This is as close as I can get to how this series runs, chronological order-wise. It's a fair suggested reading order too, although several of these can stand alone if so desired. The first two pieces diverge from the rest, but not as far as you might think. Works without linked titles are available for sponsorship, or incomplete and being worked on if noted.

Update: I now have a character list posted for the orange!verse. Be forewarned, some of the details in that list are spoilers for as-yet unreleased pieces. Read with caution if inclined to avoid info you'd sooner find out in stories as they appear.

Adjacent Universe Splatter
Pat and Scarlett get a signal they aren't expecting. Scarlet!verse.

Taking The Long Path
The team tune in the station Pat caught. Scarlet!verse.

Tuning Up
Several years before the events of "Adjacent Universe Splatter". Rebroadcasts to the northern States started first. Orange!verse.

Musical Gift
Someone's got to speak up. I'm having fun while I do it. Meet Eric. Orange!verse.

Dual Path Echo
To Helen, love is verb, noun and natural state of being. Orange!verse.

Keeping A Logbook
These are the things Sandy carries. Orange!verse.

Il est bien, sa bon, even when it ain't. Meet Doc and Sister. Orange!verse.

Working The Bands
On both sides of the border, people are rolling up their sleeves. Orange!verse.

Essential Components
Which items are most important at the safehouse in Brampton, and why? Orange!verse.

Jij Bent Zo
You're like that, and I wouldn't have you any other way. Meet Kendra. Orange!verse.

Handles and Callsigns (in progress)
Cell members have all kinds of ways they identify themselves on the radio. Orange!verse.

Sharing space in Canadian safehouses is far from uneventful. Orange!verse.

Heaven Is Subjective
"People do still hate up here," Sandy says. Orange!verse

Trusted voice
You need a couple of passable musicians and a lot of willing hearts. How Leigh does what she does. Orange!verse.

Just what gets written on safehouse refrigerator doors? Orange!verse.

The First Rule of Pirate Radio (in progress)
Not everybody's squeaky clean, whichever side of the border they're from or on. Orange!verse.

Legal ID
Carlos doesn't envy the lawyers one bit, but... Orange!verse.

Local Interference
(backdated four years prior to Jij Bent Zo)
Sometimes you just gotta stand. How Kendra got that black eye. Orange!verse.

Cat's In The Cradle
The little Boy Blue and the man on the moon. Michael watches his daughter with his gifts. Orange!verse.

Thy Father And...
There are two sides to what Kendra's inherited. Orange!verse.

Signal Strength
(post Jij Bent Zo, concurrent with the earlier two thirds of Cat's In The Cradle)
At eighteen, Kendra gets an education by radio. Orange!verse.

Jammed Transmissions
Every refugee has a story of their own. Orange!verse.

Meteor Scatter
(backdated roughly three years prior to the end of Cat's In The Cradle)
Quinn has nothing against other people's stars. Orange!verse.

(concurrent with Cat's In The Cradle)
"It's for my girlfriend." A trans* citizen of America gets by. Orange!verse.

"We're geese, not coyotes." Carlos and Quinn make a run to Detroit. Orange!verse.

Parliament Hill's Reply
In Brampton, Leigh muses on Lady Liberty's inscription and the people who cross the border. Orange!verse.

Open Carrier (in progress, now partially sponsorable)
(set post Cat's In The Cradle)
Kendra makes an attempt. Orange!verse.
Part 1

Carrier Wave (in progress)
(immediately post Open Carrier)
For some refugees, the only way out is through. Orange!verse.

In The Clear
(immediately post Carrier Wave)
Dat is niet alleen uit vanavond. Eric meets a refugee. Orange!verse.

Lighted Display
This little light of--wait just a second. Orange!verse.

Clandestine Stations
What makes the local Waxahachie team help with rebroadcasts to the southern States? Orange!verse.
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This fic has been sponsored by [personal profile] fyreharper. As a note to readers, the half-price sale I had running has now ended.

Modulation )

Notes talk below the speakers, pun alert:

*Carlos is speaking and thinking in Brazilian Portuguese, as well as speaking Dutch. Caryn is at least trying to speak Dutch. Translations:

We komen uit Canada. Wij kunnen u helpen.: We're from Canada. We can help you.

Um, dois, três: one, two, three

Jij bent--: You are--

E agora: and now

*Coyote is a term for people smugglers of the far less scrupulous kind.
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This is part 1 of, for now, 4, and there will be more. It's been sponsored by the midnight sponsor, [personal profile] mama_kestrel.

Fair warning: Kendra has a potty mouth, a case of internalized biphobia, and a rough view of the world.

Open Carrier, Part 1 )
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This poem has been sponsored by the midnight sponsor, and I'll be calling you that for ages now, you know, [personal profile] mama_kestrel!

for continuity's sake, this comes before nearly anything else in the series, with the possible exception of 'Local Interference'.

Tuning Up )

Notes spin the dial:

*Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) has its studios in Hilversum, Holland. There really are windows everywhere in that building.

*This crowd are speaking both Dutch and English. Translations:

Vreemde: Weird!

Iedereen y uitgepraat: Literally 'everybody stop talking'. Everybody be quiet!

*A large majority of the people at this meeting have analogs in local reality, though I've left all but one unnamed. There are lots and lots of appreciative nods to RNW staff here, though.

*The island of Saint Kitt's does, or at least has, broadcast on 555kHz at relatively low power.

*Rochester, New York's WHAM really is on 1180kHz.

*Watrous, Saskatchewan and Fort Madison, Iowa do both broadcast on 540kHz. Iowa is much more commonly heard in northern North America, but occasionally, Sask gets through too.

*Summer in North America is not a good time to be listening to lower-frequency stations; there is static of various sorts everywhere.

*1000kHz is the frequency used by Chicago's WMVP, a very strong sports talk station indeed.

*The States and Canada space their radio stations 10kHz apart. Europe, parts of if not the entire continent of Africa, the Middle East, and India all use 9kHz steps instead.

*1440kHz really is known as a graveyard frequency. There isn't much audible on it in the northern U.S. to the casual listener. Further south, signals are stronger.

*RNW has, or has had, language services in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Bahasa (Indonesia, not Malayu). Whether or not half the Bahasa service has ever been felled by the flu, I don't know!
This has been sponsored by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith. Thank you, Ysabet! In the orange!verse, sharing space in Canadian safehouses is far from uneventful, for better or worse.

TW: This fic contains, in three separate, unconnected instances, allusions to the loss of family members, obvious mental stress, and consensual sex. There's also some swearing, though nothing too filthy; Carlos and Lise each get scatological once, the rest is milder, and a lot of what wouldn't be milder is deliberately left to the imagination. :P


Notes don't interfere with anybody's signal:

*The term QRM is a ham radio Q-code. It translates to manmade interference, as in, "Ow, you've got some nasty QRM on your signal there, are you near a power line or what?" or, "Hang on, I'm getting QRM from my roommates again--hey, can it, wouldja?"


Gesundheit: Bless you, your health. Something you say when someone sneezes. It's carried over from the original German into English, hence M.J. using it.

Qui brule les choses encore un fois: Who's burning things again?

*In our universe, Brampton, Ontario really does have a station that plays, among other services for a number of communities, quite a lot of South Asian programming. This is AM 530, CIAO. The call letters spelling what they do is not lost on yours truly.
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Posting this for free because... frankly, it feels needed.

Lighted Display )

If you suspect that more than a few images in here came straight from yours truly's childhood... you're right.

well then

Jun. 17th, 2017 04:39 pm
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With a grateful nod to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, because this references her world.

I'm beginning to think that if she were in Terramagne, my Leigh would be both an average (0) empath an an average (0) fiddler mage.

Gal's Cape Breton connections are showing up more and more of late, though she self-identifies as an Ontarian, which she is.
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Well, 621 words later, Leigh's had her say. I'm not sure she's entirely done, and if she's not, I'll edit pricing/length details. Trusted Voice is a bit of a character study of how and why Leigh does what she does, both as a cell member and in wider life.
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After I realized I'd already posted about this fic being finished *facepalms*, I poked at it a little tonight and it suddenly went 'click', grew, and then incorporated a story snippet I was otherwise stuck on! So yay, but I've had to edit pricing accordingly. I've also tweaked the summary, because a fourth character got a segment to himself. Besides, the summary works better this way.

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I'm posting this, publicly and for free, in the wake of the utter explosive excrement storm that was this past week in the States. It's intended as part defiance, part necessity, part reminder of human decency.

For a summary: In Brampton, Leigh puts her thoughts about the neighbor to the south, and the people who cross the border, in writing. Sandy has a hand in too, but it's a relatively small one. TW for all kinds of references to institutional and societal prejudices on the basis of race, class, gender and sex, and economic status. Also for some very bittersweet imagery.

Parliament Hill's Reply )

Notes are here:

*Leigh is quoting and riffing on the inscription from the Statue of Liberty.

*Dañada, translated from Spanish, is 'damaged girl'. In other words, damaged goods.
I have [personal profile] technoshaman to thank for sponsoring this one! :) The only warnings that apply are not particularly graphic but still present references to historical mistreatment.

Heaven Is Subjective )

Notes are thisaway:

*The title and theme of this poem both came from this Al-Jazeera story about Syrian refugees and their Canadian sponsors.

*In the orange!verse, the Vietnam War did not end until 1976. Not coincidentally, neither did Nixon's presidency.

*In our world, Gander, Newfoundland has a reputation for helping stranded airline passengers in desperate situations. It's got a similar one in the orange!verse, though in their case, that reputation's been built on several somewhat less fraught instances over a number of years. The idea is the same, though.

*Saint Lawrence, Newfoundland has its own reputation, for kind treatment of shipwreck survivors. That one *did* happen in the orange!verse. It had, for obvious reasons, ripples beyond even what it had here, and it is well remembered on both sides of the border, especially in certain circles. Warning: the above link is to a playable audio story containing some vivid and disturbing Jim Crow era details indeed.

*The name Canada comes from the St. Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata, which means 'village'.
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This story was originally going to be held until after two in-progress pieces got finished and then posted, but I looked at it tonight and said... eh, why not? The two immediately preceding stories are still in progress, for the record, and a number of the details in this one will make more sense once those two pieces are revealed. This particular story's been sponsored by R. A. Olivero, a very old and dear friend.

Trigger warning for internalized and societal transphobia and the visible details of same, language (Quinn has a potty mouth), and the aftermath of one very, very rough night on the border (discussion of callous violence and narrative description of its effects).

In The Clear )

Notes go over here:

*EDIT* I almost forgot! The title refers to a radio signal audible with no interference from another source, as in 'That station was blocked by a louder broadcaster until they signed off, leaving the weaker signal in the clear.'

Eric is thinking and speaking in Dutch. Translations:
Dat is niet alleen uit vanavond: That didn't happen in an evening.
Dat is niet alleen uit vanavond, of deze week of dit jaar: That didn't happen in an evening, or a week or a year.
U bent van harte welkom hier, jonge vrouw: You are welcome here, young lady.

Quinn is cursing in Quebecois, Canadian French. That language really does have a whole category of swear words dealing with religion.

Credit for the original Alain goes to Georgia at Milliways.

The lake being referenced is Lake Saint Clair, between Detroit, Michigan, USA and Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Yes, this is the Erin from 'Outbander'.
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This fic hit me on Friday morning and would not leave me alone till it got written down. I wasn't expecting Michael to put his two cents in, but he has.

Warnings for hints at the overall tone of this universe's America, quite a bit of mental cursing, and altered Cat Stevens/Harry Chapin lyrics.

Cat's In The Cradle )

Footnotes are marching:

*Vans like those depicted did go about in occupied countries during World War II, seeking radios receiving clandestine broadcasts.

*The Green Police was a nickname given to the German Order Police, also during World War II. The Order Police were closely connected with the SS, and included a dedicated radio guard intended, among other things, to halt reception of foreign broadcasters.

Kendra's side of the end of this fic and more is coming up soonish, unless somebody else decides to get chatty. :)
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For whatever reason, this story hit me about a week ago, and it wouldn't leave me entirely alone until I wrote it. It's an orange!verse ficlet, backdated to roughly four years before Jij Bent Zo, that fills in details of an event referenced in that story. This is how Kendra got her black eye.

Warnings for gender-based slurs, self-directed and otherwise, violence against a minority character, and hints at unofficially institutionalized racism in certain professions in this universe.

Local Interference )

Footnotes are here:

*The title refers to interference near a receiver's source, such as from electrical wiring or power supplies. This can be very loud, buzzy, ringy, and downright annoying, and it can make hearing fainter signals almost impossible.

*Translation of the Spanish: God help me, please. Please don't touch me, don't hurt me. I don't know who you are.

*Honor thy father and mother is one of the Ten Commandments in the Bible.
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This is the third in the ongoing orange!verse series of stories. There aren't any familiar Schrodinger's Heroes characters in this one, but a prominent orange!verse character is introduced. For those who'd know better than I would, if I've done a glaringly obvious injustice to Galena, Illinois somewhere in here, call me on it. I'll fix it. For more info on Schrodinger's Heroes, check [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's journal.

Trigger warnings for misogyny, homophobia and antisemitism, all in background details. Further trigger warning for background terminal illness and some thoroughly nasty implications regarding the status of Roe v. Wade in this universe.

Jij Bent Zo )

Footnotes are like this:

*9410, 9590, and 6165 are actual shortwave frequencies. 9410 is used by the BBC Worldservice, 9590 by Radio Australia, and 6165 by Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

*Jij Bent Zo, translated literally from Dutch, means 'you are so'. To put it another way, 'you're like that'.
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This is the second in the orange!verse fic series. It follows on from Adjacent Universe Splatter, bringing the entire Schrodinger's Heroes team in and introducing an orange!verse character or two. I suspect the next fic I post will actually take place in the orange dimension, rather than the scarlet one. For more info on Schrodinger's Heroes, check [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's journal.

The title of this fic refers to a radio signal reaching a listener by traveling the long way around the planet from its transmission site, rather than via the more common short path.

Taking The Long Path )

Notes follow on:

*Tot ziens is goodbye in Dutch.
This fic is the first of what I suspect will become a gigantic series, all set in what [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith and I have termed the orange!verse, an alternate universe to the Schrodinger's Heroes series for which she gets a large amount of credit. She's not the only author responsible for that series, but I owe her for helping me turn my wish fulfillment daydreams into stories. This ficlet takes place in what we've termed the scarlet!verse, i.e. the core dimension. There is some spillover from the orange!verse, but that's a plot point, so I won't spoil it. For more info on the Schrodinger's Heroes project, see her journal. Upcoming fics will mainly be a) backdated a few years, and b) set in the orange!verse. This is meant as an establishing point.

Adjacent Universe Splatter )

Footnotes get through like this:

* These are the bells that Pat hears. This is not the complete piece, but I couldn't find a recording of it in its entirety. I'll keep looking. I assure you, it starts as it goes on, emotional impact-wise.

*This fic's title comes from the phrase adjacent channel splatter, or interference from a nearby frequency on a radio dial.
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