Forgive me for a second, folks. Chanter's going to ramble about Broadway.

So, the mayor/storyteller/one of the primary narrators in Come From Away intrigued me from almost the moment I heard his voice and his lines. As information for those who haven't heard the soundtrack, and I'm trying to avoid the heck out of spoilers here, there are multiple people describing events in Gander as they happen during the show, some openly timestamped, some not. We get perspectives from both local folks and plane people throughout - that's the whole framework of the musical - but as true narration goes, it's the Ganderites who get the timestamped snippets. There's a newbie reporter, two or three different schoolteachers whose time references are less to-the-minute but still important, at least one man whose name is never revealed, and the town's mayor. It's that last who also, and again I won't spoil without employing a cut tag, proves himself quite the spoken word storyteller in the course of the play. Aaaaand of course, my interest was well and truly snagged when he did so.

Oh, and just to be clear, I'm musing about the character in the musical here, not the real man or the actor who plays him, neither of whom I'm going to name.

Probably inaccurate daydreaming and shameless elaboration under the cut. Here there be mild but present Come From Away spoilers! )

After I wrote the lion's share of this down, I found a very recent article talking about the real people who inspired this musical. There was a quote in there from the real man, the actual mayor, and though I won't muse about him, it is a little eerie just how easily what he said about religion and skin color not mattering when people are in need could have come out of the musical version of the man's mouth, or the storyteller's as I imagine him. If somehow I've gotten his appearance right, I... Part of me wants to know, and part of me does oh so very not. I got close with his age, which is eerie enough; the article gave it as of 2017, and if you backdate to 2001, it's right on. Creepy! I definitely don't want to know if I've somehow got the actor's description - no thanks.

A little further daydreaming. Wherein Chanter is obvious. )

Do I need a Broadway tag? Or a 'Chanter has issues' tag? ... A maple leaves and warm fuzzies tag? Ah frak.
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I'll be offline from right about now till somewhere in the early afternoon tomorrow. Winter Field Day is calling my name. CQ CQ CQ, it says, come DX the heck out of January! And so I shall.

Let's hope this weekend, unlike much of the rest of this *bleep* month, is not fired.

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This is going in here on the highly unlikely chance that anyone's interested in which stations I've successfully QSL'd so far.

For general information's sake: Chanter is a shortwave listener (SWLer), as well as a ham (amateur radio operator). She's also a DXer in both arenas (a seeker of distant, rare, or otherwise hard to catch stations - DX is the radiotelegraph abbreviation for distance). QSL's are cards/letters/sometimes other swag received from stations around the world in response to valid reception reports a person sends in (QSL is the radiotelegraph code for understand, or I understand). I can't see the cards I get, but since when has that stopped me?

SWL QSLs are usually in response to listener letters, whereas hams often exchange cards after making contact. If I decide to post the ham QSLs I've received, I'll do it in another entry. This one's delightfully long as is! :)

The actual, detailed SWL QSL list goes back here, so as to spare you at least a *little* spam. )
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Is over. I am KD9CZG. :)

Now to fix the minor but still important data entry error in the FCC database that has me listed with I as a middle initial when it should be J. Whoops!

This brightened an otherwise long day. :)
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Eight or more inches of snay last evening and throughout the day today, the Superbowl (deflated football Patriots, pfft), and oh yeah, an amateur radio exam for multiple people here in Madison.

I passed! :D I haven't been issued a callsign yet, but I'm officially a technician class ham radio operator. :D :D :D

On calling home tonight, the conversation went like this:
Me: I passed. I'm a ham!
Mom: Well I knew *that*.
Me: *cracks up laughing* I knew that was coming!

*has the warm fuzzies* I still can't half believe it.
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Good grief, that's a bit depressing. The summeriest (shoosh, that's a word) of the lot are now in a drawer, and the long sleeves and lighter sweaters are out. Ah well, I knew it had to happen. Flannel sheets come later.

Made it to the Obama rally at the UW on Thursday. Good lord what a crowd! It was pretty marvelous once speaking actually started happening - Tammy Baldwin's crack about Tommy Thompson had [personal profile] meimichan and I in stitches! The two+ hours of iffy music weren't all that fun, though, nor was sitting on rocks. It beat being separated, anyway. Getting home was rather a zoo, understandably, though [personal profile] meimichan hitting the deck on University courtesy the uneven sidewalk and re-twisting her twisted foot was definitely a scary moment. The circle of concerned pedestrians who quickly gathered around - at least two people donated their bottles of water to the limping wounded - was oh so very Wisconsin, seriously. Yes, Meimichan was able to get up and walk in a fairly short time, if painfully so, and I discovered that one of the friendly passersby was the wife of the professor who taught me cross-cultural comm and communication and gender in college. Huh, small world.

Still no word from the job I applied for in Middleton. Calling yesterday morning got me the news that the HR person is out until Monday, so leave a message or call again. I'll call again. WPR hasn't let me know anything yet either, though that's a touch more recent of an application. If neither of those jobs pans out, I'm just going to find work in a call center as a stopgap while looking for something closer to my field. Blah.

In rather better news, the loop antenna birthday gift works quite well. Took it to the capitol lawn at one point and got a few interesting catches, though I'd really need to dangle it from a tree branch or something to get the best effect. I'm contemplating taking the whole rig home when next I head marshwards and using the clothesline in the backyard as an impromptu temporary antenna mount. We'll see. Finally got Algeria on SW! Thank you, Monitoring Times blog, for cluing me in that the reason I hadn't been able to pull their signal in up to now wasn't to do with weak signals at all... they just hadn't been active on shortwave! Muchas gracias for the activity notice and frequency info; they were booming in when I caught them! I am definitely QSLing them when I can find a valid address.

Currently freezing my toes off. Must. make. coffee.
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It's Friday the thirteenth.

Ooga booga.

As my ex used to say, that is all. I'll report later, when I'm post the art fair on the square/off the square/wherever else artsiness is being hosted. Lucky [personal profile] meimichan and Jason, hm?

Not looking forward to the phone call I have to make later this morning. Oh well, it's not horrible, it's just depressing. Sorry Elizabeth, it's not you, it's the content of the call.

Oh, and .. / -. -- / .-.. . .- .-. -. .. -. --. / -.-. --- -.. . /

It's very, very slow going as yet, but I'm getting better at it. Like father like daughter. :)
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As the subject says, I'm home again. I suspect that my parents are still slightly thrown by my calling this place home, but it is. Granted I did much the same when I was living at Whitewater. Same general idea, only this is much more permanent, touch a forest worth of wood.

Still job-seeking. Still getting a whole lot of nowhere as yet. Hopefully that changes in the near future... and again with the forestful of wood coming in useful. Got a QSL card from Radio Netherlands in the mail yesterday. To use a little shorthand, V. V. brilliant! However, it was for the marathon broadcast that heralded the end of their Dutch service. V. V. sad. I will forever <3 RNW, whatever the language.

Retriever rescue stories of the 'rainbow bridge' variety make me cry. Word to the wise: Don't read those. You will be weepy and plagued with feelings of inadequacy as regards your own fuzzy dog by turns. At least, you will if you're me.

On a far brighter note, the capitol is still a friendly place, State Street is as well (diagonal intersections notwithstanding, because they rather break that rule) and frozen strawberries are nomful.

This is a very disjointed entry. Whoops?!

Showers are also nice. *scurries off accordingly*
Yes, this RL, to elaborate on the last entry.

Regarding the ow! portion of it, Chanter was an utter doofus at work the other day. I didn't want to take my dog down the hall to the ladies, didn't have a cane, and wasn't thinking particularly carefully while walking. The end result was me taking a turn too soon and going head over heels over head over... and over, and over down a stairwell! I did not concuss myself or otherwise hurt my head, at least not beyond a few bruises; my left leg and arm caught the worst of it. The former was rather scratched, the latter bashed at the elbow and wrist, as I'm pretty sure I landed hard on it. Never lost consciousness, as I told my boss pretty much first thing when he came dashing down to investigate the source of the clatter... and the use of a particular four-letter word pertaining to poo. He was an utter sweetheart about things, and helped mop me up, not to mention retrieve both my shoes - they flew off. I remember them doing so. Whee sandals. All in all, I'm extremely grateful I didn't give myself a head injury. As it was, I was actively keeping myself as engaged and aware as I possibly could from the minute the boss turned up; I wanted to be absolutely sure I didn't do myself any harm in the head department. I probably sounded a bit overly intellectual/clinical there a minute or two, but it sure beat a few alternatives! So darn glad I didn't concuss myself. I'll take a badly bruised arm over that any day of the week. As for that arm, it's better than it was on Friday by far. I do need to show [personal profile] meimichan the necklace that tangled in my hair in the fall; one of the knots in its string unknotted itself, and I think it needs a restring. So very minor in the scheme of things, but I still need to do it.

So that was that. Ow, but thank God for a lack of head injury. Whew! That damn stairwell's going to scare me forever now, though. Carting a spare cane to work tomorrow. Still not taking the dog to the ladies, thanks. I'd sooner he didn't try sniffing in the bin.

Ah-hem. Jumping topics before I give myself a case of the crawlies again; I've had the retrospective creeps and how at least twice since Friday. Brrrrr. Here, the better to a) take my mind off the ickiness and b) display the results of my sorting out my shortwave frequency-determining issues, you lot get DXing spam again. As to how I sorted the issues out, I found time station WWV quite by accident, did some research, figured out that only the signal on 10mHZ had a religious station near it on the dial at the particular time of the evening I'd tuned it in, and deduced which frequency I'd found that way. In went 10mHZ into my presets, and from there I was able to find quite a few other frequencies to use as guideposts on the dial. Tah-dah! :) Still working on finding 15mHZ's itteration of WWV, but that's just a matter of scrolling up forever. *shrugs* Anyhow, DXing spam ahoy. I've already sent off a half-dozen reception reports, and when I get QSL cards back from any of them, I'll share the details. If I can figure out how, I may even upload a picture, especially if Radio Netherlands sends me something. That'll be a treasured possession for sure, if they do.

Chanter does some rather less clumsy DXing back here. )
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Finally carted the shortwave radio down from marsh country and set it up here. I am a happy, SWLing, DXing Chanter! One drawback remains, though. Does anybody know if there's such a thing as a device that'll plug into a shortwave set and speak or Braille out frequencies and bands as you scroll through them? It's a real pain in the butt to be spinning along the dial at speed and realize that oh yeah, I forgot to count taps of a button and I now have no idea what frequency or band I'm on! This is especially true when DXing; weak signals plus languages that are identifiable but not anything you speak makes this even trickier. Even if you hit something you can understand and catch a frequency listing, there are usually multiple broadcasts for locations around the world, and that doesn't even get into simultaneous transmissions on two or more frequencies at once. Argh, in other words!

Anybody have a clue? My ham-savvy friend on the East Coast doesn't know of anything SW-specific, sadly.

For the interested, which I imagine will be a fairly small number, say sorry, have a look at my first feeble attempts at reporting signals. I had to guess the RNZI frequency from the winter schedule posted online; it was the only one that fit with the time I caught the station. ... Aaaand now that frequency guess for RNZI is moot, because I've heard that same station since, same time, and clearly caught a national ID instead. Whoops!

Chanter does some clumsy DXing back here! )

I doubt anybody cares about that lot, but there it is. :)
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I heard this via the BBC tonight and said oh, no way! Dang it! Somehow, I never imagined him getting old, let alone dying. 84? How the heck did that happen? He always seemed eternally 40 to me. That voice had everything to do with it, I think. It probably figures that I found him especially awesome when he was being serious. Heck, he was awesome anyway.

Found on the BBC worldservice site tonight

I admit I've used a certain iconic line once or twice myself. Remember, Lizzie? Rest in peace, Leslie Nielsen.
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I feel icky. Not falling on the floor icky, just sore throat, headachey icky. I think my boss gave me her crud; she was off work Monday because of it. I did the interview I'd scheduled today from here rather than the office, and I'm afraid I did it rather badly as I was still hazy and daze-y. Oh dear. Glad that's not the article we're running this week. Anyway, after the interview was done and the e-mails were answered, I curled up and conked out. Yay, web-based e-mail. I did get meds refilled at least, so I haven't been a total bump on a log today. ... Gah, I feel icky.

I'm going to go listen to Radio Wales and hope that horrible sketch from A Look Back At The '90's doesn't come back and haunt me once I fall asleep. It did last night, and once is enough. Brrrr. A plummeting elevator is a nightmare in itself, but when it announces going wrong and the cable snapping... gaaaaah! Only joking my bum. I'd take the stairs after a joke like that. Yes, tuning in Radio Wales, now. And hopefully feeling less sick by tomorrow.
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Once in a while, when one news story hits another... or hits several, as the case may be, the result is a large amount of laughter and a headache, not necessarily in that order.

A rather serious BBC Worldservice interview stuck a 1992 'verse idea in my head earlier today, and it's been there since, half-formed and plaguing me. tonight, I've rather overdosed on episodes of the Demented News a la Dr. Demento's Whimsical Will while looking for one specific snippet that wasn't in the archives. Blame the latter for all the laughter coming from over my way. I really hope I haven't made my new neighbor think I'm too much of a weirdo because of all the cracking up over here... but anyway. Take one lapful of archived Demented News reports, add one 1992 'verse story with a rather serious bent, mix the two together, and...

Ooooomph. this is what I get for not doing the sensible thing and finding my own recording of the story I wanted to begin with. I know I have it, I just couldn't be bothered to look. Until now, anyway.

I'll explain in greater detail just why the BBC interview I heard earlier set the 1992 'verse wheels in motion once I've actually *written* the story floating around in my head. Right now, I'm off to find a ten-year-old tape recording.

This post didn't have much of a point for anyone who isn't me, did it? Oh well. *shrugs*
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My home page is the BBC's Worldservice, which is probably utterly unsurprising for anyone who knows me. I opened my browser tonight, glanced at the main news stories, and promptly swore at least once. Charlie Gillett has died. I didn't even know he was ill, never mind the fact that he was 68. He didn't sound 68! Looking back I likely should have suspected he was older than he sounded, just going off the length of time he'd spent as a DJ, but *still*. He came across as eternally forty-ish or so at most, soft-spoken, and healthy as the proverbial horse save the occasional bout with hayfever (he mentioned it on air once.) This is hard to believe.

When I turned eighteen, I got a shortwave radio for a birthday present. I was happily tuning in the world from the first day I had the thing; it's in my bedroom at my parents' place, and it still gets plenty of use whenever I'm there. It became a Tuesday night ritual all through that autumn and winter: Go upstairs, switch into pajamas, crawl in bed and listen to charlie Gillett on the BBC and Music 52/15 on RNW. It was a wonderful way to spend an evening, even if I did lose a little sleep by staying up to hear the end of the second program. I'll never forget going into school one morning, a song from Music 52/15 stuck in my head from a broadcast the night before, getting asked by the school's French teacher what I was singing and getting a highly surprised reaction when I told her it was a song by Youssou N'dour. I won't soon forget this either; one Tuesday, I forgot to tune in. I went scrolling through shortwave frequencies, stumbled across a voice I knew could only be Mariza, and halted. Darn! said I. I forgot charlie Gillett! I was right. It *was* Mariza. Yes, I left the radio tuned exactly where it was until the program was over. To this day, I'm annoyed at missing that particular program, as it was specifically music from Lusofonic countries.

What a loss. What a terrible loss. Rest in peace, charlie Gillett.
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I'm a college graduate! Eeeee eeeee eeeee!!!

Ahem. *beams* It's a hell of a feeling, hearing the chancelor say "by the authority vested in me by the board of regents, I confer on you the degree," or whatever it was, and "you may now switch your tassels." Quite the charged and significant moment, to say the least. I'm not going to forget *that* any time soon, I know that much.

And I didn't fall off the stage, whee! :D

and last night, I had the best dream I've had in months; my family was traveling from England to the People's Republic of Wales depicted in the thursday Next series; that alone warmed my socialist heart. For whatever reason, I left my family--I think I must've climbed out of the car we were using and gone scrambling for the house we'd pulled up to, because I had the sense that they were still nearby. When I knocked at the door (it was a screen door in a wooden frame, so the inner door must have been open already) the woman who answered it and welcomed me in sounded exactly like Mrs. Morgan from Educating Archie! I know at least one other person was there, and he sounded more along the lines of someone from the Dark Is Rising series. I know I spoke to my parents at one point near the end of the dream, and apparently the whole family was moving into a house/tower that was all greenwood scrubbed until it quite literally shone, inside and outside alike. And I wound up with sanctuary inside the Socialist Republic of Wales. I used the phrase "It is the heritage," at least twice, which is a poetry reference and a direct lift from The Eyre Affair, and everything had the overwhelmingly joyous sense of the end of A Swiftly Tilting Planet about it.

I don't know if it was my subconscious having a party or a sign or what, but I'm sure as heck not objecting. With all my past references to the old music and heritage and lovely accents, I don't blame my brain for throwing it all together after as important a day as yesterday. *warm fuzzies*

During all the chaos of yesterday afternoon post-ceremony, I finally talked my mother into going over to the shelter with me and meeting people and kitties. Well, technically just kitty, as she saw Delmonica and plenty of others but only got introduced to and pet one. Daisy was such a purrball, what a love. And I got pictures of Daisy, dmitri, Ginger, Lil girl and Della while I was there - thanks Aszya. The Daisy pic is going on my desk in Colorado, and I wouldn't be surprised if the others join it, or at least end up on a bulletin board somewhere.

the sushi lunch happened, although it was quite a bit busier than is usual in there so things were understandably slower. Mmm, eel and squid and several kinds of fish rolls. And I got a hug from Ami the waitress, because she knew I'd just graduated. My father was standing at the counter and she came up to him and said, "Your daughter graduate today. I won't see you anymore. Tell her congratulations!" I'm going to see if Katie wants to run over there today, just for old times' sake. I really can use that expression now, wow.

And I almost forgot, we finally found the geocache called Fuzzy One out on Highway 12. I need to log that at some point, here.

And after all that, I came home, read a little of Enchanter's Endgame, then turned off the Braille Note and fell asleep in the clothes I changed into post-lunch. the next time I looked at the clock it was midnight, so I'm assuming I'd slept for four hours or so. I had sense enough to go down the hall and use the bathroom, then came back, got out of my clothes and conked out until around four-ish this morning. As last night was sleepless, I rather badly needed to catch up. I may sleep a little more here, at some point.

Later today is the hurricane TP on SC, wheeee! I'll be there for that, definitely. this's going to be fun! This whole weekend's been pretty darn amazing. :)

For now, I think I'll go and read a little more. And get used to the feeling of OMG graduate. It still hasn't entirely sunk in, although it's getting there. :)
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Try this. It's 3 in the morning, and I'm listening to BBC Worldservice. A news bulletin comes on, and all of a sudden I hear, "The BBC Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston has been freed."

I didn't hear the next bit, as I was too busy *flying* out from under my blankets and straight across the room to get nearer the radio, and all-out squeaking "*Yes*!"

I have a major, major case of the warm fuzzies now. :D :D :D
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Right, that's really crummy to pull on a person. Transmedia SF is no longer involved with Imagination Theater. The show's still running, but good lords was this out of the blue, or what! First Westway goes off, then Imagination Theater, not to mention the Treasure Trove at ACB seems to have a short. What next, oldtime radio drama on WPR? Yeesh!

some people just don't recognize a good thing.
Gaa, I have a headache now.

You are a dog
Or maybe you are a mosquito, you certainly can't be human.

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 21.1kHz
Take the mosquito ringtones hearing test

I'm always the one hearing computer monitors or television sets with the mute on, and this confirms it. Fluorescent lights do the same thing, only to a lesser extent--they must have some type of sound that they project, and it's probably on an extremely high frequency if it has a lesser effect. It gets wicked annoying after a while though.

Yikes. After listening to ringing like that for a period of time, I start seeing what I am now... that is electric blue futuristic spots in front of my closed eyes. Oy. Synaesthesia+a blind person's hearing=a very interesting blending of sight, sound and general perception.

Great, now my senses are all screwy. It'll resolve in a bit, but until it does, I'm seeing and hearing future blue.
Heard on an episode of Dead Ringers again.

Beep, beep, beep--the signal that the scene is in an operating theater and someone's on the table. The first voice is a nurse going "Hurry doctor, we're losing him!" And the next is playing off an earlier sketch where everyone on different BBC soaps was getting shuffled around to make all the series look and sound the same. The next voice is Joe Grundy and he goes "Keep your britches on, I'm the best surgeon you have here." And the nurse asks "Well if you're the best surgeon we have, why are we having to open him up again?"

Joe's answer? "Because I'm one ferret short, that's why."

Cue the distinctive snorting sound as Charlie almost snorts ice tea out her nose. Snicker!

Hell of a way to come back to uni...

what a mess

Jan. 4th, 2006 06:51 pm
I've been watching the news and oh, shells. The story in West virginia... I caught radio broadcasts last night saying the twelve were alive, and switched off and went to bed thinking that they were. Here's me who should have listened a little longer. I woke up this morning and thought it was just surreal to hear otherwise. What a clusterfrak. that's going to be a media nightmare. What a tragedy. Shells. :/

and now the situation with the Israeli prime minister gets broadcast. Dang. They're saying it's questionable whether he'll make it through the night, and whatever the outcome, this is going to throw the situation in Israel/Palestine into *chaos*. Especially with elections on the horizon. I tried tuning in Kol Israel earlier (*gasp* yes I actually listened to an Israeli radio service! probably the first and only time I'll do that) and got nothing--apparently the last English news bulletin they recorded was around four my time this morning, so no in-depth information. No information at all, as the situation hadn't happened yet.

*stays tuned in*



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