing-wise, and that had only partly to do with my chatter valve having been opened the day before. A the potential coworker is quite a nice guy, quieter than K but with a sense of humor I can't help but equate just a little with Johnny Dollar's own--good thing, for the non-radio geeks in the audience. K and I still get along like a pile of dried apple wood and a match. I really, really hope I get this job. I really, really effing hope my own uncertainty doesn't blow it for me before it starts.

I'll know which way the wind's blowing by, hopefully, Thursday or Friday. Putting everything in a metaphorical box for the time being, though that's damn hard. I've had hot chocolate with Bailey's stirred in, and that+warm blankets+fic have helped somewhat. I still need to tag up on slowtimed threads at Milliways, but I'm in the entirely wrong brainspace to do it. As I said to [personal profile] ceitfianna last night on twitter, even when she's raw, Sariel is generally both more contained and more directed with her emotions than I am with mine on a given day. These haven't been just given days, at least not in that sense. Alex, BBQ, Fi, Cam, I owe you and I know it. Ditto Gabby and plotting adventures in New New York. I just need tonight to unwind, because I'm still a mental spring, though I'm a bit further from going boing! than I was.

Mellowing out for a while. *hugs everyone hug-able*



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