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Not that 33, the age-type 33. :P With me, the reference could be either, so.

This sale has now ended. All pricing is again valid as listed in the sticky post.

Because a) my birthday's coming up, b) I'd really love to share some of these stories with the public, and c) the fairly obvious, I'm putting a (largely) half-price sale out there. I'll run it from now until September 19. I say largely because anything that divides in half to less than $5 American I've left alone. I'll do my best to edit this list as time goes by and, hopefully, pieces are sold. That said... see below for the half-price price list as it stands, and a couple of warnings that seemed appropriate. The first piece to be noted with a warning is darker overall than the other, but the second might be painful to some folks as well. Check the main fiction list sticky for details if you're not sure you want to go there or you want more information, please. If in doubt, I am entirely open to messages on the subject as well. Traumatizing people is not on my list of desires.

The Orange!verse:
Working The Bands - $21.50
Jammed Transmissions (TW: this is dark) - $20.50
Clandestine Stations - $5.25
Ragchew - $12.50
Legal ID (TW: this involves dark themes throughout) - $5.75
Essential Components - $19.50
Trusted Voice - $6.25

Other Originals:
The Lamentations of Old Money - $11.50

Now, about those Cylons... Heh.

Edited to add: Yeeks! I forgot! The PayPal button, for any interested parties, is on my DW profile page. Cheers for tipping me to what I'd inadvertently left out, Ysabet.
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This fic took me a chunk of yesterday afternoon/evening, and much of last night to write and edit. Worth every minute, although I may not be saying that in a few hours, once the sleep deprivation catches up with me...! It was inspired by another fic on AO3, SearchingforSerendipity's 'Put Aside Fear For Courage', and for that reason, I link to that particular fic from mine. I was given the blessing of the author to run with this idea, and yesterday/today the idea finally crystallized, just about in one.

Here be wizardly!Lieutenant Ilia, Kevin Riley, Christine Chapel and Janice Rand. Also many others on Errantry, but that's detailed in SearchingforSerendipity's work. Be warned: There are significant and vivid, as in graphic via narrator's viewpoints, spoilers for deaths and injury in the first movie here, as well as spoilers for 'The Naked Time'. There's also some vivid imagery regarding an away mission gone badly wrong, so anyone shy of medical detail might want to skip.

Ilia is a warm rather than hot sentient being, Chekov is exactly the eager choirboy he seems to be, Riley has a good heart, and both Chris and Janice get their wings.

Oh, and I owe [personal profile] camwyn credit for any and all references to cold iron.

Its Continuing Mission )
Not the series in the icon. A different one. One I blame [personal profile] rose_of_pollux almost entirely for my interest in. :) The wishing for a little less silliness and a little more serious underground work is all me, though. I'm the girl who, at six years old, took Get Smart! at face value as a straight spy series, missing the comedy completely. This tells you a *lot* about how my mind works, I expect. Anyway! On to the current series in question.

LeBeau sounds so young! Here was me imagining his voice as both lower and warmer - my biases are showing again. Not that his accent isn't nice, especially when he's being serious, but he sounds like he's about fifteen! What the?! Kinch surprised me too; I thought his voice would be a little lower, though I wasn't as far off as I was with LeBeau. If anyone's ever seen the Real Ghostbusters cartoon? Winston from that series. Like that. Then again, as Kinch is the known steady quantity in the barracks, I suppose I'd rather imagined his voice to match. I didn't expect the tiny bit of a lisp he seems to have at times, though--hmm. Newkirk I knew, Hogan and Carter I vaguely remembered from an episode snippet I caught years and years ago, and... the heck? Schultz's voice, unlike the rest, is far lower than I thought it'd be! Seems wrong somehow, considering what a great big harmless duffer he is. Aaaaand Klink is just squeaky. :)

This entry brought to you by Chanter being a throwback as only she can be.
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I've just emerged from a mostly delightful rabbit hole of B-5 bloopers, clips and rather insightful comments. I say mostly, because I've only now (!) learned of two losses. This'll teach me to concern myself only with characters, and not with actors. Oh, Commander Sinclair. Oh, sir. I didn't know. Entil'zha, I didn't know. :( And Garibaldi too--jeez. But oh, sir. I had no idea! Two more beyond the rim, and I had no idea.

snip for something I'm ashamed to admit )

Oh, commander. I had no idea, any of it. Rest well, sir. You more than earned it.
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Said to myself after watching the episode 'Who Goes Where?' of a series I was utterly mad for in 1996 and '97, especially after factoring in certain phrases and plot devices: Well, I had a type even at twelve.

Good gosh. I really did have a type, even then. ... *embarrassed face* See icon. 'Tell me what happened, from the beginning.' 'Get yourself healed up.' Good *shards*. The frak is wrong with me and my lingering biases?

Don't ask me where the sudden burst of nostalgia came from; I'm not entirely sure myself. It's no wonder my friends and I all got into Voyager and DS-9, though, after/alongside that. I do remember wishing SC had gone a little more serious/less childhood and more teenage with a few episodes and snippets of same...

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It's Tesla day! Or it still is in time zones west of here, anyway.

You are not forgotten, sir.
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Four-day weekend, you are sharding mine. :) There was no way I was missing the first day of WisCon, so I took Friday off, and brother am I glad I did. I honestly do enjoy the interaction-based part of my job, but being stuck in a chair in a cube... is less pleasant. Thank goodness for WisCon. Also for paid time off, but that's another story again.

I need to hit the credit union tomorrow, then dash to register so I'm not left out of the con! After that, the singalong, the clothing swap - skirts and tops ahoy! - the on-display items in the Tiptree auction, and possibly the Tarot reading. Also a bunch of DXing that can only be managed during the week, usually out of reach due to work stealing me away.

Right now? A glass of wine, or something similar. If I'm scarce, or more scarce than usual this weekend, blame WisCon. :)
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Finally carted the shortwave radio down from marsh country and set it up here. I am a happy, SWLing, DXing Chanter! One drawback remains, though. Does anybody know if there's such a thing as a device that'll plug into a shortwave set and speak or Braille out frequencies and bands as you scroll through them? It's a real pain in the butt to be spinning along the dial at speed and realize that oh yeah, I forgot to count taps of a button and I now have no idea what frequency or band I'm on! This is especially true when DXing; weak signals plus languages that are identifiable but not anything you speak makes this even trickier. Even if you hit something you can understand and catch a frequency listing, there are usually multiple broadcasts for locations around the world, and that doesn't even get into simultaneous transmissions on two or more frequencies at once. Argh, in other words!

Anybody have a clue? My ham-savvy friend on the East Coast doesn't know of anything SW-specific, sadly.

For the interested, which I imagine will be a fairly small number, say sorry, have a look at my first feeble attempts at reporting signals. I had to guess the RNZI frequency from the winter schedule posted online; it was the only one that fit with the time I caught the station. ... Aaaand now that frequency guess for RNZI is moot, because I've heard that same station since, same time, and clearly caught a national ID instead. Whoops!

Chanter does some clumsy DXing back here! )

I doubt anybody cares about that lot, but there it is. :)

Tesla Day!

Jul. 10th, 2011 08:09 pm
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There will be much chattering on about the Door County trip later. This needs saying first, though.

155, and some of us still remember. Thank you, sir.
[Error: unknown template qotd] Oh my goodness, what a question to ask a gigantic Trek geek! :) Believe it or not, I wouldn't say Sariel Rager; I'm much too loud and outgoing to be her. I still <3 her, though. I'd say Geordi La Forge for a number of reasons, only one of which is the blindness thing, but I'd like to keep my gender the way it is. Eh, call it an alternate universe? I essentially am Sonya Gomez in personality already, so it's really a toss-up between Geordi and Sonya.
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Wouldn't you know, the biggest feminist SF convention in the world is literally a half dozen blocks from my apartment?

You're darn right I've been there on and off all weekend. So. amazing. <3!

There will absolutely be a con report in the next day or two. Right now, however? 'Scuze me while I go join a party or... several. :)
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The space shuttle Endeavor has just launched successfully, headed for the International Space Station. I said it on twitter, I'll say it here, and any fellow Callahanians will probably get my slightly altered phrase. Go lady, go!

This can't be the second-to-last mission. We can't let that be the case.

Go lady, go, and don't come down until you and your crew are good and ready.
Note to self, in case of future lapses in judgment: Do not relive a ton of childhood traumas, not to mention acquire a few new ones, if given access to a website full of scare fodder. You will inevitably spend a large majority of your weekend with the damn things in the back of your head. Ugh ugh ugh!

Ahem. Just had to get that out there, in case I ever forget. Doubt I will, though.

Related to the weekend itself, the weather was crappy, the rally was of a decent size for a windy, miserable day, bus issues were conquerred (yay!), there were both moments of feeling like an utter baby and moments of triumph and well-adjusted sociability, pepper and tomato plants were acquired, and long-unclear names were discovered. I know, that's a god-awful long list, but most of it either speaks for itself or isn't going to be spoken about in detail. Heh.

As to the last one, I found out the names of two literal voices from my past over this weekend. Both had snippets on Sesame Street, one as a voiceover above a silent film clip and one as a celebrity guest. The voiceover used to frakking terrify me (still does, though less blindly than when I was five), and the celebrity guest used to inspire me to sing along. Let's never mind how badly I mangled the Spanish I was attempting to spit out. And yes, to make this post even more disjointed than it already was, my replaying Sesame Street clips had everything to do with the childhood traumas I dared relive. Thanks a bunch, Kindertrauma.

The voiceover lady was Anne Meara. Still scary as heck in the context of a certain 'help!' clip with a girl in a burning apartment, gah! And the celebrity guest singer I used to so enjoy?

Was Celia Cruz.

Holy cow, says I, that explains a little about me!

I promise the next entry won't be full of trivia about tiny Charlie. I make few apologies for this entry, though. :) *stops being random and goes to drink coffee*
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That last entry... yeah. Reacting as strongly as I did might have seemed silly, seeing I'm on the periphery of Who fandom, but I reacted anyway, and I couldn't have stopped that reaction if I'd tried. I won't say it doesn't still hurt, peripheral Who fan or not. Look at my journal's subheading for one big reason why. Look at my Fourth era fics for another.

That needed saying. I know that makes it sound like I'm in a horribly gloomy mood, but I'm not. That just... needed saying.

I'm currently caught up in further union and election-type goings-on. The latest news is that there will be a recount, and not simply out of a desire to definitively decide who wins or loses the Supreme Court seat. It's a recount to restore faith in Wisconsin's electoral process, coupled with a request for investigation into Waukesha County's clerk. It's a recount for all the right reasons, and my respect for JoAnne Kloppenburg grows that much greater for it.

As for triggered recalls, the number is currently four, all Republican. There are strong rumors of a fifth coming in the next day or two, as well as one or two on the other side. We'll see, I suppose. I do know that the recall efforts for Taylor and Risser are going absolutely nowhere, which is completely and utterly fine by me. :) One is my senator, the other will be a role model for my daughter, if I ever have one.

Is it silly of me to be trying to come up with daemons a la His Dark Materials for the Fab 14? All this recount chatter's got me wondering what Kloppenburg's would be, too. Hmm. And oh jeez, the 'Walker's a weasel, not a badger' chant makes one idea for his daemon pretty plain... XD
God damn it, it's true. Aspen just doesn't go spreading rumors around from what I know of her, and it's been confirmed elsewhere; I checked. I know, I know, the actor and the character are separate, and I know the character will live on forever, but still. All I can think is oh, Sarah Jane.

And damn it, in my head I can totally hear Four saying almost the same thing. Hell, he's said it in fic of mine, whether or not he ever did quite that way in canon. "Oh, my Sarah Jane."

Oh, Sarah Jane. I didn't know a thing about the actress, but her character was--is--basically me. That subheading to my journal is there for a reason; it's a reference to two 'Doctor Who in five words or less' snippets, both intended as notes on a fridge. The first is Sarah, the second is Charlie. See why I put it there? Oh, this is such a shame. Fuck cancer, really. And entropy. As I said on twitter, to quote a wizardly phrase: Fairest and fallen, greeting and defiance.

And rest in peace, Elisabeth Sladen.
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I feel like I've been doing nothing but posting links lately, and for the most part I'm right. This one's as well-deserved of a read as the others have been, though, at least in my very biased opinion. NPR and PBS very literally made me who I am; I grew up glued to kids' television programming in a million shades, caught my first infinitely intriguing glimpse of Doctor Who, tuned properly in to national news at thirteen.
It went a little something like this. )

My first reaction to this story's description of what certain parties want to do to PBS and NPR and why, other than the utterly unsurprising "What the hell?"

"I want to testify."

I said it out loud, to my ceiling, at seven in the morning on a Wednesday. And I meant it.

I'm not sure if any of the personal detail I went into there will strike a chord with anyone who isn't me, but I doubt much of it is surprising. As for the link? Boost it far and wide if you're so inclined. The entry too, if you think it'll help.
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That's exactly what it's been, and I'm rather happy about it. I'm north with family for the weekend, though the true northerly trip doesn't happen until tomorrow - Steven's Point here we come, whee! At the moment, Chanter has two new fuzzy sweaters, a bigger colander and baking pans, a bracelet and necklace to match the ring I wear (:D! says I) and a gift certificate for studio time at the pottery studio I frequent. That makes me happy, and no doubt it made Linda the gallery owner happy too. Also there are little jar candles and the perfume I wear, mmmm. *beams about*

I still owe folken fic, and I swear I'll be getting to that. That might be today's project. The girls are playing a card game I'm utterly unfamiliar with, so I'm in here. *considers drabbleness* But right now, I have clips of early '90's television series - Square One, anyone? and amazing Milliways-ness on several fronts. Again, *happy sigh*.

Seriously though, merry Christmas to those who celebrate. *snugs everybody*
Well, the meeting happened earlier today. It went... about a hundred times better than I expected it to, honestly. I left with the major warm and fuzzies, not the least of which came from hearing that I, you know, am liked around there and people want to keep me! :D Yes, I'm horribly insecure. Yes, I know it. Anyway. The way things are at the moment, she's looking into what it'd take to extend my contract, and that involves a slog through DVR rules and whatever else at the start. Bleh. It's a matter of figuring out if DVR will extend my contract, if the office itself would have to approve me staying on, or what. I'll know more in the next week or so, and whatever happens, I'm secure until mid January.

She's also going to talk to a friend of hers at the UW who puts a newsletter together and might need someone to tell the more human story alongside the standard bioscience info. Might being the operative word; she isn't sure he does. She's going to ask, though, and that's incredibly, incredibly sweet of her. Dang, but I have a cooool boss. :)

Something else was said this morning that about made me fall off my chair, and good gosh, my expression must've been priceless. She thought that I should seriously look into the communications department at UW-Madison.

"Are you serious?" said I. "That would be *amazing!*"

I'll admit this now. I miss university faculty culture. I fit in in the English and foreign language departments at Whitewater. I don't miss being a student, but the atmosphere on the fourth floor of the communication building was something else. All the professors' offices were up there, and as soon as you hit the top of the staircase you could tell the difference. There was a telltale smell of dust and pleasant perfume and freshly-printed paper and hot coffee, for starters, and everyone up there was pretty much going to be a geek in their respective field, and everybody knew it. No one seemed to resent it, either. It was very, very welcoming for a nerd like me. I almost stayed at Whitewater for grad school because of that department. I know what was talked about this morning is a different sort of communications, but in the course of the discussion, cross-cultural comm/international relations came up, and good gosh. If I could get anywhere near the department of international relations at Madison as a communications person... siiiigh. To quote Esther, stars in my eyes forever. If that department is anything like Whitewater's English one...

Dream job, much? <3

I will totally be investigating this. It may end up happening in steps; if anything comes of bosslady talking to her friend, turning into something else, turning into something else. Or it may happen an entirely different way. Who knows? But I am totally investigating this. The idea's there, and it's sharding awesome, and it's there well before my current contract ends. Must update resume and get clip file together. Yes.

In short: Things are looking about a hundred times brighter than they were two days ago, and holy cow is it ever a great feeling.
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I'm in waupun for Memorial Day family-ness. This is going better than it could have, for sure.

I am mildly sunburned, but I don't mind all that terribly much. The whole neighborhood smells like someone's bonfire, I've gotten five geocaches since roughly 4 this afternoon, I have both Oldtime Radio Drama via WPR and a Detroit, Michigan radio station on my dial--not at once, mind--and I managed to get Sariel in the bar for Cubefall. And to reconfigure her into a kitty for the duration, even. Right now I'm just sorry I didn't give her a chance to play with the construction toys all over the bar before I shapechanged her. Too bad all the personal reconfigurations went away at the same time the toys did. Oh well, next year. :)

It's been a really good day, honestly. :) And there's a hatching at Ista tomorrow. Mellayne is totally going.
Totally unrelated to anything, have a meme. Snagged from sharding well everyone on my flist. XD

Check my fandoms, my favorite characters, the pairings I like the most, my kinks, my fictional crushes, anything. Now, in a friendly and possibly teasing way, point out the obvious and not so obvious trends or fetishes you see in my tastes. Maybe I'm nuts for all vampire stories, or have a thing for men who smoke, or I'm fond for the tsundere archetype, or I'm into rival slash. Let's point out all of those you've noticed I tend to squee about during our friendship.

I can guess at least a few answers already, and that does include the obvious. Fire when ready, folks.



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