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Jan. 1st, 2016 07:23 am
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I actually have one of these, now! I'm amazed I got this far. Fics available for funding by donation are listed below. I'm borrowing from the ever-marvelous [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith here by listing the name of the person who prompted the story. I've also learned about rate calculations by following her examples and links. For information on the orange!verse, and the Schrodinger's Heroes project that spawned it, see her menu page.

Just for my own sake, if a person donates for one of these fics, could they please send a private message or drop a comment or... something of that sort? I've never done this from the writerly side before, and I have no idea if PayPal will send a message of its own when a donation comes in. Edited to add: It does send a message! I still have no objections to people dropping a line, though. I don't often equate usernames with real names, especially if I don't know you RL.

Miller's Speculation
prompted by [personal profile] thnidu, with a hat tip to Professor Virgil Miller, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Sponsored by R. A. Olivero, a very old RL friend
Original ficlet. The quirkiest cautionary tale/moment of ironic justice you ever did see.

"Meteor Scatter"
prompted by < [personal profile] perfectworry, Sponsored by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Orange!verse. Quinn has nothing at all against other people's stars.

Tuning Up
sponsored by [personal profile] mama_kestrel
Orange!verse, several years before the events of "Adjacent Universe Splatter". Rebroadcasts to the northern States started first.

Autumn On The Oak Savanna
prompted and sponsored by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Original ficlet. The scent of newly-harvested fields in the fall... and quite a bit more besides.

Spring Is Honest
Written in trade with [personal profile] helgatwb, who asked for a piece about early spring. I obliged, with Wisconsin in late March.

Musical Gift
Prompted by [personal profile] siliconshaman, sponsored by W. Blondeau, an RL friend
Orange!verse. "Someone's got to speak up. I'm having fun while I do it." Meet Eric.

Dual Path Echo
prompted in a roundabout way by [personal profile] siliconshaman and [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse. To Helen, love is verb, noun and natural state of being.

Working The Bands
On both sides of the border, people are rolling up their sleeves.
Orange!verse, $43.

Orange!verse. Il est bien, sa bon, even when it ain't. Meet Doc and Sister.

In The Clear
sponsored by R. A. Olivero, an RL friend
Orange!verse, immediately post Open Carrier and Carrier Wave (both still in progress). Dat is niet alleen uit vanavond. Eric meets a refugee.

sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse, set just before Cat's In The Cradle. "It's for my girlfriend." A trans* citizen of America (recurring character) gets by.

Thy Father And...
There are two sides to what Kendra's inherited.
Orange!verse, $5.

Signal Strength
sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse. Concurrent with the events of Cat's In The Cradle. At eighteen, Kendra gets an education by radio.

Keeping A Logbook
sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse. These are the things Sandy carries.

Jammed Transmissions
Every refugee has a story of their own.
TW: visceral imagery (current), violence, police brutality, racism, homophobia, harmful institutional reactions to neurodiversity (all past, current environment supportive)
Orange!verse, $41.

Clandestine Stations
What makes the local Waxahachie team help with rebroadcasts to the southern States?
Orange!verse, $10.50.

Just what gets written in safehouse fridge notes, anyway?
TW: brief but vividly mentioned symptoms of illness
Orange!verse, $25.

sponsored by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Orange!verse. Sharing space in Canadian safehouses is far from uneventful.

Legal ID
Prompted by [personal profile] ellenmillion. Carlos doesn't envy the lawyers one bit, but...
TW: references to child abuse and violence (past, current environment supportive)
Orange!verse, $11.50.

sponsored by
[personal profile] fyreharper
Orange!verse. "We're geese, not coyotes." Carlos and Quinn make a run to Detroit.

Parliament Hill's Reply
Released for free post the 2016 U.S. election.
Orange!verse. In Brampton, Leigh muses on Lady Liberty's inscription and the people who cross the border.

Essential Components
Which items are vital at the safehouse in Brampton, and why?
Orange!verse, $39.

Open Carrier Part 1
sponsored by [personal profile] mama_kestrel
Orange!verse. Kendra makes a decision.

Open Carrier Part 2
Kendra gets rolling.
Orange!verse, $5.

Open Carrier Part 3
Kendra spends her first day and night on the road.
Orange!verse, $7.

Open Carrier Part 4
Kendra makes it to Detroit.
Orange!verse, $6.

Lighted Display
Posted for free. Orange!verse. This little light of--wait just a second.

Heaven Is Subjective
sponsored by [personal profile] technoshaman
Orange!verse. "People still hate up here," Sandy says.

Trusted Voice
You need a couple of passable musicians and a lot of willing hearts. How Leigh does what she does.
Orange!verse, $12.50.

Arco Iris
Free verse poem, not part of any specific universe. Someone asks a soundmage for a magical rainbow. She provides as only she can. This poem was the un-posted inspiration of a rainbow/color challenge a while ago.
Original, $5

Summer To The Winter Country
Prompted and sponsored by [personal profile] technoshaman. Original. Summer might be sand.

The Senses Of Same
Prompted by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith. Hope, wonder and hunched shoulders.
Original, $9.50. Hold for potential bids in the [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico auction.

Bring Back The Wonder
Sponsored by McSushi, an RL friend. Original. Just what would it take?

The Lamentations of Old Money
What Jennifer wants fits on a two-sided coin.
Original, $23.00.
This is as close as I can get to how this series runs, chronological order-wise. It's a fair suggested reading order too, although several of these can stand alone if so desired. The first two pieces diverge from the rest, but not as far as you might think. Works without linked titles are available for sponsorship, or incomplete and being worked on if noted.

Update: I now have a character list posted for the orange!verse. Be forewarned, some of the details in that list are spoilers for as-yet unreleased pieces. Read with caution if inclined to avoid info you'd sooner find out in stories as they appear.

Adjacent Universe Splatter
Pat and Scarlett get a signal they aren't expecting. Scarlet!verse.

Taking The Long Path
The team tune in the station Pat caught. Scarlet!verse.

Tuning Up
Several years before the events of "Adjacent Universe Splatter". Rebroadcasts to the northern States started first. Orange!verse.

Musical Gift
Someone's got to speak up. I'm having fun while I do it. Meet Eric. Orange!verse.

Dual Path Echo
To Helen, love is verb, noun and natural state of being. Orange!verse.

Keeping A Logbook
These are the things Sandy carries. Orange!verse.

Il est bien, sa bon, even when it ain't. Meet Doc and Sister. Orange!verse.

Working The Bands
On both sides of the border, people are rolling up their sleeves. Orange!verse.

Essential Components
Which items are most important at the safehouse in Brampton, and why? Orange!verse.

Jij Bent Zo
You're like that, and I wouldn't have you any other way. Meet Kendra. Orange!verse.

Handles and Callsigns (in progress)
Cell members have all kinds of ways they identify themselves on the radio. Orange!verse.

Sharing space in Canadian safehouses is far from uneventful. Orange!verse.

Heaven Is Subjective
"People do still hate up here," Sandy says. Orange!verse

Trusted voice
You need a couple of passable musicians and a lot of willing hearts. How Leigh does what she does. Orange!verse.

Just what gets written on safehouse refrigerator doors? Orange!verse.

The First Rule of Pirate Radio (in progress)
Not everybody's squeaky clean, whichever side of the border they're from or on. Orange!verse.

Legal ID
Carlos doesn't envy the lawyers one bit, but... Orange!verse.

Local Interference
(backdated four years prior to Jij Bent Zo)
Sometimes you just gotta stand. How Kendra got that black eye. Orange!verse.

Cat's In The Cradle
The little Boy Blue and the man on the moon. Michael watches his daughter with his gifts. Orange!verse.

Thy Father And...
There are two sides to what Kendra's inherited. Orange!verse.

Signal Strength
(post Jij Bent Zo, concurrent with the earlier two thirds of Cat's In The Cradle)
At eighteen, Kendra gets an education by radio. Orange!verse.

Jammed Transmissions
Every refugee has a story of their own. Orange!verse.

Meteor Scatter
(backdated roughly three years prior to the end of Cat's In The Cradle)
Quinn has nothing against other people's stars. Orange!verse.

(concurrent with Cat's In The Cradle)
"It's for my girlfriend." A trans* citizen of America gets by. Orange!verse.

"We're geese, not coyotes." Carlos and Quinn make a run to Detroit. Orange!verse.

Parliament Hill's Reply
In Brampton, Leigh muses on Lady Liberty's inscription and the people who cross the border. Orange!verse.

Open Carrier (in progress, now partially sponsorable)
(set post Cat's In The Cradle)
Kendra makes an attempt. Orange!verse.
Part 1

Carrier Wave (in progress)
(immediately post Open Carrier)
For some refugees, the only way out is through. Orange!verse.

In The Clear
(immediately post Carrier Wave)
Dat is niet alleen uit vanavond. Eric meets a refugee. Orange!verse.

Lighted Display
This little light of--wait just a second. Orange!verse.

Clandestine Stations
What makes the local Waxahachie team help with rebroadcasts to the southern States? Orange!verse.
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Made it to the Wisconsin Public Radio centennial event tonight. I was, at first, uncertain whether or not it was a good idea - yay brainweasels, not - but in the end, I was definitely glad I went. One or two moments did make me flinch (not in the best headspace yet, though distinctly improved from a few days ago) and one particular story about a guest's big goofy dog brought tears to my eyes, but overall, a good time was had. I've still got the singalong finale, which was a version of "Imagine," led by an excellent black Gospel singer and a longtime, much older and whiter WPR host who's a known tenor in the community, stuck in my head!

I do wish Karl Schmidt had lived to see this... The next studio WPR builds ought to be named after him. Then again I'm not sure, given the general impression he always gave on air, he'd go for that much obvious recognition. A reading room somewhere, a notably community-friendly one, *that* I can see him smiling over. For those not local, Karl Schmidt was a longtime host of Chapter A Day, and when I say longtime, I mean decades. We recently lost him, at... 93, I believe he was? He was still an active host at the time, to the point that one of the books he'd recorded for the air was being serialized when his death was announced. They deliberately continued that particular book to its end, several episodes later, while making note of the loss of its reader in press releases.

ETA: I almost forgot to say. The CW in the subject line reads 9XM, which was the original call of the station that became WHA, Wisconsin Public Radio's flagship station. 100 years and still going strong! :D
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Or, more of my frakking unnatural weirdness! Let me show you it!

Cut for odd, possibly creepy, definitely nonstandard wiring. )

Sorry, folks. Bad night. I'm fine as in functional, but my brain will not. shut. off. I can at least recognize bad tape when I deal with it in all the references to things being wrong with me, but I genuinely do wonder if I'm not honestly screwed up in an unhealthy way. Maybe ways.
Can we raise our voice tonight?
Can we make a little noise tonight?

Hat tip to the [community profile] thisfinecrew community, wherein I spotted a signal boost for an excellent comm. Two, if you count the comm I just linked. I joined, and now I'm passing it along! Heads up to any fannish friends who may be so inclined, [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico is a go!

I'm oh so tempted to offer one or more of the fics still on my sponsorable list over there...

Cookies if you get the reference in the subject line, and the dovetailing one immediately following. :)

ETA: I changed the subject line from a Spanish to an English one, because I (go figure) misheard, and thus misquoted the line I was aiming for. Music in one's second language is hard when you're rusty at said second language, yikes. I'm making the same reference as before, just via another snippet. Yes, the second line still dovetails. :)
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Canada is actively assisting LGBT refugees out of Chechnya and likely saving their lives in the process.

Unlike the orange!verse, this is a) real and b) government sanctioned, officially. <3 <3 <3 <3!

C'est magnifique, absolument! As nearly ever. I say nearly ever because nowhere's perfect, see that line in the article about previous persecution of trans* folks, but... Around here, our officials are still persecuting them. Up north, people are openly apologizing to them for the unwarranted ill. I... Shards. What am I doing down here, again? This CIS queer lady has a case of continued star eyes! Uncommon common human decency for the sharding win.
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This fic has been sponsored by [personal profile] fyreharper. As a note to readers, the half-price sale I had running has now ended.

Modulation )

Notes talk below the speakers, pun alert:

*Carlos is speaking and thinking in Brazilian Portuguese, as well as speaking Dutch. Caryn is at least trying to speak Dutch. Translations:

We komen uit Canada. Wij kunnen u helpen.: We're from Canada. We can help you.

Um, dois, trĂªs: one, two, three

Jij bent--: You are--

E agora: and now

*Coyote is a term for people smugglers of the far less scrupulous kind.
Forgive me for a second, folks. Chanter's going to ramble about Broadway.

So, the mayor/storyteller/one of the primary narrators in Come From Away intrigued me from almost the moment I heard his voice and his lines. As information for those who haven't heard the soundtrack, and I'm trying to avoid the heck out of spoilers here, there are multiple people describing events in Gander as they happen during the show, some openly timestamped, some not. We get perspectives from both local folks and plane people throughout - that's the whole framework of the musical - but as true narration goes, it's the Ganderites who get the timestamped snippets. There's a newbie reporter, two or three different schoolteachers whose time references are less to-the-minute but still important, at least one man whose name is never revealed, and the town's mayor. It's that last who also, and again I won't spoil without employing a cut tag, proves himself quite the spoken word storyteller in the course of the play. Aaaaand of course, my interest was well and truly snagged when he did so.

Oh, and just to be clear, I'm musing about the character in the musical here, not the real man or the actor who plays him, neither of whom I'm going to name.

Probably inaccurate daydreaming and shameless elaboration under the cut. Here there be mild but present Come From Away spoilers! )

After I wrote the lion's share of this down, I found a very recent article talking about the real people who inspired this musical. There was a quote in there from the real man, the actual mayor, and though I won't muse about him, it is a little eerie just how easily what he said about religion and skin color not mattering when people are in need could have come out of the musical version of the man's mouth, or the storyteller's as I imagine him. If somehow I've gotten his appearance right, I... Part of me wants to know, and part of me does oh so very not. I got close with his age, which is eerie enough; the article gave it as of 2017, and if you backdate to 2001, it's right on. Creepy! I definitely don't want to know if I've somehow got the actor's description - no thanks.

A little further daydreaming. Wherein Chanter is obvious. )

Do I need a Broadway tag? Or a 'Chanter has issues' tag? ... A maple leaves and warm fuzzies tag? Ah frak.
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This is part 1 of, for now, 4, and there will be more. It's been sponsored by the midnight sponsor, [personal profile] mama_kestrel.

Fair warning: Kendra has a potty mouth, a case of internalized biphobia, and a rough view of the world.

Open Carrier, Part 1 )
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This poem has been sponsored by the midnight sponsor, and I'll be calling you that for ages now, you know, [personal profile] mama_kestrel!

for continuity's sake, this comes before nearly anything else in the series, with the possible exception of 'Local Interference'.

Tuning Up )

Notes spin the dial:

*Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) has its studios in Hilversum, Holland. There really are windows everywhere in that building.

*This crowd are speaking both Dutch and English. Translations:

Vreemde: Weird!

Iedereen y uitgepraat: Literally 'everybody stop talking'. Everybody be quiet!

*A large majority of the people at this meeting have analogs in local reality, though I've left all but one unnamed. There are lots and lots of appreciative nods to RNW staff here, though.

*The island of Saint Kitt's does, or at least has, broadcast on 555kHz at relatively low power.

*Rochester, New York's WHAM really is on 1180kHz.

*Watrous, Saskatchewan and Fort Madison, Iowa do both broadcast on 540kHz. Iowa is much more commonly heard in northern North America, but occasionally, Sask gets through too.

*Summer in North America is not a good time to be listening to lower-frequency stations; there is static of various sorts everywhere.

*1000kHz is the frequency used by Chicago's WMVP, a very strong sports talk station indeed.

*The States and Canada space their radio stations 10kHz apart. Europe, parts of if not the entire continent of Africa, the Middle East, and India all use 9kHz steps instead.

*1440kHz really is known as a graveyard frequency. There isn't much audible on it in the northern U.S. to the casual listener. Further south, signals are stronger.

*RNW has, or has had, language services in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Bahasa (Indonesia, not Malayu). Whether or not half the Bahasa service has ever been felled by the flu, I don't know!
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Will the person who sponsored 'Tuning Up' and 'Open Carrier part 1' please drop me a message? Nothing at all is wrong, in fact quite a lot is right!, I'd just like to know if you have a DW handle I can use when giving you credit for donating.
This has been sponsored by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith. Thank you, Ysabet! In the orange!verse, sharing space in Canadian safehouses is far from uneventful, for better or worse.

TW: This fic contains, in three separate, unconnected instances, allusions to the loss of family members, obvious mental stress, and consensual sex. There's also some swearing, though nothing too filthy; Carlos and Lise each get scatological once, the rest is milder, and a lot of what wouldn't be milder is deliberately left to the imagination. :P


Notes don't interfere with anybody's signal:

*The term QRM is a ham radio Q-code. It translates to manmade interference, as in, "Ow, you've got some nasty QRM on your signal there, are you near a power line or what?" or, "Hang on, I'm getting QRM from my roommates again--hey, can it, wouldja?"


Gesundheit: Bless you, your health. Something you say when someone sneezes. It's carried over from the original German into English, hence M.J. using it.

Qui brule les choses encore un fois: Who's burning things again?

*In our universe, Brampton, Ontario really does have a station that plays, among other services for a number of communities, quite a lot of South Asian programming. This is AM 530, CIAO. The call letters spelling what they do is not lost on yours truly.
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Not that 33, the age-type 33. :P With me, the reference could be either, so.

This sale has now ended. All pricing is again valid as listed in the sticky post.

Because a) my birthday's coming up, b) I'd really love to share some of these stories with the public, and c) the fairly obvious, I'm putting a (largely) half-price sale out there. I'll run it from now until September 19. I say largely because anything that divides in half to less than $5 American I've left alone. I'll do my best to edit this list as time goes by and, hopefully, pieces are sold. That said... see below for the half-price price list as it stands, and a couple of warnings that seemed appropriate. The first piece to be noted with a warning is darker overall than the other, but the second might be painful to some folks as well. Check the main fiction list sticky for details if you're not sure you want to go there or you want more information, please. If in doubt, I am entirely open to messages on the subject as well. Traumatizing people is not on my list of desires.

The Orange!verse:
Working The Bands - $21.50
Jammed Transmissions (TW: this is dark) - $20.50
Clandestine Stations - $5.25
Ragchew - $12.50
Legal ID (TW: this involves dark themes throughout) - $5.75
Essential Components - $19.50
Trusted Voice - $6.25

Other Originals:
The Lamentations of Old Money - $11.50

Now, about those Cylons... Heh.

Edited to add: Yeeks! I forgot! The PayPal button, for any interested parties, is on my DW profile page. Cheers for tipping me to what I'd inadvertently left out, Ysabet.
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When attempting to renew a state ID card, I discovered several things.

One, your ID renewal application absolutely stinks with Firefox. I had to switch to IE, which is full of security flaws, to get the various radio buttons to work.

Two, your capture widget does not work at *all* in Firefox, well beyond the button issues mentioned above. It was entirely unviewable, besides a brief mention of a capture widget frame when tabbing through. Unnecessarily repeating the next button instead of revealing the needed text is not helpful, or useful.

Three, even when in IE, your capture widget is unworkable. Half the time, checking the 'I am not a robot' box brings up a try again later message, claiming the computer may be running automatic queries. It is not. I am not an automaton; we have established this via checkbox already. When the widget does deign to function at all, attempting to play the audio for an audio challenge does not even fail. It does nothing. Neither does the download link provided, and the help button reveals a handful of keystrokes that are not compatible with a very common screenreader. I tried.

I'll deal with this at work tomorrow. If nothing else, I'll have somebody with working eyeballs who can click the damn clicky capture tiles for me. God, I hate being the default alpha tester for supposedly accessible tech... Also, the dependence on somebody sighted got old about twenty years ago.


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Below the cut, because not everyone wants to read about these things.

I vant to talk about your bl--okay, my blooooood! )
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The anxiety meds appear to be working, and darn well. Once again, I get lucky on the first try. As I told Tracy the cool boss, every little thing is not the end of the world anymore. I don't *think* I'm buffered too far in the other direction, but I'm still keeping an eye on that, just in case.

The idea that the anxiety meds would help kick the previously malfunctioning depression meds back into working order seems to have legs, too. Not perfect, because nothing is when it comes to (at least my) brain's chemical imbalances, but better.

More on other subjects later. Now, I mellow out.
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Oh my goodness. I've just made a fool of myself in front of a favorite author from childhood. ... Well, left a comment on an unrelated subject on a post of theirs, and had them respond in a manner that did not immediately suggest 'buzz off, ya weirdo', but... eek! Their name's similarity to an author from way back in little Chanter's formative years is not, in fact, a coincidence, and I just realized that eek eek eeeeek! It's them!

Info back here, which devolves into stream of consciousness squee and literary memories pretty quickly. )

I really, really sharding well hope I didn't just creep out that author...
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Posting this for free because... frankly, it feels needed.

Lighted Display )

If you suspect that more than a few images in here came straight from yours truly's childhood... you're right.
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Well, that was something of a bust, but not entirely so. Mom caught some sort of virus the day before we all headed up, not certain what, and proceeded to be (as is standard for her) a bit obsessive over it. Can't say I haven't got my own quirks - I brought my own pillow to the hotel, come on - but ugh, anyway. Put the dang thermometer away, lady. Between that, a snarl-off with one sister that eventually got resolved, a disagreement with one aunt over the same subject that also sorted itself out (still, suuuuuuck in both cases), and the fact that, between disinterested sibling and sick parent, the fair didn't happen... ugh. I know I'm being whiny and entitled here for a second, but gosh darn it, I was really looking forward to the fair this year. I haven't been since college. Frak. ... Next year.

On the upside, there was kayaking on the Eau Claire River, not a bad time, there was a bonfire, there was a fish fry, there was catching up with relatives - it's amazing how harmlessly juvenile we can all get when telling stories after dark, and even I appreciated it :) - and here's a warm fuzzy, there were new members of the family. My aunt and uncle in Weston are watching, and are currently sorting out the paperwork so they can officially foster, two little girls. these are my aunt's great nieces, the daughters of one of her nieces. Their mother is... in a significant amount of trouble, addiction-wise+legally, and their father is not in the picture for similar reasons. Two sweet little pre-kindergarten kiddos needed a loving home, and C and S stepped up without a flinch. :) These girls are adorable. They and Laura had a ball zooming all over the yard, as they're all of an age - five, four and four. I know there was a Laura-dragon, a Naila-bear, maybe a Naila-lion, and possibly a Bree-bear at one point, judging by all the rarrrr!ing going on. :) The two newbies were fascinated with my cane, and with the general fact that I couldn't see. That kind of interest in my disability does not bother me at all, quite the opposite, and the older one's reaction to my impromptu cane demo was 'That's cool!' :D That segued into one aunt telling the story of Bosco the guide dog, and how he led me around, couched in terms little kids could understand. Of course I joined in, and get this. When I said he loved everyone, and that I miss him every day, the older girl said that he sounded like the best dog ever (I agreed), and that he was one of the stars in the sky. For background, their grandmother (my aunt's mother, unrelated to and unknown to me) occasionally takes them to church, and Naila (the older girl) is very interested in religion. So this was not a reference to Sirius the star. This was stars equaling angels. I almost cried, and later gave Naila a hug for that, because oh my goodness what an incredibly sweet thing to say. ... And got the younger, Bree, immediately looking for a hug too. XD I know they're not technically related to me, being my uncle's wife's great nieces, but as far as I'm concerned, I have two more cousins than I did three days ago.

I won't even get into Abby (cousin) and I squeeing over Broadway, or Nick (also cousin) and the outcome of a conversation we had weeks ago. Or my union electrician uncle and I talking politics. ... I could go on.

So, not entirely a bust, though family can really get up my nose in certain circumstances... and I do wish I'd made the fair. Dang it. Next year I'm going with or without anyone else. Dad and I took off early this morning, not wanting to hang around the hotel - Mom and kid sister left later, in kid sister's car. Got back to Madison before noon. Glad I went up? Yes, mostly. Mostly. Glad to be home, shards yes, which I never thought I'd say about a trip to Marathon County.

Needing a couple more days to recover from the weekend? Um, yeah. Crud.
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Wisconsin Valley Fair, here I come. :D I'm off to Wausau for the weekend. Informal family reunion, fish fry, kayaking partial daytrip, baseball game, and a run to the fair that was a staple of my childhood and teenage years! :D I fully expect to spend more money than I probably should at the fair. I only wish I could sleep on my uncle's couch instead of in a hotel... ick... Bringing a pillow is the best I can do. Hotels. :(

Back on Sunday!
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My thread is over here if anyone is so inclined. Hat tip to Ysabet for pointing out the comm.



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