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As promised, not to mention as needed, I got my kitty fix. It ended up being yesterday rather than Saturday, but still. Kitties! <3 On that note...

Dear Nala,

Good gosh but you are a beautiful, silky kitty. I'm sorry being on view at adoption fair thingies is so scary for you, pretty girl. Someone is totally going to fall in love with you though, as sweet and soft! as you are. I'm also sorry about the slightly lopsided edge of your tipped ear; I didn't do it, of course, but I did notice it. It made me wonder whether you'd come off worse in a dust-up or been a TNR. Turns out it was the latter, only now you're adoptable. Yay! Still, I feel rather bad your ear is a smidge lopsided on one edge. You're no less cute for it, though. *pets*

Dear Boomer,

Hello, big black kitty! You were obviously a kitty on the streets for a while, as you've got the big head and neck of an intact male. You've got the sweetness of a house cat, though, yay! I'm guessing you decided you wanted a better life. You've got one now! Welcome to the good life, Mr. Flopper-over. :)

Dear Sabrina,

When I met you, I was struck by how velvety plush toy soft you are! You are such a fluffy cottontail kitty, and that long fur is *amazing*. I could've sworn you were a Maine coon, but you're a little squirt, so it's not likely. Somebody said pixie bob, meaning bobcat/domestic cat cross, but I thought a pixie bob was a haircut! Oops. Shows what I know. Either way, you're beautiful. Someone's going to come along and say 'Hey, I'm looking for a playful kitty with a little tiny mew!' and pick you, I'm sure. Aww.

Dear Lombardi,

Your description on the website wasn't wrong at all; what a love! You reminded me of Benjamin the way you'd walk back and forth, spin around and walk back the other way, soaking up as much attention as you could get. I was pleasantly surprised to find out you were a Russian blue. That glossy medium-length fur made perfect sense after I was told; Snickers was the same way. And heh, have you been taking escape artist lessons from Tala the flopper blue? :) At least you were a friendly, curious fuzzy when you did escape. I'm not sure Sabrina was too thrilled, though. You have me charmed, Mr. Longtail. (Seriously, long kitty was looong from nose to tail. Not quite Zephyr, but not far off, either.) :)

Dear Diego,

Oh my gosh you are a love! I could tell you weren't much past kittenhood, with the rolling around and the watching everything and the swishy tail all over the place, but you are still one sweet lap kitty. At first we weren't sure if you'd try to escape if someone put you in a lap, but all you wanted to do was flop, snuggle and nuzzle! Awww. You've got quite the purr, too. You didn't match the characteristics at all, but you were sure acting like a ragdoll for a while there! The fact that you fell asleep on me... I'm touched. I'm totally following your fortunes on the website, just because you are one awesome kitty and I want to know when you end up getting a forever home. It'll take about two seconds, I bet. Oh, and I'm sorry about the snarlies in your fur and the scratch behind your ear; your previous owner really didn't take care of your coat, and what the heck was your sister doing scratching you? Calicos. :) At least the scratch is healing, and the large majority of the snarls are gone. As someone with some rather long hair of her own, I know how much of a drag tangles are. Oof. *Much love!*

Ahem. And people probably thought I was done with the kitty shelter spamation... XD

Oh, and just one more:

Dear Charlotte, Maddie, Topaz, and Niles,

Did you guys get adopted? All of you? I hope so! I'd really love to know. You all caught my interest in one way or another - Topaz sneak-sneaking up to me, nuzzling my hand, purring and then walking off again, Niles the hissy brown tabby I never really got to know, Ms. gentle Maddie long fur, and Charlotte who I spent a half hour happily snuggling. Maddie, if you did get adopted, I'm sorry Cameo creakitymeow didn't go with you, but congratulations on the new home anyway. Somebody's lucky... Heck, if you all did get adopted, four somebodys are potentially very lucky. :)
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It seems like I'm doing little else but signal boosting lately, but they've all got good reasons behind them, and this one is no different. Found via [ profile] simplykimberly. Twelve Bengal kitties have been rescued from what sounds like one hell of a sketchy breeder, and they all need medical care and love. The love, I'm sure, pours in from all corners, but the vet treatment is a bit more costly. Look over yonder for more info.

Maybe I should pass this link to GDB's Lauren. I know she's a bit of a Bengal fan. Hmm. Either way, spread the word far and wide, folks. These poor fuzzies seriously need it.
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I had to repost this when I saw it. It's for real, and it's a worthy cause.

Over thisaway folken.
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Just because I thought people might want to know about the end result of this post.

The kitty cat has had the treatment he needed, did really well through it all, and continues to do well back home with his family. <3! *happy* I love when that happens.

Meeting with my boss in *checks clock* four hours. Bugger. Nothing scary, just attempting to figure out what happens to me jobwise after LTE-ness is over. Blargh. I'm really rather grateful that she's giving me a hand here, as ending up on my butt doing the hopehopehope*sigh*disappointment dance of job searching is *not* something I want to go through again for a long time. I wish it were definite that I could stay where I am, though. I really like it there. At least I'll have something in place when my contract thingie's up, and that's a huuuuge positive. Cherry cider (apple cider's done for the season) for the director of my office, because she's cool. :)

Doesn't stop me being nervous about this blasted meeting, though.
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Picked this up via [ profile] simplykimberly, because holy cow what a worthy cause. Oliver is a kitty cat badly in need of a vet visit, and his owner adores him but is in a tight financial situation. Every little bit helps, you know? Linkyness is over here.
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This is for anybody in the Baltimore area who might be looking for a pair of wonderful kitties. I found this link via Love And Hisses and said why not spread the word. who knows? Somebody might see this and fall in love. Norwegian forest cats are *beautiful* in my very biased opinion; I haven't forgotten Vanessa, the amazing Norwegian forest kitty calico from Touched By a Paw. Oh my gosh, the soft, silky floof! She got adopted, too. :D Anyway.

This is the link to the initial blogpost about the kitties in Baltimore. I really, really hope they find a happy new home together. That post breaks my heart, jeez.
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Yesterday, not long after I wrote my last post, I got up from the family computer and my kid sister sat down. A minute later, we heard this from the next room:

"Dad, the computer's broken. I think Chanter broke it."

Of course, the thing had been working utterly fine when I'd left it, and I'd only visited a couple livejournals and a feminist news site before getting up and going elsewhere. There had been that one aborted search for said feminist news site, but it had involved nothing worse than a page of search results... not exactly scary stuff, in other words. But still. Outlook Express worked fine. Telnet worked fine. Internet Explorer did not work at all fine. Internet Explorer just... sat there. And sat there. and claimed it was connecting while doing exactly nill. Ugh.

There was muttering, and there was restarting of the computer, and there was calling of a local computer savvy friend who's saved all five of our butts several times over the years. And then there was logging on to AlterAeon, because with IE down there was no accessing anything else. Muds and MUSHes were it, which isn't really all that bad - at least I A) knew the Internet itself still worked and B) could potentially RP and/or XP. and it's here that there needs to be some giving out of kudos.

I logged on to AlterAeon, and naturally started yakking about my Internet Explorer issues. As it turned out, Gahan@AlterAeon was having the same trouble as I was and thought it might be a virus. Naturally, I signed off and passed that info on to family on this end of things. A few hours later, I logged back in, and Mathayas@AlterAeon said 'Hey, gahan fixed his Internet issues by installing IE8. If worse comes to worst, I could send you the installer.'

Worse did come to worst, and Mathayas wound up sending me said installer; third time really was the charm, thanks to router issues and my clumsy fingers. The thing was successfully downloaded, the installation was pretty self-explanatory (I ran the same one for my own laptop, so at least it was recognizable) and the desktop was restarted. and lo, the 'net worked again. Quoth the Chanter when the family-types weren't listening...


*dances about* I feel oddly proud of myself now. I owe Mathayas and Gahan, that much is for sure. Still. I fixed the family computer! ... Er, with help from outside, but anyway.

On a much, much more serious note, many hugs and lots of love to [ profile] simplykimberly, who just lost teeny smoke Siamese foster kitten dusky. *sniffles* You're amazing, Kimberly. That bitty kitten was clearly loved, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one melting from afar over him. I'm so, so sorry.

Oh right. I was going to write something on Friday about it being fourteen August, but it didn't happen. Whoops. Is it strange of me that I remember that day not only as VJ Day, but as the day the Academy students were liberated and escaped to Taos? I are Millimun, yes.

*eyes clock* Oooh, old time radio drama ahoy. 'Scuze me, folken.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Oh wow. My ideal life ten years from now... well. It definitely contains an apartment in this city -- not a huge one, not a swanky one, just a nicer one with two bedrooms at most and preferably a little balcony/patio thingie that's got room enough for a mid-sized container garden. Someplace where my bedroom's not in the middle of my living room, you know? Being either within walking distance of work or, if that's not possible, walking distance of a bus line would be lovely, as would not ending up in the suburbs, yurgh! And cats, please. There absolutely must be a kitty or two in this setup; a couple FIV positive, raggedy-eared former strays who're the biggest loves in the world but who everybody else overlooked because they had black fur and one eye gone, or a missing leg, or just the FIV thing on it's own. I'd love to be known, in ten years time, as that friendly, slightly quirky but in a nice way lady that all the neighbors like. I'd love to be working somewhere that pays the bills but doesn't make me feel like a sell-out, somewhere meaningful, where my journalism skills are usable but where the newspapery aspect might not be the main focus of things. Some little nonproffit, maybe, some community organization that's really doing good on the ground, regardless of how small the improvements to conditions/situations are. Talking with people as part of my job, telling stories from the field and really seeing them lead to something positive, or if nothing else just get the word about X issue out there, positive or negative, in a human voice - that's what I want. And then at the end of the day I'd have somewhere to come home to and not be bothered by anyone if I didn't want to be; I'd have options if I *did* want to do something of an evening/night, but I'd have a place to recharge if that's what I felt like doing. If I wanted to, I could just as easily spend a night in with RP, assorted fandom and my kitties as I could go out somewhere and meet a friend. and I'd have friends to meet, coworkers or people from elsewhere, probably a mix of coworkers and cat rescue folks and SCA folks and who knows who else. I wouldn't be just that blind girl, or that queer girl, or that geek, or that bitch who never shuts up; I'd actually be someone who people would want to hang around. I'd probably know a crowd of other geeks, and we could all squee over fandom together, and talk politics at each other, and make references that nobody else in the coffee house gets. There might be a significant... whoever in the mix too, some delicate little elegant somebody with an accent to make a body's toes curl and enough of the femininity I lack to be fairly easily classified a greenrider to my blue. Yes, my ideal's a woman. Maybe we'd be living together, but somehow I don't see that; spending the odd night over at each other's place sounds more the thing, and neither of us would wake up feeling dirty in anything more than the most mundane sense in the mornings. She'd want me around. Enough to be with me, even, long-term. Sort of casual yes, probably, but long-term. Enough to meet my folks, and win them over to a few things (not least of which is the idea that someday one of their sons-in-law might just be a daughter-in-law), and go to family Christmases with me, and not get the curious kind of scandalized looks from anybody, Reetzes and Scheels or Forsythes, even when I introduce her as "This is Elaine. Or Kim. Or... whoever." The important things.

and NO KIDS, ta very much. I'll leave that to the other two girls. The mother-type I am *so* not. I'll just be the auntie that all the nieces and nephews and second cousins think is cool; my generation's version of my aunt Laurie. I'll give the kids back at the end of the day, thanks.

Oh, and everybody would know me as Charlie. They'd know my proper name, but everybody that mattered outside family would pretty much use the nickname. That'd actually be really nice.

Good God and assorted holy cousins. I'm Luna Lovegood, aren't i? Either that or I'm just a really bloody sad case with more romantic issues than I realized. Maybe both. and... this turned into a surprisingly long and rambling answer. Whoops.

*scarlet-faced Charlie scarpers*
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I was just looking at Touched By a Paw's website, because I miss all the kitties -- and one kitty in particular, of course.

Somebody else took Daisy home. Her name's not there.

I knew somebody else wanted her, but I was hoping horribly selfishly that either I'd find a place and get an application in first or that she'd lose interest or figure out it wouldn't work or... something. Son of a bitch. I've been working on this for a bloody sharding year and a half! God, I'm going to miss that pretty little tripod girl. I'm so sorry, torbie lady. I didn't try hard enough. I know the last time I saw you, you were your usual purry self and flopped in my lap to cuddle almost as soon as I sat down, and you chirped at me in that adorable voice -- it was never a proper meow with you, always this royal little chirp that made you sound like an aristocrat. You'd totally have quirked your little claw while drinking tea, if cats drank out of cups. You didn't even care when I cried into your fur; I guess some things are worth a messed up hairdo, huh? But then you jumped out of my lap five seconds before I stood up to leave, and when I tried looking for you, you were making yourself scarce. I don't know if you knew I had to leave and didn't want to deal with goodbyes, or what, but I hope you still love me? I didn't want to walk out; Dad would've been furious if I'd stayed any longer than I did, and Katie couldn't get her scooter through the doorway, so I couldn't just leave her sitting there on the sidewalk. I know your new human's going to give you tons of love and a great life, or else Jana wouldn't have given you to her, but I'm still going to miss you lots and lots. I've been trying to find a place that wouldn't mind a regal little lap cat, but either I'm not trying hard enough or this city just sucks for apartments and kitties, because I can't find a damn thing. Even my family's against the idea, which doesn't help, but good God, I wanted to bring you home. I'm sorry, Daisy-girl. Don't forget me, okay? I love you, torbie girl.

God, I'm crying like a baby. I'm such a loser. I mean, give me a break. I'm crying over a cat that wasn't even mine. Everybody else in my family would laugh or tell me to shut up; my father *did* just laugh when I called him, and then he told me to turn it off (meaning turn off the tears). My God, this sucks. There goes my whole damn day.

Edited to add: I've just called Jana, just to make sure I had things right. Daisy's got a forever home, and it's with one of the other volunteers and I know her! Rebecca is a sweetheart, and she lives right in Whitewater, so there'll be updates on how Daisy-girl is doing. From what Jana said, Daisy's happy as a clam, looking out windows and following Rebecca around, sleeping in her human's bed at night and talking up a storm in that cute little Queen Elizabeth voice of hers. And purring up a second storm and being a cuddle bug, I've no doubt whatsoever. Jana said she'd pass my e-mail on to Rebecca, and that she'd very probably send me pictures and info and everything and get this: When I'm in Whitewater next, I could get to see her! Daisy that is, if Rebecca's around. Apparently, Rebecca even mentioned me. She said, "I know Carlie wanted her, but--" so did she, quietly, and I don't begrudge Daisy a loving home. Not at all. I just miss her even more, now that I know there isn't any chance of her being my kitty. She's my friend's kitty, at least? I won't lose touch with her, and I'll get updates and get to see her now and then. This helps, it really does. I still miss her like crazy, though.
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Just peeking in from the land of every-other-day snowfalls that Wisconsin's become over the past week to ask one thing.

Like my Daisy icon? :D

I know, a GIP from me is probably an odd concept, but hey. Pretty kitty! I miss her *lots*. Must get to Whitewater to see her.

In other news I'm fine, although I did get myself effectively stranded in waupun this past weekend. I was going to come home for a day or two anyway, as Dad's family Christmas was this past Saturday, but the trip turned into a case of 'hey, let's get back before the snowstorm hits so we don't have to drive in it.' Saturday involved some very sloooow driving to Toma and back, and when Sunday rolled around it was just too insanely cold and windy, not to mention blowy and drifty, for any of us to go anywhere. I wound up calling work and saying "Uh, Rachel? I'm snowed in at home!"

We got dumped on again last night, and there's more coming down the pike. Oh well. I look at it this way: If I hadn't come home when I did, I may have missed our own smaller Christmas, not to mention Mom's side of the famly all turning up this coming Saturday. If getting stranded at my folks' means getting to spend the holidays with everyone, I'll totally take it.

SouCon folks already know this, but I'm going to be scarce until all the snow craziness/holiday craziness blows over. Welcome to winter in Wisconsin! :)

*warm fuzzies at this icon*
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I've been out ofWhitewater for less than a week, and I'm already wanting certain bits of it back. The coffeeplaces, and the sushi, and the forensication fun, and... ah heck. To borrow a phrase from Laurie at the itty bitty kitty committee...

Siiiigh. I am missin' my kittens.

Yes, even Cricket and Pyewacket; they really aren't bad, just a bit strange. Whimper.

I'm predictable in the extreme, aren't I? :)
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I'm a college graduate! Eeeee eeeee eeeee!!!

Ahem. *beams* It's a hell of a feeling, hearing the chancelor say "by the authority vested in me by the board of regents, I confer on you the degree," or whatever it was, and "you may now switch your tassels." Quite the charged and significant moment, to say the least. I'm not going to forget *that* any time soon, I know that much.

And I didn't fall off the stage, whee! :D

and last night, I had the best dream I've had in months; my family was traveling from England to the People's Republic of Wales depicted in the thursday Next series; that alone warmed my socialist heart. For whatever reason, I left my family--I think I must've climbed out of the car we were using and gone scrambling for the house we'd pulled up to, because I had the sense that they were still nearby. When I knocked at the door (it was a screen door in a wooden frame, so the inner door must have been open already) the woman who answered it and welcomed me in sounded exactly like Mrs. Morgan from Educating Archie! I know at least one other person was there, and he sounded more along the lines of someone from the Dark Is Rising series. I know I spoke to my parents at one point near the end of the dream, and apparently the whole family was moving into a house/tower that was all greenwood scrubbed until it quite literally shone, inside and outside alike. And I wound up with sanctuary inside the Socialist Republic of Wales. I used the phrase "It is the heritage," at least twice, which is a poetry reference and a direct lift from The Eyre Affair, and everything had the overwhelmingly joyous sense of the end of A Swiftly Tilting Planet about it.

I don't know if it was my subconscious having a party or a sign or what, but I'm sure as heck not objecting. With all my past references to the old music and heritage and lovely accents, I don't blame my brain for throwing it all together after as important a day as yesterday. *warm fuzzies*

During all the chaos of yesterday afternoon post-ceremony, I finally talked my mother into going over to the shelter with me and meeting people and kitties. Well, technically just kitty, as she saw Delmonica and plenty of others but only got introduced to and pet one. Daisy was such a purrball, what a love. And I got pictures of Daisy, dmitri, Ginger, Lil girl and Della while I was there - thanks Aszya. The Daisy pic is going on my desk in Colorado, and I wouldn't be surprised if the others join it, or at least end up on a bulletin board somewhere.

the sushi lunch happened, although it was quite a bit busier than is usual in there so things were understandably slower. Mmm, eel and squid and several kinds of fish rolls. And I got a hug from Ami the waitress, because she knew I'd just graduated. My father was standing at the counter and she came up to him and said, "Your daughter graduate today. I won't see you anymore. Tell her congratulations!" I'm going to see if Katie wants to run over there today, just for old times' sake. I really can use that expression now, wow.

And I almost forgot, we finally found the geocache called Fuzzy One out on Highway 12. I need to log that at some point, here.

And after all that, I came home, read a little of Enchanter's Endgame, then turned off the Braille Note and fell asleep in the clothes I changed into post-lunch. the next time I looked at the clock it was midnight, so I'm assuming I'd slept for four hours or so. I had sense enough to go down the hall and use the bathroom, then came back, got out of my clothes and conked out until around four-ish this morning. As last night was sleepless, I rather badly needed to catch up. I may sleep a little more here, at some point.

Later today is the hurricane TP on SC, wheeee! I'll be there for that, definitely. this's going to be fun! This whole weekend's been pretty darn amazing. :)

For now, I think I'll go and read a little more. And get used to the feeling of OMG graduate. It still hasn't entirely sunk in, although it's getting there. :)
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Call this a couple weeks' worth of shelter spam. Whee! :) Real entry to follow later.

Dear Fionna and Hobo,

I'm going to miss you, pretty kitties. I've known pretty much forever that Kathy was keeping you two, but still. It won't be the same without the resident motherly tortie and superfriendly brown tabby walking around the floor. I'm sure you'll be very well loved; Kathy already loves you, and I don't know her mother but from what I heard she's much the same. I'll make sure Kathy keeps us updated on how you guys are doing. *loves you both*

Dear Errol and Veronica,

Yaaay for getting adopted together! To be honest, I was surprised when I found out you two were going as a pair, as you have very different personalities; Errol the mellow brown tabby and Veronica the classic character of a tortie. Still, it's great that you both found a loving home, and your people are great! *cuddles you both* Here's to you settling in well together. That's an entire family adopted now, and one mellow talker of a tiger besides. Yay! I just wonder how your people will hear over all the purring, as you're both really loud when you get going. *snickers and loves*

Dear Virgil,

Congratulations on the forever family, you fluffy black kitten you. I wasn't there at the time, but from what I heard you loved your new person at first snuggle, and it was mutual. Cool!

Dear Sydney,

You're over the eye infection crud, yay! and now that you're back on the floor again, you've quit being grumpy. Double yay!

Dear Dmitri,

dmitri the kitty, not Dmitri from Whazzit. :)

You poor, sweet angel kitty. You've really been through heck and back, if the way you looked when I first met you is anything to go by. It's obvious that you're one of those gentle kitties like Stormy and Sweetie who just want to be loved and are thrilled to be rescued and with people. I didn't dare pick you up when I was first introduced because I was afraid I'd break you, and I was still nervous about hurting you when I held you later. You're pretty much a living teddybear, and I already love you. From how you're described - blue-eyed and white with gold trim=flame point siamese, apparently - you're going to be one beautiful cat once you're healed up. *cuddles, gently*
Yup, this'd be the coming back from spring break shelter spam post. :)

Dear Neva,

I got rather the wrong impression of you before I knew who was in your cage. Your meow sounds mean, but now I know that voices can be super deceiving. You're a sweetheart! I like you already, calico girl.

Dear Nadia,

Nadia who looks like Vanessa, not Nadia in the tuxedo.

When I first met you you were very shy, but you at least didn't mind being pet and getting attention. Now you're warming up to me and to people in general, which is really great to see. You're a fluffy long-haired calico, so what's not to love? I'm really glad that you're getting friendlier and less withdrawn. You're loved already, pretty kitty. And I'm sure you already know this, but when you get going your purr is loud! :)

Dear Trystan,

You are a mini-sam and a mini-Nathan all at once, and with kitten energy. And you're super cute! No wonder the cab driver who popped in for a minute when she dropped me off wanted to keep you. You're cool! *orange kitty love*

Dear Zingaro,

You're proof that tuxedo cats are just plain cool. the minute anyone gets into your line of sight you start talking to them, which is adorable. And you're all fluffy, which is equally so. *loves*

Dear Hobo,

Yaaay for healing up and getting over that eye infection you had. Glad to see you back out walking around the shelter and being people-friendly again. :)

dear sydney,

Poor thing, now you're the one with the eye crud. Here's to it clearing up quickly, you pretty black fuzzy you.

Dear Suzu,

some kitties are lap blankets, but you're the whole lap quilt! Yes, you're a big kitty. But you're a seriously sweet people-oriented snuggler of a big kitty, so it's all good. I seriously thought you were either Corinne or toby when you walked up to me and started trying to climb on me, but toby was never a lap cat and Corinne doesn't have a bend in her tail like you. I wound up asking Jana who you were when she came in, and it even took her a minute to figure it out. I'm glad you're a floor kitty now, tabbygirl; you can run around and be all friendly with everyone who walks in, which it's pretty obvious you love doing. and you know, you've got one of the other volunteers wanting to take you home, so watch for possible positive developments.

Dear Daisy,

I've already told you this myself, and Jana and Lela already know too, but when I get my own place, I'm taking you home and keeping you. You're loved, tortie lady. and you know, when Anthony was holding you and you wanted down, but then came straight over to me and climbed into my lap instead, you cracked me up and melted me all at once. *loves* I know everyone keeps saying you'll probably be waiting when I get back from colorado when/if that happens, because a three-legged cat with FIV isn't at the top of the list of kitties people look for, but they said that about endora too and she--he--bah! that cat got adopted while I was away. I'm so keeping you, and one other of the FIV girls, if it works out. *cuddles*

Dear Cashew,

When Kathy came down and told us that there was a five-week-old kitten upstairs, you should've seen the parade of volunteers go up the staircase one after the other. I swear, even great huge high school boys were hurrying. and you're so worth it! You're the teeniest kitten I've ever seen, ever, and you're mediumhair fuzzy and orange and you've maybe got main coon fluff in your ears and eeee! Your name is perfect, since you're cashew colored, and I'd never been there for the naming of a kitty before so you're extra special for that, too. And according to Jana, when I go in on a weekday next, I get to feed you! I'm just afraid I'll break you or hurt you or something, you know? Please, squeak at me or claw me or something if I do? You're just amazing, Cashew-kitten.

Dear Lil Girl,

*grins* when I found you when I came back from break, I wasn't sure how you'd react. but you purred seriously loudly by your standards at me, which made me go 'yay!' You still like me. :D

Dear Benjamin,

You get sweeter by the day, I swear. If anybody's looking for a big friendly dark tabby with a turbo purr, I hope they pick you.

Now I'm off to make tea, probably. :)
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this runs over a couple weeks, as I forgot to post once. Oops. :)

Dear E.B.,

I was right! I got to see you get adopted before I went home, yay! and I got to snuggle you, you cute little kissy tabbygirl. I'm going to miss you, but yay all the same!

Dear Sweetie,

You cute light orange tabby you, you seriously live up to your name. The first time I met you, you were understandably nervous as you were new, but the second time you'd gotten used to the shelter and were a mellow purry thing. You're one of those gentle kitties like Stormy, I can tell. No wonder the lady who rescued you (and named you very aptly, I might add) came back and decided to keep you herself. You have an awesome family now, and you probably already know it. *loves!*

Dear Lil Girl,

You're still cool with me! *beams* It's mutual, grey lady.

Dear Hobo,

Aww. I'm sorry you've got eye ickiness going on and that you have to be in a cage until it clears up. It would just be twice the icky if it spread to all the other floor kitties. Here's to it quickly sorting out and going away, so you can get out and be all lovey with people again.

Dear Zipper,

You can be a little pooh at times, and you probably know it. You can also be an absolute doll kitty though, so it's all good. I happen to think you're adorable because hey, long-haired tuxedo lap cat fuzzy, what's not to love? *cuddles*

Dear Rory,

You are incredibly cute! And you know, jumping into my arms from the countertop was a pretty good way to endear yourself to me. It also made Lela deadpan, "And now you know why he's getting adopted," which cracked me up. I didn't realize you had an even bigger thing about hair than Luz and Sam until you snagged mine, but you were warm and fuzzy and playful, so it was cool. And I got to see you and Rita (lovely Rita, meter maid!) get adopted together at the end of that day. Yay! I'll miss you, fluffy white tabby boy, but you've got good people.

Dear Angel, Amber and Ariel,

Yay for all three of you getting adopted together! Whoever took you home now has a houseful of tortie fluff. Congrats, girls!

Dear Delmonica,

Now I know to figure out who's curled up in the kitty bed at the top of the staircase before calling them by one name or other. I was completely sure it was Cricket hanging out there, because it usually is. I did a doubletake when I sat down to say hello and pseudo-Cricket was all purry and lovey and all about the nuzzling of sleeves. It took me a full minute to think that wait, maybe this is someone else, and when I realized that the swishy tail brushing my arm had a bent end I just about facepalmed and then went, "Oh no wonder! You're not Cricket, you're Delmonica!" Sorry for the name switch, Della. You didn't seem to care, at least. All that aside, you are super friendly! *cuddles*

Dear Jillian,

I cried when I heard. I love you, Jillie. We all do.
Yup, this'd be the shelter spamation from the last two weeks. :)

Dear Katie and Kizzy,

I was right! Congratulations on your new forever home, torbie sisters! You two are going to bring a whole ton of motorboat purring love to your people, I'm sure of it. Especially you, Katie-kitten. But I'm going to miss you guys! Probably not as much as BJ is, though. I'm just sorry I missed seeing you two get adopted; I wish I'd gotten in a half hour sooner. I got to snuggle you both the day before, though. Believe me, you're loved! *cuddles both of you*

Dear Victoria,

You got adopted too, you beautiful fluffy thing. Yay! And you got doubly lucky, as the people who took you home were the same ones who adopted Natty and Nathan! Cool kitties, cool humans, all is right with the world. I've always said you got the best of three worlds; tabby stripes, tortie swirls and main coon fluff, but now you've got another wonderful world on top of it. Congratulations, torbie lady!

Dear Cleo,

You got a forever family! Yay! I know everybody is going to miss you and your mellow snuggler self; I certainly will, zen-kitten, but we'll deal. Your people fell in love, and you seemed to love them quite a lot too. I've never known another kitty who purred all the way through getting their claws trimmed--zen-kitten, indeed! Congratulations, pretty dilute tortie girl. *cuddles*

Dear Ginger,

Whatever I did to charm you, I hope I never undo it. For whatever reason, you really seem to love me lately. Not that I'm objecting mind, I'm just curious what I did. That said, rubbing your face all over my sleeve and catching me with your little claws so I won't leave every time I start to walk away? Is way, way cute. You're pretty great, you orange plush toy you. *pets*

Dear Lil Girl,

You still have your 'don't pet me today' days, which I can deal with. But I think I'm forgiven, and if I'm wrong, swat me and dispel the notion. I hope I'm right, though.

Dear Ebby and Pepe,

I didn't really know you too that well, but congrats on the family anyway. *black kitty love*

Dear E.J.,

I'm glad I got to snuggle you on Friday, because I found out yesterday that someone wanted you, and today you went home! Yay! I'll miss you and your audible-ten-feet-away purr, but I'll deal. I know E.B. is going to miss you too, but I'm sure someone will snatch her up sooner rather than later. Congratulations, you cute little tabbything you.

Dear Jillian,

When I found out that something was up with you, I was shocked. You poor, wonderful thing you. Cancer is evil. simple as that. I hope you know you'll be loved by everyone right up to the end, and that you already are. I'm going to bawl like a baby when what's going to happen does. I love you, Jillie. We all do.
It's Sunday, so doesn't it just figure: kitty shelter spam again!

Dear Stormy,

Yaaaay miraclekitty! You were adopted on Friday! Your family fell in love with you after seeing your picture from what I'm told, and you're such a gentle little marshmallow that it didn't surprise me at all when I heard it was mutual. Your people have gained a snuggler kitty, and you've gained a loving home with seriously great people and a bunch of other white fluffies. Everybody scored! I'm going to miss you, angelkitty, but I get the feeling that your people will be the sort who'll keep in touch. *snuggles*

Dear Natty and Nathan,

You're getting adopted tomorrow! Yay! I'm going to miss you, but I'm thrilled that you're finally going home after so long at the shelter. Natty, you are the quintesential calico lady, and I love you for it. Nathan, you are a quirky orange and white ham, and the whole shelter loves you for it, not just me! Natty, I'll miss the way you walked around my feet acting all cute, and how you'd just appear and start looking for petting. Nathan, I'll miss your funny cute antics and your distinctive squeak of a meow, and the way you'd love on all the humans you met and charm their socks off. but it's *great* that you're finally going home, and even better that you're going together. And I'm glad I got to pet you both before you went. *cuddles*

Dear Katie and Kizzy,

I was right about you two torbie angels. You're getting adopted next weekend! whoever picked you girls is lucky, lucky, lucky! I am *so* going to be there this coming Saturday just so I can snuggle you before you go home. And oh man, BJ is going to cry, I have no doubt whatsoever. Heck, I probably will too.

Dear Corrine,

You're a great cat, you really are. I like you fine, tabby girl. But the sneezing on me multiple times? Icky! I know you have a cold, and I feel really sorry for you because you're all stuffed up and you sound really hoarse when you meow, but please, turn your head or cover your nose with a paw or something. Getting snotted on? Is really gross! But seriously, feel better, poor thing. Colds are no fun.

Dear Cricket,

Huh. Maybe you've just gotten used to me, or maybe you were in a particularly good mood, or... who knows. Either way, you let me pet you and didn't growl and hiss at me, and you even purred a little! Can I call this a truce? I hope so. You're alright, kinda strange grey girl.

Dear Delmonica,

I always thought you weren't a lap-snuggler at all and hey, that was totally alright. Some kitties aren't, and you were right there next to me whenever I sat down downstairs, purring and rubbing your face all over my clothes and being one darn cool auburn-furred lady. That said, you climbing into my lap twice in one weekend about made my week! whatever I did to earn your trust, I hope I never undo it. I'll make a point of spending extra time downstairs next time I'm there. That way you and Jillian can take turns curling up on me, and whoever's not in my lap can cuddle right next to me, and I'll be happily settled under a blanket of purry brown tabbies for a while. Knowing Vesta, I'll likely have a curly-tailed tortie walking circles around my feet, too. You're even cooler than I originally thought, Della. *loves!*

Dear Jillian and Vesta,

I love you guys too. Just making sure you know. Jillie, whenever I'm downstairs and not snuggling someone normally in a cage, you and Delmonica can take turns curling up in my lap. Vesta, if you feel like flopping on me, I'm sure the other two girls will share. If you'd rather not, you'll still get all the scritches you want.

Dear Lil Girl,

I know you were feral once, and I know that sometimes you're just not in the mood to be pet, and I know that when there's tons of people in on Saturdays you'd rather keep out of the way, especially when there are kids around. that said, I hope you still love me! This's me being paranoid, I'm well aware. but I'm sorry for crowding in on your space; in future I'll back off the first time you swat at me - feline for 'bugger off a while' is fairly easy to interpret, but I wasn't being the best translator that day. I really hope you'll still let me cuddle you, beautiful velvet grey lady. Forgive me?

Dear Sydney,

You know, when you jumped onto the stack of dishes and knocked them all over, we heard the resulting crash downstairs. It made Zoe and I both go "... Uh-oh, that didn't sound good." Once I got back upstairs and found out what happened, I laughed. Good one, silly girl. *pets*

More later, I have no doubt. In other news, it's raining and windy and icky here. We were originally slated to get a foot of snow give or take an inch or two, but apparently that missed us. There are positives and negatives to that fact, but the biggest positive I can think of is the lack of travel hazards! Whew! Now if only whitewater did a better job of clearing it's sidewalks and roads... Yeah, right.
Uh, riiight. Before I work on that class stuff, here's the shelter spam from this past weekend.

dear Stormy,

You're getting adopted! Yaaay, angelkitty! apparently the lady who wants to take you home has a bunch of other special kitties, and they all have white fur. Saph was right: sounds like Yraelland! I've met your prospective person, and she's coool. I really, really hope it works out, and that I get to see you and snuggle you before you go home. *loves*

Dear Leo and Lando,

When I met you two for the first time you were hissy, which is totally understandable since you were brand new and scared as heck. I'm thrilled that you guys are over your fear now and think humans and love are wonderful things. And you're super cute besides. Purry love+adorableness=awww.

Dear Corrine,

You're a big friendly tabby, which is great. what wasn't great was when you sneezed all over me from the top of the climber thingie. Eeeew! I could've done without being snotted on, thanks. But oh well, you had a cold or something, and you were still friendly even after I squeaked at you, so we're good. But yuuuck!

Dear kittens that BJ fostered,

Except for Kinsey since she's been adopted already and so wasn't there. :)

You guys are *so* darling! You're welcome to use me as a kitten jungle gym whenever, even if you feel like going after my hair - yes I do mean you, Ilari the orange and white shoulder-kitten. the six of you made my whole afternoon.

Dear Katie and Kizzy,

I have never met a more affectionate pair of little kittens! I'm sure someone will snatch you both up in a heartbeat, and if they don't, I might just have to. *torbie love!*

Dear Eliza,

You are a beautiful pale tabby lap blanket. For whatever reason, you trusted me enough to walk out of your cage and lay in my lap, and it about melted me into a puddle. What a sweetie! *pets*

Dear Nickolai,

Yaaay for all the fun you're having playing with the other kitties at your new house! You definitely scored. All the same, I miss you! *scritches*

ahem. Now to work on that coursework. Suuure.
Yup, more shelter spamation. Sorry folks, but the power of cute compels me! :)

Dear Stormy,

I am *so*, so glad you're doing as well as you are. Yay! You really had me worried there a minute or three, miraclekitty. I can't wait to see you when you get back to the shelter. You deserve lots of cuddles, you angelkitty you.

Dear Tom Thumb,

Once again ditto, only this time it's on the yay for getting better! Hopefully you're all healed up. And just as a note, I'm not sure whether or not you know this, but you have a seriously fluffy tail. Cute!

Dear Nickolai,

I'm thrilled that Janna decided to take you home to join her family! You're going to have a bunch of kitty friends to bounce around and play with, and plenty of space to do it in! and I'm sure no one there is averse to being snuggled by a fluffy, purry kisser of a snowball. That said, I'm going to miss you! I'll even miss the way you nibbled on my fingers, you big kitten you. Come back just to visit once or twice, hm? If nothing else, I'll have Janna keep me updated on how you're doing. And I'm glad I got to snuggle you once before she took you home, Yraelkitty. *scritches*

Dear Hobo,

You are one big sweetheart of a kitty. I just hope you're still willing to be a sweetheart to me after I accidentally sat on you today! the one time I didn't check the bench behind me for anyone furry you'd claimed it as a curling-up place, and I know I only sat down far enough to realize someone was beneath me and then jumped up again, but still: I'm sorry! I'm guessing you've probably forgiven me since you purred at me a short time later, but this is me being paranoid. I promise to always look before I land, now, for a given value of look.

Dear Luz,

I'm seriously glad I came in today, because I got to see you get adopted! I got to snuggle you once before you went home with your family, which made me all warm and fuzzy--not to mention literally fuzzy from tricolor fur, probably. :) and you still love my hair, for whatever reason; you almost tied it in a knot there, Luzzie. It was cute, cute! And you purred the whole time, which made it even cuter. Your family seem cooler than cool, and I know you'll get tons of love. And one of them has long hair too, just for your information. congratulations, torbie-kins. *snuggles*

Dear Katie and Kizzy,

You two tiny torties are just plain adorable! I can always tell when I've got near you girls; I start hearing the symphony in the key of thunderous purr, written for two sweet kittens. *cuddles*

Dear Henry,

I'm so, so glad to hear you've gotten as sweet as you have! Being in a cage would freak anybody out, so I totally understand why you were skittish before. Finding out that you've gotten all lovey and cool and friendly now you're being fostered and have room to move about makes my day. Kudos, orange and white fluffy.

Dear Lil Girl,

You still like me! I still feel honored as heck. And I still think you're an absolutely beautiful velvet grey lady. *pets*

Actual update, one that doesn't involve kitties, later. Reeeeeally.
Sorry folks, but shelter spam ahoy again. I'm owned by all the fluffies. :)

Dear Stormy,

You have me worried, miraclekitty. Get better soon, you beautiful snowball thing. *cuddles, gently*

Dear Tom Thumb,

ditto on the getting better quickly. Even I can tell Nickolai misses you and besides, having an infection bunging up the works just has to be twenty kinds of unpleasant.

P.S.: I never knew what polydactyl paws looked like until I saw yours. Cooool!

Dear Luz,

Not that Luz, the other Luz! the one with fur and a tail. :D

I know you've got tons of kitten energy, which is great. I also know that my hair is a built-in toy, which is totally fine by me. And now, I also know what never to do around playful kittens: flip my hair back over my shoulder. Little kitty claws in my neck smart! Ouch! Oh well, I can't honestly blame you since for all you knew you were chasing a toy, and you purred the whole time, so it's all good. I'll bring a feather-on-a-string thingie for you to play with next time, since I owe you playtime on account of the hair trick. and thanks for the life lesson, torbie-kins. I'd much rather have learned it from you than from someone who didn't like me. *pets*

Dear Vesta,

I always thought you weren't that people-friendly, since the first time I heard you, you were hissing and chasing after Delmonica. I stand corrected; you're a sweetie, and that curly tail? Priceless. I'm glad I got a clue, pretty tortie girl.

Dear Nickolai,

You are the biggest kitten in the whole shelter. The cuddliness plus the playful goofiness makes you even cuter! I swear, you are Yrael with different-colored eyes. And I know you miss Tom Thumb; hopefully he heals up quickly and you get your friend back.

I have little doubt that this's going to become a recurring theme. Oops? :D Thoroughly owned am I.
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