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I said a few variations of the subject line yesterday, once while talking to a state representative (eeeee!) and possibly once while talking to one of the 14 (eeeeeee to the power of eeeee!) Granted, the phrase was 'this day just gets better and better', but yeah, variations. The week seems to be following the trend, awful emotional Monday aside. Trust me, that day was filled with tears and nerves. You don't want to know, probably. The rest of this week, though.

1 million signatures have been submitted to the Government Accountability Board, nearly twice the number needed to trigger a recall of our governor.

One. million.

I could not believe it when I heard. I said a few things, first in English and then in Firefly-inspired Mandarin, that weren't likely fit to print but were printed anyway - twitter, ahem. I spent most of Monday terrified we weren't going to get enough valid signatures, or signatures at all, so you can imagine the relief I felt when the approximate number came out! Add to that the submissions of enough signatures to recall our lieutenant governor, our Senate majority leader, and three other senators besides, and... good *lord*, what an amazing day. The party at the Monona Terrace Tuesday evening, as you can imagine, was absolutely blinking standing room only.

ON top of everything else, I got to meet two! of the 14, and was in close proximity to at least two more that I know of. Four, if you count the singalong earlier in the day. Senator Cullen was working the crowd at the party, introducing himself to people who passed by on their way in. I may not always agree with his stance on things, but the fact remains, uncertain though he may have been, he was still one of the 14. That counts for a lot from where I'm standing. Mid-singalong, though, someone first told me that Senator Coggs was on the balcony (I waved), then that Senator Taylor was around! At first I thought she meant on the balcony as well, but nope, on the rotunda's ground level, talking to all kinds of people! I got another singer to hold Bosco's leash and zipped over there. One of the drawbacks to being blind, you never can tell if somebody standing in front of you is someone else waiting in a queue or the person you're hoping to talk to. Cue a moment of slightly flustered surprise on my part. oops! She was really sweet about it, though. I reached out to shake her hand, did so, and then she reached out in turn and hugged me! :D :D :D I thanked her for everything she's done, and I finally got to tell her that she's a role model for me, and will be if I ever have a daughter or niece in the future. That's not all, either. I wore my Wisconsin 14 shirt Tuesday, for obvious reasons given the events of the day, and she noticed and liked it! When she said so, I answered that I was going to ask if she'd sign it. I was afraid it might be a slightly weird request, but somebody else apparently asked the same thing shortly before I got there. Not a weird request at all, apparently, because I have Senator Taylor's signature on that shirt, now. :D :D :D! Good gosh, I was grinning like a loon for a long while there.

... Whew. Long and rambling TL;DR, say sorry.

Today's been all about protesting SOPA/PIPA (jeez, didn't anybody ever teach the authors of those bills that swatting a housefly with a nuclear warhead is widely detremental overkill?) and victories on the stopping of Keystone XL. *And*, in news unrelated to overt politics, Milliways is moving to Dreamwidth. I tell you, this week just gets better and better, and good lord, it's only Thursday. Hopefully the trend continues. I have an interview tomorrow, and this time I'm not the one giving it. Wish me luck, folken?

Now if a Quick-Stepper (shush, they still are, even if the team name is longer) wins a stage of the Tour Down Under on top of everything else amazing this week... :)
Three and a quarter. XD

Well, I've made the leap, as it were. I'm keeping my livejournal for the moment, but everything's been imported to DW, and I'll be crossposting entries from here to there. Possibly there to here, too, but we'll see. I'm giving serious thought to importing Sariel's journal as well, as a backup just in case, though there's no way in heck I'm leaving Milliways. I <33333 the bar. LJ? Not much at all, at least right now.

So. I'm now searching out communities equivalent to most of the ones I'm affiliated with on LJ, reconnecting with friends who've made the jump, and getting acquainted with features and structures over here. So far, I'm overwhelmingly liking what I'm seeing on that last. ... Gah, if we could import the entirety of the bar and the associated journals of its current and former members over here, it would make my flipping solar year. So. much.

... In non-journal news, I need to go get the ginger cookie dough out of the fridge. But anyway, that's what's going on in this little corner of the 'verse.



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