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Oh my goodness. I've just made a fool of myself in front of a favorite author from childhood. ... Well, left a comment on an unrelated subject on a post of theirs, and had them respond in a manner that did not immediately suggest 'buzz off, ya weirdo', but... eek! Their name's similarity to an author from way back in little Chanter's formative years is not, in fact, a coincidence, and I just realized that eek eek eeeeek! It's them!

Info back here, which devolves into stream of consciousness squee and literary memories pretty quickly. )

I really, really sharding well hope I didn't just creep out that author...
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This fic took me a chunk of yesterday afternoon/evening, and much of last night to write and edit. Worth every minute, although I may not be saying that in a few hours, once the sleep deprivation catches up with me...! It was inspired by another fic on AO3, SearchingforSerendipity's 'Put Aside Fear For Courage', and for that reason, I link to that particular fic from mine. I was given the blessing of the author to run with this idea, and yesterday/today the idea finally crystallized, just about in one.

Here be wizardly!Lieutenant Ilia, Kevin Riley, Christine Chapel and Janice Rand. Also many others on Errantry, but that's detailed in SearchingforSerendipity's work. Be warned: There are significant and vivid, as in graphic via narrator's viewpoints, spoilers for deaths and injury in the first movie here, as well as spoilers for 'The Naked Time'. There's also some vivid imagery regarding an away mission gone badly wrong, so anyone shy of medical detail might want to skip.

Ilia is a warm rather than hot sentient being, Chekov is exactly the eager choirboy he seems to be, Riley has a good heart, and both Chris and Janice get their wings.

Oh, and I owe [personal profile] camwyn credit for any and all references to cold iron.

Its Continuing Mission )
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Just found out Vir's actor has passed. As if I didn't have all the B5 feels already lately! Dammit dammit dammit! :( Too many beyond the rim. Too sharding many.

*repeats to self* The actor may be dead, but the character's not. The actor may be dead, but the character's not...

I would do well to remember this.
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Ah to heck with it. What do folks think? I'm dying to know, and to get this out there and seen, and my season 1 feels (mostly season 1, though not entirely so) and who am I kidding, my specific *character* feels are still painful and how (oh, sir), and I'm so sharding touch-starved that Talia went OOC as I bled over, and and and...

Pairings seen or hinted at: Talia Winters/Jeffrey Sinclair (nonsexual, one or two-sided depending on how you read it), Sinclair/Catherine Sakai, Winters/Susan Ivanova (one or two-sided, again depending), Sinclair/Ivanova (one-sided, as noted by a third party), Sinclair/Garibaldi (ditto), Winters/Matt Stoner (very soundly past)

For trigger warning, interest, or just general info purposes, fic contains: Nonsexual intimacy, telepathy and empathy, secrets both kept and shared, sensory overload, touch starvation, good communication, exhaustion, unrealistic societal expectations, gratuitous fantasy which the narrator admits to being so, hesitant steps toward rebellion, physical and mental adoration, a culturally-driven hand and finger kink, clear and continuous consent, canon and fanon bisexuality, voice kink and voice play, emotional and physical hurt/comfort, one sneaky reference to a later-series spoiler, poetry, nursery rhyme and folk song lyrics, Jeffrey Sinclair's iron-clad integrity (not snark, this is for real), Talia Winters sharding well deserves kindness 2K17. Rating teen and up - this is intense, and Talia does swear a couple times. Late season 1; call it 1X21, with references in narration for the beginning of 'Legacies'.

All Through The Night )
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I finally got this finished and posted it to AO3. It's the first fanfiction I've written in aaaaaages. It is not, despite the pairings listed, explicit in the likely-expected ways. It qualifies as ace erotica though, very much so. Talia has some vivid daydreams late in season 1. This is definitely post 'Legacies', because one interaction gave my demisensual self the crawlies for a day and a half and inspired Talia's references to brick walls in narration... Call it somewhere around 1X21.

This is, I admit, a warm fuzzy note to a certain character who's my absolute favorite in that whole series. I'm still melting over him while grieving his actor at the same time, I've got myself rather stuck, and this helped at least somewhat. I just hope I haven't gone OOC for Talia. Suitable for teen and up audiences, watch for intense thought processes in narration and imagery to match, as well as gratuitous fantasizing, though that last is admitted by Winters herself right off the bat. And yes, the title is a reference to the English translation of the lullaby/carol. 6637 words.

All Through The Night

Please comment over there if you're going to do so. Nothing at all wrong with DW comments, but I'd really appreciate them on AO3!
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I've just emerged from a mostly delightful rabbit hole of B-5 bloopers, clips and rather insightful comments. I say mostly, because I've only now (!) learned of two losses. This'll teach me to concern myself only with characters, and not with actors. Oh, Commander Sinclair. Oh, sir. I didn't know. Entil'zha, I didn't know. :( And Garibaldi too--jeez. But oh, sir. I had no idea! Two more beyond the rim, and I had no idea.

snip for something I'm ashamed to admit )

Oh, commander. I had no idea, any of it. Rest well, sir. You more than earned it.
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Said to myself after watching the episode 'Who Goes Where?' of a series I was utterly mad for in 1996 and '97, especially after factoring in certain phrases and plot devices: Well, I had a type even at twelve.

Good gosh. I really did have a type, even then. ... *embarrassed face* See icon. 'Tell me what happened, from the beginning.' 'Get yourself healed up.' Good *shards*. The frak is wrong with me and my lingering biases?

Don't ask me where the sudden burst of nostalgia came from; I'm not entirely sure myself. It's no wonder my friends and I all got into Voyager and DS-9, though, after/alongside that. I do remember wishing SC had gone a little more serious/less childhood and more teenage with a few episodes and snippets of same...

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