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75,000 to 100,000 people at Capitol Square this afternoon. Diverse, entirely peaceful crowd: Women, men, nonbinary folks, multiracial, multiethnic and multilingual (languages counted so far today=3: English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese), babies to seniors. I got a pleasant surprise when Milwaukee's own righteous firebrand of a state senator, Senator Taylor, was introduced! :) Music, poetry, spontaneous organization... and zero ill will seen anywhere. Plenty of calling certain officials out on their horribleness, but no evil intent. *That* is how we rally, Mr. Donald [crude potty humor/cultural reference mashup redacted]. Expect more of the same.

I've missed this. I shouldn't have done, considering the circumstances that lead to protests in both 2011 and now in the first place, but... I have. The atmosphere today had the same magical quality as the iconic snow rally we held, nearly six years ago. Let's hope that atmosphere, and the crowds creating it, continue. I for one am crossing my fingers. And turning out, of course.
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Go ahead, Mr. Donald J. Duck Dump, he whose name in spoonerism crossed with amateurish potty joke is, so says the lovely [personal profile] meimichan, an insult to innocent duck shit. Go ahead, Mr. Tronald Dump. Go ahead, Mr. Sexual Predator, Mr. Shameless Tax Evader, Mr. Road Company Understudy of Harry Lime, Mr. Fractional Third of the Third Man. Go ahead, pal. Hit me. I can take it.

I'm a terrier with an idea, just like my own character Kendra. I am a stickler, just like James Madison, for certain convictions. My conviction, not quite in mirror of his but close enough, is equality and dignity for every person. People are people are people. Everyone has a story. I've been this stubborn since the idea of people not being allowed to believe what they wanted to believe set my blood boiling with an emotion I had no name for. I was in Mrs. Rose's class in the first grade. I was seven. I've been this stubborn since the phrase 'slave pen' set me so aflame with inarticulate righteous anger that I had to isolate it on the page and reread it, just to savor the acid and the horror of the rage I felt. I was roughly ten, and learning about the Underground Railroad for the first time. I've been this stubborn since I was maybe eight, and utterly bewildered by the idea of war in the countries in the news (Somalia, I'm fairly sure it was) being motivated by religious conflict. I've been this stubborn since I realized I was the weird one, and that respect as a competent human was novel. I was barely walking, barely using a cane. I've been this stubborn ever since I was a kid falling in love with Resistance stories and Underground Railroad stories and Revolutionary stories, secret codes and midnight rides and discreet exchanges of information, and I never. grew. up.

So hit me with your best damn shot, Mr. Duck Dump. Sybil Ludington fought for ideals better than yours. So did Deborah Sampson, and Dr. Joseph Warren, and the legendary Iron Brigade of Wisconsin, and 506's Easy Company, and my grandfather, my dad's dad, in Belgium with Patton, and the segregated officers washed ashore in Saint Lawrence, Newfoundland, and Washington himself and yes, I went there. Hit me, pal. Grab my queer self by the pussy. Black my eyes, break my nose, mark me up and down. I can take it. I will take it. Because I can take it where others cannot. I refuse to lie down or shut up. Go ahead, take a swing at me. Make me a target. You have got nothing on me for sheer, homespun, righteous blue resolve. I will get up again, and I will shame you as I stand. Go ahead, have fun trying to knock the dumpy little blind lady down. You'll fail.

You will look like an idiot when you fail.

And I'll laugh in your face as I square up with you. And again. And again. And I will. not. stop.

May have been the losing side, this time. Still fully convinced it was the right one.
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Wow, I have not updated this darn thing in a loooong time. Right, fixing that! I could also say write, fixing that, but more on that in a moment.

I truly am still here. This bloody buggering election is going to be the death of me, and no matter what the battleground maps and the polls suggest, I am still tinkle-in-my-big-girl-shorts scared of a certain possible outcome, and will be so until November 9! In other news, still working far too much and commuting for far too long the better to do so, still reading tons and tons of fanfiction and original work, and still attempting to write. And, with that last, finally succeeding with something original of my own, as of tonight.

800+ words of lyrical poetry, finally, and it doesn't feel entirely like it's done yet. If I say 'run its course', I make it sound like an infection, which it isn't. Writing this one did feel something like lancing... uh, never mind. If anything, the subject matter is a bit of an affliction to be enjoyed--ooh, would that be considered saudade? Anyway, the poem may be sponsorable, but it's incredibly personal, so... hmm. I'll think about that, once it's properly done and edited. The tentative, working title is 'The Lamentations of Old Money'. It does not reference what it sounds like it references, for the record.

Now, however, I think I am going the frak to bed! This afternoon saw me rather overdo it on coffee (not a giant problem) and sugar (much more of one) due to an abundance of Halloween candy at work. I proceeded to be super wired, came home and wrote like the proverbial wind, and now that I'm slowly mellowing, I really should curl up before my brain chemistry overrides the sleep disorder meds and decides to keep me awake all night. I do *not* need that, as work performance tomorrow will take a severe nosedive if it happens, and all other gripes about my job aside, I rather like being able to pay the rent.
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The Joint Finance Committee has been in recess for eight hours - yes, you read that right - and I'm wide awake, brewing coffee for a fellow protester friend.

I am going to regret the hell out of this at work tomorrow, but deleting the coffee offer is not an option, and neither is sleeping through all this.

Yep, we're still here.
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Four! more! years!

President Barack Obama, Senator Tammy Baldwin, Congressman Mark Pocan. :D :D :D!

Aaaand Elizabeth Warren won the Massachusetts Senate race, the crazy 'rape is God's will' Republican candidates lost (I know, how the hell is there even one, never mind multiple in that category), and Maine and Maryland legalized same-sex marriage. I'm still waiting to hear Washington's and Minnesota's verdicts on that one. Edited to add: Washington too! *And* Maryland will give in-state tuition to undocumented immigrant students. :D! To cap it all, Puerto Rico is starting the process to become a state.
:) :) :)

I just wish the state Senate hadn't flipped back to R control. Dammit...

Can't win 'em all. All in all, though. I am flipping delighted, not to mention no little bit relieved, by tonight. As I said in response to someone on twitter saying she now had hope: So do I. It's been a long time coming.

Willard Romney, I know this is going to sound like sour grapes, but that was for Seamus, pal.

I have an interview tomorrow. Must sleep.
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A Dane County judge has just struck down large portions of Act 10, Walker's horrible collective bargaining law, finding that it violates both the state and federal constitutions.


I know this isn't over. I know there'll be appeals. I know we've got work ahead of us. I know that this ruling only applies to local, county and school workers, not other state employees. But I also know that this is a nontrivial decision worth celebrating, and I intend to do exactly that tonight.


On top of that, someone's got either a fireplace or a leaf-fueled fire/bonfire going, and it smells amazing. I know this isn't over, but shard it, tonight I am a happy Chanter. :)
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Home from the Solidarity Singalong. No arrests. No unwarranted provocations, scuffles, nastiness or general ill will. :)

On the downside, the Jeremy I mentioned in the last post is in the hospital. Now I feel like a jerk. I meant what I said about the reasonable exercise of rights, but I don't want anything to happen to the guy, no matter what my views are on his methods.

My voice has gone all squeaky, as I'm an out of practice choirgirl. And I'm sleepy. Oops? :P

I've missed that. I need to get up there more often, if things are going to be like today.
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Just when you thought the union posts were done! Done? Pfft.

They've been arresting people at the capitol for holding signs, not to mention strictly enforcing the 'four or more people need a permit to protest' rule. This has sparked a very understandable call for all hands on deck at the singalong today. If you expect me to ignore that all-call, forget it. I admit I haven't gone in several weeks; the dynamic's shifted, and not for the better, and I'd sooner not be involved in provocation for the hell of it. I suppose I've learned a little bit about picking my battles after all. Case in point: This is one battle I'm picking.

There's a chance I may get arrested today, but that's only, *only* if they decide to summarily cart everyone off out of the rotunda. I will not be provoking, bad-mouthing, or otherwise goading anybody into hauling me off. This's the state where we say excuse me if we bump into somebody at a protest. I intend to continue in that spirit. I will not be metaphorically lying down just because someone says to, however. If I get thrown in the nick, I hope I'm able to call both my parents and my landlady - the former is an obvious call if you know me, and the latter will need to know to look after the puppydog. He's not going with me today; if anything does set off, it'll unsettle him, which will further unsettle me, and... yeah, bad idea. Not that I honestly expect to get arrested, but I need to make contingency plans, you know?

... Good lord, I'm talking about getting arrested. In fairly blase fashion. I don't know whether to boggle or be proud of myself.

Further updates to follow after we all sing. And fellow singers, if any of you are reading this? Please don't provoke anyone needlessly. There are inalienable rights, and then there is the responsible expression of same. I'm looking at you, Jeremy and Katherine. ... Please nobody tell them I named them specifically. Especially not the former; I have a feeling he'd knock my block off or run me over.
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Gone home to Fond du Lac County for a few days. Estimated ETA back in Madison is Sunday, though time has yet to be determined.

There have been strawberry picking and cleaning, there has been a small bonfire, and tomorrow it's sounding like there will be much geocaching. It's helped, though I won't say it's all perfect. Family, you know? But it's better than it was a day and a half ago, I can tell you that.

Utterly unrelated, I applied for a job thanks to the referral of a twitter person/fellow protester. <3! We'll see what comes of it. And Sylvain was fifth in the ITT at Dauphine this morning. He's now fourth on the GC. Warm fuzzies!

... Yes, things are better, cumulatively. They're not perfect; they won't be for a while yet. But they're better. It's all helping. ... Well, most of it. I haven't been in the right headspace to work on that essay, but that's a temporary setback.

[personal profile] meimichan, you get some of the strawberries I'm bringing home. :)
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Last night was rough. Right now is still rough, but less than it was. Went out and picnicked on the capitol lawn with multiple friends, old and new, then sang my head off and cheered the marvelous firefighting bagpipers as they came through. Started hearing horrible news (idiot networks calling things ridiculously early), so piled into a car with [personal profile] meimichan and her lovely husband and went off to a friend's local. Multiple other wonderful folk were there, and there was commiserating and crying. Had one drink - sorry for the spillage, Meimichan, but I was sharding well trying to hand your other half the money I owed him - then realized that between the bar noise and the news, I couldn't take the gap. Got home, thank you Jason. Cried a lot. Said some rather dramatic but hopefully harmless things on twitter, mostly blasting Walker's religious claims - I know, I'm not classy. Cursed out Walker, Barrett, and the Koch brothers. Talked to Mariah, Meimichan, and Mom, which I needed. Offered to lead the solidarity singalong if Chris needs time off. I meant it. I'll totally do it; I'm a showman (show woman? dramatist, anyway), I love that stuff. Ate something, then farted around on the MW band for a bit; kept thinking at least I still have radio. Fell asleep with the headset on my head.

Woke up an hour or so ago with Windsor, Ontario in my ears. Now avoiding the hell out of all news regardless of outlet, which is unusual for me, but I can't take the details of the smug bastard winning. Found out that John Lehman took the Senate seat in Racine, flipping the Senate to Dem control. Blessed the man. Continuing to do so. Blessing Racine voters equally. Also my lovely, compassionate friends, my ever-classy, level-headed Senator, the excellent journalism of Al-Jazeera, and my family. Many blessings on all of you.

I'm not okay, but I'm better than I was last night. I'm not okay yet, but I'm beginning to suspect that the trick is possible. I feel like I've been hit by a team car, but again, I'm less shattered than I was last evening.

The fire hasn't gone out, that's for darn sure. This. is. not. over. Not by a longshot, Walker you weasel. You and your tables-and-lamps* sidekick have not won.

And Mahlon Mitchell? I'm still hurt, but I have not abandoned you. Not even close. Maybe Barrett wasn't the right man for the job. Okay. I still respect you both immensely, on the basis of both politics and character. But Mahlon, my personal emotional investment still lies with you over all. You're still Sisko, sir, and even he took defeats - look at DS9. He took it back, in the end.

One. day. longer.

I may go home to marsh country here for a couple days. I'm not sure. We're going to work out details today. I need to see my family, even though they may call me overdramatic for that reaction. I just sharding need to see them. They're made of sterner stuff than I, and I know this. I just... need to be around them for a day or two. I've got a proto-essay floating around in my head that I may begin to set down while there. It's overtly apolitical, though if anyone sees a covert hint of 'no, you cannot sharding divide this' in the subtext, they'll be right.

Wiunion lives on. We. are. not. done. We. will. not. leave.

Bless you, John Lehman, Senator John Lehman of Racine. Bless you.

I'm going to be a bit scarce for a couple more days. I need time to grieve, pick myself up and start moving forward again. I will do so, don't worry about that. I just need a day or two to decompress. Hence the potential marsh country trip. I really hope that works out. I just wanted to let people know that I'm if not okay, then slowly moving in that direction. I haven't done anything too stupid, I hope to God - dramatic tweets are the worst I got. I took it hard, but I'm not broken.

I've got a little of my family's stern stuff in me after all, apparently. What was it they said about iron-jawed angels in 1919? ... Okay, that made me smile. Yeah, I'm not okay, but I will be.

I love you all.

I need a shower. Back later.

*Our lieutenant governor's been quoted likening same-sex marriage to marrying tables and lamps. You can't make this goushi up. Sorry, Becky, but I don't go for furniture.

oh frag

Jun. 5th, 2012 03:00 pm
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It's recall time in Wisconsin!


I'm not going to be of any use for the rest of today. I'm too wrapped up in OMGPOLITICS! Quoth my brain for the rest of today:


Back later.
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But we're working on it. :) It's primary election day in Wisconsin!

As soon as my hair is properly dry, I'm off to vote. Not sure I can stomach crossing party lines to vote for the moderate Republican primarying Walker, but I'll see. There will likely be watching of results from somewhere on the square tonight. Again, we'll see. That one looks a lot more likely than my casting a Republican vote, though.
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Medical info: How you get tennis elbow falling down a flight of stairs, I don't know. I suppose a hundred and mumblemumblemumble pound woman falling full onto her elbow and forearm at the end of a dozen stairs is bound to do some damage--heck, I knew that already. Arm's in a soft brace, and somewhat more usable. It's achey, but I expect that has to do with some rather badly bruised muscle and bone rather than a wonky tendon actively twinging. I'll take it.

Election-type update: Congratulations to Arlene Silveira, our very own Legal Eagle, and everyone else who caused the positive sort of shake-up in local politics tonight. :) Well, I suppose it's not so positive if you lean to the right, but for us lefty types, it sure is! As to Waukesha County... pfeh. I'm in agreement with whoever on twitter suggested an independent body overseeing that county's electoral process come the next few votes. The situation there passed ridiculous at least one election ago.

The positively trending: One internship miiiiight just lead into another, from the way things are sounding. Different organization, but same building, and I don't want to say any more in case it falls through. I'll know more in a week or so, but it looks very promising, touch wood. :)

The silly minutia: Burning dinner is a drag. The second option was nomful (ta for the word, Jill). Ginger chocolate scones are still marvelous. Cherry soda is heavenly as ever, surprise surprise, and getting complimented by a poll worker on your perfume is a pretty darn nice feeling. :)

Zonking out with shortwave in my ears, now. :)
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I said a few variations of the subject line yesterday, once while talking to a state representative (eeeee!) and possibly once while talking to one of the 14 (eeeeeee to the power of eeeee!) Granted, the phrase was 'this day just gets better and better', but yeah, variations. The week seems to be following the trend, awful emotional Monday aside. Trust me, that day was filled with tears and nerves. You don't want to know, probably. The rest of this week, though.

1 million signatures have been submitted to the Government Accountability Board, nearly twice the number needed to trigger a recall of our governor.

One. million.

I could not believe it when I heard. I said a few things, first in English and then in Firefly-inspired Mandarin, that weren't likely fit to print but were printed anyway - twitter, ahem. I spent most of Monday terrified we weren't going to get enough valid signatures, or signatures at all, so you can imagine the relief I felt when the approximate number came out! Add to that the submissions of enough signatures to recall our lieutenant governor, our Senate majority leader, and three other senators besides, and... good *lord*, what an amazing day. The party at the Monona Terrace Tuesday evening, as you can imagine, was absolutely blinking standing room only.

ON top of everything else, I got to meet two! of the 14, and was in close proximity to at least two more that I know of. Four, if you count the singalong earlier in the day. Senator Cullen was working the crowd at the party, introducing himself to people who passed by on their way in. I may not always agree with his stance on things, but the fact remains, uncertain though he may have been, he was still one of the 14. That counts for a lot from where I'm standing. Mid-singalong, though, someone first told me that Senator Coggs was on the balcony (I waved), then that Senator Taylor was around! At first I thought she meant on the balcony as well, but nope, on the rotunda's ground level, talking to all kinds of people! I got another singer to hold Bosco's leash and zipped over there. One of the drawbacks to being blind, you never can tell if somebody standing in front of you is someone else waiting in a queue or the person you're hoping to talk to. Cue a moment of slightly flustered surprise on my part. oops! She was really sweet about it, though. I reached out to shake her hand, did so, and then she reached out in turn and hugged me! :D :D :D I thanked her for everything she's done, and I finally got to tell her that she's a role model for me, and will be if I ever have a daughter or niece in the future. That's not all, either. I wore my Wisconsin 14 shirt Tuesday, for obvious reasons given the events of the day, and she noticed and liked it! When she said so, I answered that I was going to ask if she'd sign it. I was afraid it might be a slightly weird request, but somebody else apparently asked the same thing shortly before I got there. Not a weird request at all, apparently, because I have Senator Taylor's signature on that shirt, now. :D :D :D! Good gosh, I was grinning like a loon for a long while there.

... Whew. Long and rambling TL;DR, say sorry.

Today's been all about protesting SOPA/PIPA (jeez, didn't anybody ever teach the authors of those bills that swatting a housefly with a nuclear warhead is widely detremental overkill?) and victories on the stopping of Keystone XL. *And*, in news unrelated to overt politics, Milliways is moving to Dreamwidth. I tell you, this week just gets better and better, and good lord, it's only Thursday. Hopefully the trend continues. I have an interview tomorrow, and this time I'm not the one giving it. Wish me luck, folken?

Now if a Quick-Stepper (shush, they still are, even if the team name is longer) wins a stage of the Tour Down Under on top of everything else amazing this week... :)
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When I say other stories, this time I truly do mean stories. Amazing, hm? :)

I've been in Waupun for Thanksgiving since Wednesday afternoon, which explains my absence to any Madison folks. My relative scarcity online is due to the same; I've pretty much either been enjoying family time, geocaching (it's a turkey day weekend tradition by now), curled up sleeping or trying to, or writing like a nutter. Much wonderful food has been eaten, much good conversation has been had, and nobody's gotten into anything resembling a true argument with anybody else since I've been here. Yay! I've also gotten four recall signatures for Walker and Kleefisch since Wednesday, which makes the trip just that little bit brighter. It would've been five, but the family friend who joined us for Thanksgiving had already signed elsewhere.

At the moment, the only downside is the fact that my kid sister's feeling the strep throat sort of crappy. I only found out after the fact that she took a trip to urgent care tonight. She's back now and insisting she's fine. Huh. I hope she is fine, and that whatever bug she might have takes a hike... though not toward any of us!

I'm currently a very sleepy Chanter indeed, though if I wasn't, I'd probably be working on the latest, as yet unnamed, story-type project. Yes, there is one and yes, it's original again. The ideas for bits of it have been hanging around in my head since May, possibly earlier, but for whatever reason this week's kicked my various muses for that project into overdrive. Not that I mind! ... Uh. I've just had my train of thought derailed by the news that kid sister does not have strep throat. Kid sister has mono instead. Ack! :/

... Where was I? Oh, right. Trying to keep the scenes I'm working on from degenerating into too obvious of fangirling over one specific character. Yes, I'm extremely fond of that particular character, but there's obviously liking what you're writing, and then there's overdoing it. I'm attempting to avoid the heck out of the latter. What I should really be attempting just now is sleep, though.

... Whoa. My train of thought's been sent dswerving again, this time by my parents getting what sounded like a prank call. The heck? I'm signing off before anything else happens in here. :)

*hugs everybody* Just because it needs saying before I flop, I am very, very thankful for my online circle of friends. You have no idea. ... Well, maybe you do.

*flops, as advertized*
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I did something else besides have really good bus karma, a productive meeting on the east side, and a very good first Barriques peppermint latte of the season today.

I signed two recall petitions today, and by today, I mean literally minutes after midnight; we made sure the clock had clicked over to Tuesday before we started signing things. One was for Walker, the other for Kleefisch.

For the record, it felt marvelous.

I had never heard an entire bar, to a person, chant 'Recall Walker! Recall Kleefisch!' at the tops of their voices until last night. That, for the record, was also pretty darn marvelous. If you'd told me a year ago that I'd see a State Street bar packed to standing room only point and filling up more all the time, not with random tipsy people but with people eager to recall their governor and lieutenant governor, I probably wouldn't have believed you. That goes double if you'd told me I'd be *in* that State Street bar. But it was, and I was, and good gosh it felt incredible. Governor Walker, we are recalling your butt (and the rest of you too), and we are only building momentum from today. And trust me, there was a *lot* of momentum today.

Now I'm going to bed. But this needed saying. :)
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How in the world did it get to be the equinox already? *boggles*

I've been, let's face it, horrible at updating lately. The supercondensed summary of my last few weeks goes something like... continued to recover from expected medical things (whew), got an allergic reaction presumably from antibiotics I ended up on thanks to expected medical things (itchy! and icky!), got on other meds which kicked the allergic reaction out (thank God and touch wood), kept looking for work (oof), went to my first ever Fighting Bob Fest (wow), and turned 27 (holy *bleep*).

Today I plan to make a first attempt at actual bread rather than the pastry sort of bread I've gotten decent at lately, the better to make another first attempt... that is, a first small attempt at marking the equinox. This will involve rosemary from the plant in my window, garlic from the farmers market, and a sincere wish not to screw things up. If it goes well, I may make a second loaf this evening. Anybody local want some?

I know that's probably the worst update in the history of updates, and I've made a few real winners over the years, but at least it's something. Now I'm off to de-freeze my freezing feet. Brrrr!
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I'm sorry, but the textspeak and capitalization in that original subject line was too much for me to handle.

Originally posted by [ profile] lavenderfrost at GE, Y U NO PAY TAXES?!

The (supposedly liberal) mainstream media is barely doing jack squat to cover this, so it's up to us to spread the word.  BOOST THE SIGNAL, PEOPLE.

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The personal RL post will come later, when I'm not sleepy. For now, you get the union side of things. :)

Yes, we only flipped two seats last week in the Senate recalls, but that's way, way better than zero, and two Republican districts going Democratic is nothing at all to sneeze at. Heck, Fond du Lac County's district hadn't elected a Dem since 1956... and then last week happened. :D I count the recalls as a victory, especially given tonight. The summary of tonight's events is: Wirch kept his seat after a scary start, Holperin never really looked in true danger and kept his seat as well. All three of the challenged 14 stayed in office, and we gained two seats besides. We held the line, again. Yay!

Now onward to January, when it's Walker's turn. Enjoy your current position, Governor. You'll have to fight for it in the new year, and I don't think much of your odds.

Medical RL update (all positive, I promise) tomorrow. For now, zonk goes the Chanter. Night!
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First the icky, then the happy.

Dear Justice Prosser,

Violence in the workplace is not allowable. Period, end of statement. If you'd tried that sort of thing on anyone at my office, you'd now be in hot water at the very least. So you know.

P.S.: Don't blame me, Wisconsin. I voted for Kloppenburg.

Dear New York,

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 and lots of rainbow sparklies! Thank you. That is all.

Much, much love,



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