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There'll be real content once I'm back in Madison. Trust me, there will totally be content; I've finally seen AU!Star Trek, so there's definitely chattering ahead. For now, however...

Name your 15 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms.

1. Geordi La Forge/Leah Brahms, Star Trek TNG
2. Four/Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who
3. Ben Sisko/Eris, Star Trek DS9
4. Luka Kovac/Carol Hathaway, ER
5. Matt Parkman/Mohinder Suresh, Heroes
6. Chakotay/B'Elana Torres, Star Trek Voyager
7. Nyota Uhura/Hikaru Sulu,Star Trek
8. Kerry Weaver/Sandy Lopez, ER
9. Thursday Next/Landen ParkeLaine, the Thursday Next series
10. Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler, the Sherlock Holmes series/A Scandal In Bohemia
11. Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, the Harry Potter series
12. Henry Blake/Radar O'Riley, M*A*S*H
13. Jeffrey Sinclair/Talia Winters, Babylon 5
14. Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters, Babylon 5
15. Nita Callahan/Kit Rodriguez, the Young Wizards series

The only trend I can readily spot here is a rather obvious one; why yes, I'm a Star Trek fan, why do you ask? XD

Now to make sure everything's sorted and packed, and then get my behind back to Madison.
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I know, I know, that pun is *horrible*. I couldn't not make it.

I've just watched the last ever episode of ER. Daaaang, fifteen years suddenly seems like one heck of a *long* time. I feel old! Katie and I were chatting through most of the second half of it, but we both still caught enough, I think. I won't spoil anybody for the finale, but needless to say good stuff abounded. There were a couple... mightily icky bits in there too, be warned. What am I saying? Icky bits happen; it's ER! that aside, I have this to say to the cast/crew/writers/whoever else I've missed:

At the risk of bringing the grammar police down on my head... cheers, you lot. You done good.
to say nothing of the bunnies Mayna and I were giggling over on knot tonight. :) My Luka muse inspired me this morning, now it's Carol's turn. Forgive the subject matter... I promise this isn't anything graphic.

Title: The Third child
Author: chanter
Series: ER
Rating: PG13 for imagery--nothing graphic, but still
Characters/pairings: Carol/Luka, hints of Doug/Carol and faint Luka/Abby
Summary: Carol’s life in Seattle doesn’t hold a candle to her daydreams.
Spoilers for Great Expectations, Such Sweet Sorrow, and incidents in episodes before and between the two. There’s a very faint reference to season 12 here, in that Abby is the one whose baby cries, but that’s it.
370 words

the Third Child )

Ooh, it's D-Day isn't it! that and... look at the date, it only comes round once in a century and we were here to see it. Woo! :)
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This kind of thing results. My particular ER OTP is showing again. Blame this on just having watched the episode, and getting inside a character's head--I've had the language snippets floating around as a half-formed idea for *ever*, and I finally sorted out the rest of the fic to go with them. Some crazy things can come back at you in dreams, and with everything that happened that day, I just didn't think it'd be Sam he was dreaming about.

enough chatter from me. On with the fiiiiiiction!

Title: Before The Dawn
Author: Chanter
Series: ER
Characters/pairings: Carol/Luka
Rating: R for dark/graphic imagery
Summary: Immediately post Drive, Luka has a very rough night.
Minor spoilers for Drive, you have been warned.
474 words

Before the Dawn )

ER fic

May. 26th, 2006 01:55 am
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Blame this on having watched Freefall yesterday. And yes, I took the title of this one from Melissa Ethridge. :)

Title: Walk Across the Fire
Author: chanter
Series: ER
Rating: PG13
Characters/pairings: Neela/Abby, Neela/Susan, Neela/Sam (all one-sided and unrequited), Susan/Chuck and slight Sam/Luka
Summary: Her conscious mind was on fast speed. Neela’s thoughts during Freefall.
Spoilers for Freefall, you have been warned.
675 words

Walk Across The Fire )
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Not a challenge response, but written for [ profile] erfanfiction all the same. It's dark, it's a side of Romano that's rarely seen, and it's been rattling around in my head since the trip to Wausau pretty much so I sat down and scribbled it. Tell me whatcha think? Did I do justice to the jerk and make him less... jerkish?

Title: Twenty Years
Author: chanter
Series: ER
Rating: R, for language and darkstuff
Characters/pairings: one-sided Romano/Corday, implied Corday/Greene and one-sided Romano/Lucy
Summary: Post Valentine’s Day. If there is a heaven. Romano reacts to the events of the day the only way he can.
Spoilers for Valentine’s Day, the Knight Who Saved Christmas and several incidents in previous story arcs.
752 words

Twenty Years )
For real! I'm actually posting fic again. I needed a distraction from the essays I've got to work on, and having watched 6.2 Last Rites earlier today I had inspiration. I can't say this's my best work since I haven't been scribbling in a while, but it's something. I've only seen one other fic with this pairing in it, and that was heavy on the tragedy and angst and was quite awful to boot. I wonder if anybody else ships these two? Hmm. I swear, they're the OTP of ER... well, and Kerry-Sandy of course. :)

Anyway, on with the fic!

Title: Good For The Soul
Author: Chanter
Fandom: ER
Rating: PG13 just to be safe
Pairings: past tense Doug/Carol and Luka/Danjiela (his wife), Carol/Luka
Summary: So when did I first think about him that way? Carol reflects and admits.
Spoilers for 6.2 Last Rites, 6.8 Great Expectations, and 6.17 Viable Options.
788 words

Good For The Soul )



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