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For now, I'll celebrate the fact that Sylvain Chavanel is now the five-time time trial champion of France. That's a new record! What's more, he won by two minutes. :D! Magnifique, Sylvain.

Biased, me? Why however did you guess? :)
The one where they're a squad of Resistance fighters from assorted nations, either in a World War II analog, a Half Life situation with the Combine running around, or something else. No, shard it, you are not going there.

... God, this is tempting. I can already see it; Dries is a hell of an NCO equivalent, Tom is never not ready for a charge, Niki is wicked stealthy, Bert and Stijn are the point men you do not mess with, Sylvain is known for versatility but is a pretty decent medic when the situation calls for it. ... I am not going to write this, I swear I'm not. ... I think. XD

You know I'd have to include wives and girlfriends in this too, if I did write it, which I'm not doing. I can see Lore as quite the NCO equivalent herself, keeping everyone in line (including Tom!) and Gert's other half may look like just a pretty face, but she's intel, and excellent at her job. Good thing she's on their side.

... I am *not* writing this, dammit. ... Dammit. Hey [personal profile] blue_ant? I think I'm in trouble. :)
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Can't write about radio issues today; that one's going to take a little bit. Instead, I'll say what I said on twitter on the day in question, but am a day late writing about over here.

The very best of birthday wishes for Sylvain Chavanel. A birthday on the start day of the tour is pretty darn auspicious. That start being a TT prologue is even more so, considering. A third-place finish in said prologue? That was just brilliant! X D :D So very well done. <3

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Look who won the French national TT championships today. :D

The four-time time trial champion of France, good gosh but that sounds both lovely and fitting. Congratulations, Sylvain. <3

[personal profile] blue_ant and I were pondering over (or squeeing over, whichever) how brilliant it'd be if he wins the road race as well. Fingers crossed!

Congratulations to all the other lads as well, including Peter Velits - how often have brothers gone 1-2 at nationals, I wonder? :)

The next entry will not be cycling spam, I promise. ... Well, unless other race results get in the way, in which case all bets are off!
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Gone home to Fond du Lac County for a few days. Estimated ETA back in Madison is Sunday, though time has yet to be determined.

There have been strawberry picking and cleaning, there has been a small bonfire, and tomorrow it's sounding like there will be much geocaching. It's helped, though I won't say it's all perfect. Family, you know? But it's better than it was a day and a half ago, I can tell you that.

Utterly unrelated, I applied for a job thanks to the referral of a twitter person/fellow protester. <3! We'll see what comes of it. And Sylvain was fifth in the ITT at Dauphine this morning. He's now fourth on the GC. Warm fuzzies!

... Yes, things are better, cumulatively. They're not perfect; they won't be for a while yet. But they're better. It's all helping. ... Well, most of it. I haven't been in the right headspace to work on that essay, but that's a temporary setback.

[personal profile] meimichan, you get some of the strawberries I'm bringing home. :)
My favorite is Sylvain. No denying that one.

But Dries Devenyns is bringing out the nurturer in me, shard it. I blame that horrifying situation during Paris-Nice this year. Poor lad. See what I mean? I... sigh. Sylvain is first, darn right, but Dries is pretty solidly second in my books by now. I know he can take care of himself; so can they all. But shard it, he brings out the caretaker in me.

I'm shutting up now. No, I'm not elaborating, other than to say no, I don't mean what you think I mean by caretaker. If that makes sense at all. Which it better, because I'm not elaborating.
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I'll post an entry about RL (ow, but remarkably okay in the end, thank God), DXing details (I sorted out my frequency problem!) and a few other things later. For now, though?

Look who won the time trial at Three Days of De Panne! And look who took the overall as a result! :D Sylvain got his wish to win a race in his national colors. :) I am so darn warm and fuzzy right now. Once a brilliant time trialist, always a brilliant time trialist. <3

*coughs* I'm going to shut my yap, now. Twitter folken have already been subjected to me squee-ing a bunch today. Just had to get a moment of delight out there.
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