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I will absolutely write about the day's rally, not to mention last night's meeting with two friends completely out of the blue, but for now, I'll just share a colossally dumb move on my part.

When you're keyed up from an amazing day, trying to wind down before dawn, and you stumble across a fic with a character you're a fan of that few other people seem to remember? Do not frakking read it until you've gotten some frickin' sleep, to quote a fellow protester from Thursday. It. will. not. help. matters.

Shard it, shard it, shard it. I've just read such a fic, and ow ow ow! He was fine in the end, but it's the middle and the after-effects left unrelated that are bugging me. Mostly the middle. Now I'm wide awake again, and all I can think is oh, Morgan.

If you know who I mean, you saw a previous post about the same character sticking in my head. That, or you just know me. Timelost captain, you did not deserve that. Even if you and Janeway (yes, Janeway!) got away safely in the end, and you were both healing at the story's conclusion. Heck, Janeway didn't deserve that. Bloody telepathic savagery... yes, that still disturbs me mightily. Bloody inorganic infection, bloody violence, bloody questioning under torture. Ugh ugh ugh owie!

Oh, Morgan. At least you and Janeway got away clean, and when you were under your own control, you were unmistakably yourself. But oh, jeez.

I'm going away now. Just had to get that written. .. Gah.

Second note to self: Give Sariel an ep or two in the near future. I feel bad for neglecting her, now. RL's been compelling, what can I say? But I owe her.
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It still seems like a good idea, but I reserve the right to wince later. XD

Stolen shamelessly from [ profile] sotto_voice, with language borrowed initially from [ profile] summerstorm.
December calendar fic requests ahoy. Basically, comment with: a day, a fandom, a character/pairing, and a prompt, and I will write at least 100 words for you, to be posted on the day you claimed.

Any fandom you know I'm familiar with is fair game, though I reserve the right to ask for a different prompt if you pick something I don't feel comfortable writing, or a fandom I haven't been into in a long time.

Fandoms include all the Treks except 2009, especially TNG and DS9, Thursday Next and Nursery Crime 'verses, the Callahan's Crosstime Salloon 'verse, Young Wizards up through Wizards At War, ER, any of my original 'verses (1992 especially), Band of Brothers, Dragonriders of Pern including all relevant games, His Dark Materials, Circle of Magic, Harry Potter, and anything you know I know from [ profile] milliways_bar. Crossovers and might-have-beens via the bar are totally fair game, too.

List of potential drabbleness goes here! )
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This? Is frakking awesome. :) Fandom-inclined folken on my friendslist should seriously see this, and by see this I mean join in. There are a handful of prompts I've already spotted that are *begging* Millifolken to write them, and that's just on the first page! I've already submitted a few - one is Law and Order's van buren (that one comes with a possibly misquoted ack! quote from canon), one is Leah Brahms (but not Geordi/Leah, gasp!), one is Julie Thornton a la that episode of The Pretender I used during Sariel's bout with the IMDB flu, and one is Bonnie Barstow, which is probably a little surprising. Hey, it hit me over the head and I said okay, I'll work with it. I admit the Julie prompt has a quote attached that's highly connected to my perceptionof her, and to Sariel's glimpses of her, and truth be told I might write that one myself anyway. ... Aaaaanyway. :)

All ficcy rambling aside, here. Enjoy! I already am.
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... Hang on a second. Ontario had an earthquake? Ooooooh blimey, says I. Followed by WTF, I didn't feel a thing at work. Granted we're not the closest place in the world, but still. Michigan felt it. ... Eeeeep, says I.

Looks like all we get are more thunderstorms. Add bleh to the list of things being said over here, except if they succeed in deleting all this humidity, in which case it'll be more like yay!

In utterly unrelated news, go Black Stars! Yes, I'm caught up in World Cup fever and yes, for the record, I like the vuvuzelas. They seriously sound like a giant swarm of bees, but I'll take vuvuzelabees over the real thing *any* day of the week.

I've been hit with those horrible 'one class from graduation and failing' sort of nightmares two nights in a row now. Frak you very much, subconscious. I know exactly why they've started popping up again, and paranoia or no paranoia, as far as I'm concerned they can bugger off. I don't need dream stress on top of whatever else, even if that whatever else is just perceived. Ahem. Just needed to get that out there for my own peace of mind.

Color this a short post of not much import. I'm going to mellow out for a while, then possibly post Sariel in the bar. Or write some OOMery. Maybe both. :)
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I'm in waupun for Memorial Day family-ness. This is going better than it could have, for sure.

I am mildly sunburned, but I don't mind all that terribly much. The whole neighborhood smells like someone's bonfire, I've gotten five geocaches since roughly 4 this afternoon, I have both Oldtime Radio Drama via WPR and a Detroit, Michigan radio station on my dial--not at once, mind--and I managed to get Sariel in the bar for Cubefall. And to reconfigure her into a kitty for the duration, even. Right now I'm just sorry I didn't give her a chance to play with the construction toys all over the bar before I shapechanged her. Too bad all the personal reconfigurations went away at the same time the toys did. Oh well, next year. :)

It's been a really good day, honestly. :) And there's a hatching at Ista tomorrow. Mellayne is totally going.
Totally unrelated to anything, have a meme. Snagged from sharding well everyone on my flist. XD

Check my fandoms, my favorite characters, the pairings I like the most, my kinks, my fictional crushes, anything. Now, in a friendly and possibly teasing way, point out the obvious and not so obvious trends or fetishes you see in my tastes. Maybe I'm nuts for all vampire stories, or have a thing for men who smoke, or I'm fond for the tsundere archetype, or I'm into rival slash. Let's point out all of those you've noticed I tend to squee about during our friendship.

I can guess at least a few answers already, and that does include the obvious. Fire when ready, folks.
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Because I'm a meme sheep again, and because I'm about to settle in for the night. Content, like that last [ profile] help_haiti fic I owe, comes tomorrow. For now, you get the love meme that's going around. :)

"OMG I LOVE YOUR _____":
A RP Meme D'Amour :
My Thread
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Posting from work with sneaky access, to borrow a phrase. It's quieter than heck in here just now, but I'm keeping this short because yeah, on lj on state time. Not so good.

I do not need a twitchy, agitated Taos!Sariel headvoice just now. I do not need references to things I'm reading for work making her even more agitated. I do not need phrases from fanfiction other people have written sticking in my consciousness like sharding mental earworms, fueling not only Taos!Sariel's twitchiness but my own. Gah!

I cannot, can *not* write fic on state time. I'm sorry, headvoice in question. Really, sweetie. I would if I could--lord would I--but I can't. You know me; you know why. All the reasons why. Canon Sariel, I promise you'll get time after work as well. Three threads in progress, maybe four. Darn it, I miss Adriana. Yes, that's relevant to the fourth thread. Anyway, you'll both get time at some point or other, in some fashin or other. Right now though, I have to work.
Much love,

Must. not. write. fic. now. Mew! Why do these things always hit at the most inopportune times?
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This fic came about as a result of the auction held in the OOC community at [ profile] milliways_bar. Man, I love how much help for Haiti is being generated in fandom and at games all over the place. :D anyhow.

[ profile] gao asked for a blind date, set up by Susannah, between her original character Rose (who's Susannah's daughter) and Sariel. This is what resulted. Sorry about the shifting point of view, I hope it's not too weird. Of course, just for info, none of this is Millicanon. Yet. *impish look at Susannah-mun*

This would be a blind date, Milliways style )

Now I think I'm going to curl up and zonk out. Tiiiired greenie. Oh, and by the way: When you've had a heck of an argument with your mother, and a couple days later your mother's sounding like her old self when she talks to you, maybe, just maybe, things are actually okay between you two again. Wheeeew! :D
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No, Chanter m'dear, you will not create a journal for Morgan Bateson a la TNG's "Cause and Effect," and even if you do, which you aren't, you will not use the journal name "timelostcaptain". Not "timelost_morgan" either, and definitely not "nearly_hit_you," even if that does come from a definitive line of his in canon. No. End of story. Write all the fic about him you want, backstory, character exploration, even that blush-worthy piece you were pondering this morning *ahem*, but you do *not* need another Milliways pup right now. You're afraid you'll short change Sariel if you app anyone else, remember? Bateson can be a new headvoice/muse, but you're not bringing him in. Nothing doing,sweetie.

... Shards, I need to write some fic, or my resolve is gonna crumble.

Will somebody who knows the episode I'm referencing do me a favor and fill me in as to just what Captain Bateson looks like? I don't want to go entirely by the way he sounds and get the details wrong in writing. I've done it before. He only turns up at the episode's end, and... here's me with my incurable minor character love again. A large majority of my headvoices are giving me warm fuzzy vibes, now. :D
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I told [ profile] newredshoes I was going to do this, and so I have! and I made my self-imposed deadline, too. gasp! XD

this is in a vague sort of retaliation for... well, it's a very silly story really. Er, the thing I'm retaliating against, not this story, although this one could be viewed as a little silly too depending on whether or not you know [ profile] milliways_bar. This's also referencing a scene that I sharding love, which is a large majority of the reason why I did it this way. Don't kill me? I really, really hope I've got voices right, especially my narrator, seeing as we're, well, getting the whole ficlet through his eyes. Anyway. Here y'go, Esther. Happy New Year!

The day one member of Easy found Milliways. )

I'm horrible, yes? :)

Proper New Year's entry to be made once I'm no longer in transit. *goes to finish packing*
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I blame [ profile] milliways_bar for this, utterly and completely. Er, well. For most of it; some of it's my own eccentricity and affinity talking, and I'll admit that much right now. My having finally gone sniffing and picking up the Callahans series, though? All Milliways. All of it.

I am merry. as. hell. I called it literary euphoria earlier tonight, the consequence of too much bookworming (that's totally a verb, shaddup) in too short a timespan. I'm not manic, no way in heck; me manic is, I've said this several times before, a scary thought. I've just gone all goofy on a large dose of very good science fiction, taken in a hurry on account of a couple quiet days. Oh my! there have been many squeaks, squawks, groans courtesy pun damage and peels of uncontrollable laughter issuing from under my door of late. My poor neighbors, they must think I'm really out there. Not that I mind much, so long as nobody thinks anything harmful's going on. I'll admit a couple places in the first three novels stray down the road to philosophy overriding plot juuuust a touch further than my usual, but I'll totally take it over all. I'll also confess that a passage or two in Callahan's Lady have made me blush, which is probably no surprise.

But oh, my gosh. I've just gotten to a certain bit of the series. As in, a certain chapter of Lady Slings the Booze. You lot from the bar can probably guess where this is going.

I now know where Milliways's bright!Tesla walked in from. I knew to expect him, and more than once I'd gone all squirmy with anticipation thinking he'd turn up round the next bend in the narrative, but ooooh blimey. I didn't stand a chance when he actually walked in. Not. A. Chance.

'Scuze me while I go do the internal dance of fangirly, geeky squee* for a bit longer. Even if this particular version's a fictional construct in quite a few ways, *still*. Merry on good literature+someone who's relatively recently become a source of the warm fuzzies for me turning up as a character=yup, Chanter's got the sparkly eyes again.

Whew. Yes. Now going to... um. Take my chatty self away before you all start telling me to cork up. *vanishes in a cloud of letters, all in different fonts*

*Thanks for the phrase, Cam. I still rather like it. :)
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This... has been a long time coming, actually. Admittedly certain bits have had a longer time waiting than others, though. Part of this was inspired by the stone angels plot that ran at Milliways or, more specifically, by a conversation Micara and I had while the plot was running. the idea we were tossing around didn't work out IC, more's the pity, so it ended up happening in fic instead. The large majority of the rest of this was inspired by a daily entertainment post in the back room. What didn't come from either of those sources... well. Call it equal parts thanks to 'fic with demons in' a la [ profile] newredshoes (Hi Esther!) and something Sariel reminded Tuck of during her first trip to Sherwood. Er. In other words, my imagination's been in overdrive again. Forget everything else and blame me for this. Utterly.

Oh, and just because I'm paranoid like that, these are a whole lapful of might-have-beens and none of them actually happened to the folks from the bar. Just sayin'.

Five lives Sariel Rager might have lived, at least in part )

Whew, but this took a while to write! I really, really hope this works/isn't rubbish/doesn't tick anybody off. ahem.
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