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This fic came from [personal profile] thnidu's impromptu world creation prompt. It's been sponsored by a very old friend of mine. You know who you are, and no, I haven't forgotten how we broke the ice. Excelsior was a big bucket of bolts in one estimation, wasn't she? XD

Miller's Speculation )

*This entire ficlet plays off a quip by one of my forensics advisors in college. I don't have the exact quote (I can't find it, and I know it exists, because we kept a quotes archive!) but the general idea was that hell for white supremacy advocates should have a 500-pound black lesbian as god. [personal profile] thnidu's prompt struck the match, so to speak. As for the title? That particular professor's name was Virgil Miller. 'Nuff said. Hopefully this isn't too much of a quirky morality tale, but here it is. rather fitting it's going up today, given the rubbish I've been wrangling with here *coughs* WBCQ *coughs*.
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Oh, this is just bloody wonderful.

A little backstory: Earlier today Katie and I took up a friend of ours on a standing invite we'd had to have tea in Welles Hall. Mmmm, real English tea and wicked good conversation. :) that part of the day actually *was* pretty darn great. However, not ten minutes after we'd gotten back, I had a phone call from Brandy saying that we were expected to get snowed on this weekend, and that the MAFL at NIU was up in the air since we sort of had no driver. Best wishes to Mike and shauna with all the iffiness, by the way. *hugs them both* Anyway, it was decided that it was no great huge deal if we didn't go--I'm satisfied with last week being my last tournament as a competitor since it went well, and I wouldn't want my family, friends or heck, anybody driving in crazy snowy crap conditions. I wouldn't ask my parents who've been driving in Wisconsin weather for thirty years to make a trip in a blizard, so I sure as heck wouldn't ask a fellow student to. It just wouldn't be fair, and I'd spend the time worrying myself into a quiver over the state of the roads and their wheels. So the NIU trip is off, which means no crazy blizard navigation, no late Saturday night, and no l-o-n-g Sunday. I'm OK with that.

But on the downside, we have bloody snow again! Bleh! Katie and I made a Jitters run tonight after going up to Paula's and sharing some of our own tea with her--that's the same friend we'd had tea with earlier in the day, call it returning the favor. while we were in the coffee house someone Katie knew and I'd met a couple times walked up with a friend and said "Damn, look at the snow we're getting!" I was then advised to put a lid on my drink the better to avoid getting snow added to the mix. It's a good thing I took that advice, because by the time we got from Welles to Knilans we were both covered in the stuff! Katie's chair, both our coats, our hair, the lids of our drinks... aieee! Just walking on it was evidence enough that it was pretty wicked bad, never mind the faceful we both took in the first twenty feet. I don't envy the teams who drove in tonight for Sorber, not at *all*.

Speaking of, we've got Sorber tomorrow if I haven't already made that clear. Early morning, long day, but not horribly late night thank gods. It'll be interesting with the blizard on though, never mind if we get blowing and drifting. Ugh...

And somebody remind me *not* to read Les Miserables fan stories at two or so in the morning. they will routinely lead to marvelous, fic-inspiring dreams, give a frightening amount of fuel to my revolutionary muse, and cause scenes upon scenes with at least one version of the Maquis if not several! in direct involvement to do the Athena thing--that is, spring to life full-grown and start plaguing me! Nineteenth-century fiction and futuristic rebellion inspired by the same, and alternate universes and... oy!! *writes*
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Yesterday and today have been/are going to be quite the interesting couple of days. In a few hours, I'll be showing up at Lizzie's and joining her in celebrating her turning 21... and turning the tables on her, too! Considering she hosted my own twenty-first birthday party, the meaning of that is obvious.

To explain the other part, last night was the forensics team's annual holiday party, hosted at Janine's place and attended by... there must have been twenty people there, maybe more. Several alumni showed up yay! and I finally got to meet Virgil's other half. Michael and virgil are *so* perfect for each other. Over the course of the night we were sniffed and kissed and hit with the tail of doom belonging to Becca the black labby, meowed and fuzzed and nipped at by the grey guy (kitty), and cuddled if only for a few seconds by the little black kitty. Awww. Not to mention being treated to heavenly lasagna, equally heavenly strawberries for December, and of course the white elephant gift exchange! :) Good times, good times!

Now off to shower and pack things up before I vanish to Lizzie's. I refuse to get as tilted as I did on my own twenty-first birthday... but who knows if she will!
Well, we made it. There and back, though the beginning leg of the there was marked by us having to pull over and people having to scrape ice and snow crud from the windshield wipers and the glass itself every five minutes or so. Oy! In the end we got landed with around... I've been told anywhere from four to six inches to six to eight. Wicked lots, anyway, though it's nothing compared to Kenosha's seventeen! And my class was canceled, as I just found out via an e-mail from Friday, so I missed nothing. A long, very enjoyable weekend was had by all.

The tournament itself was *fun*, as always. Kate and Ben broke duo, and the same two broke music interp--yay, tournament-specific categories! The ranks were third for the duo, fourth and fifth for the music interpers - Ben fifth, Kate fourth. And Ben and I narrowly missed DI finals, which is a downer but after seeing my scores and thinking over the wicked serious competition there was, I'm cool with it. Here's looking ahead to January *is excited for a tournament that's almost two months off* I'm weird, I know.

Now I'm going to go curl up, probably read some blake's 7 fic, and catch up on some sleep. Zzzzz *curls up*.
Such was this past day and a half.

Invasion Iiiiiiowa... :) Got back from the Waverly trip maybe two and a half hours ago and what a time we had! The duo ended up taking fifth, and *squeak* somehow or other that Cecelia landed a third in poetry squee! The Leah piece didn't break yet but hopefully someday... then again I did just switch it from dramatic interp to prose, so I'm still adjusting to that. It does seem to work far better in the new category than it ever did as a DI, likely because of the stylistics of it, or that's what I keep hearing anyway.

As for the trip itself, *quite* fun. In one car, we had Heather, Ben [ profile] jben, Kate, shauna, Louise who I knew from CSD before, and Bosco and me. I'll go into more details about the entirety of the trip when I'm a little more coherent. All I'll say for now is six people and a labby in a car is a squish at times, it gets very, very quiet on car rides when everyone is eating cookies, and someone else actually knows the Ozone version of Dragostea Din Tei! Yay!

anyway... off to tune in Das Hitradio and the top 50 chart just because I'm curious now. I'll probably fall asleep in the middle again. Oh well.

Edited to add: I didn't. Heard the whole thing but shards if I can remember what was number one.

Edited to add again: I went back and looked. Robbie Williams -- Tripping. Ick.



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