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And filling in a very entertaining meme to pass the time before early class.

1. Commander Geordi La Forge - Star Trek TNG
2. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair - Babylon 5
3. Specialist Cally - Battlestar Galactica 2003
4. Rembrandt Brown - Sliders
5. Talia Winters - Babylon 5
6. Captain Jack Harkness - Doctor Who/Torchwood
7. Lieutenant Valeris - Star Trek TOS
8. Rose Tyler - Doctor Who
9. Commander Susan Ivanova - Babylon 5
10. Leah Brahms - Star Trek TNG
11. Mora Cassidy - Alien Worlds
12. Ensign Harry Kim - Star Trek Voyager

Twelve very *cough* unusual jurors )
Written for [ profile] writers_choice. I'm not sure I like this as well as I did when I started working on it. But here it is anyway.

In The Breath And The Silence
Author: Chanter
Fandom: Sliders, late season 2
Pairings: Wade/Quinn
Rating: PG13
Summary: This’s character study-ish and missing scene-ish. She’s doubly alive in the music she plays.
431 words

In The Breath And The Silence )
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Here we go again. :)

Title: 12:30
Author: chanter
Fandom: Sliders, season 3 post-Stoker
Pairings: Wade/Quinn
Rating: G I think?
Summary: Ever make yourself stay up? Wade has a lot on her mind, a song in her head, and a choice to make.
Dedicated to Vanessa Carlton, Sarah McLachlan and whoever wrote that amazing song of Wade’s from Stoker, because I snitched lyrics for this.
413 words

12:30 )

I really *should* just make a writing lj for this stuff...
Posting this in here and going to make a habit of doing that, for my own records. Written for the thrill challenge at [ profile] writers_choice.

Author: Chanter
Fandom: Sliders, season 3 pre-Exodus
Pairings: hints of Wade/Quinn
Rating: G probably
Summary: In response to the thrill challenge. Wade sings.
Dedicated to Dale, to prove I know what I’m doing.
Exactly 500 words--I checked, really! :)
Disclaimor: 'Tisn't mine, this universe isn't. *sniff* darn it, I wish it were.

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