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My openly MOGAI, shamelessly politically liberal self is suddenly *very* glad she stopped crossposting to livejournal several years ago. Part of me wants to disable comments over there, but the rest of me either a) wonders if that's a moot point, given my last non-postdated entry is from 2013 and my last edit from 2015, or b) balks at agreeing, however briefly, to the latest iteration of the ToS as I've read it in translation. See above, especially the bits about my MOGAI status.

I miss the SouCon folks from LJ. I wish more of them were on DW. I also miss a few of the comms I used to belong to over there as well; rigelianculture, for one, radio_alouette for another, gay_oddities for a third. For me, though, the LJ ship has thoroughly sailed.

*emphasis on fluff, in its usage as a mild term for passing gas
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75,000 to 100,000 people at Capitol Square this afternoon. Diverse, entirely peaceful crowd: Women, men, nonbinary folks, multiracial, multiethnic and multilingual (languages counted so far today=3: English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese), babies to seniors. I got a pleasant surprise when Milwaukee's own righteous firebrand of a state senator, Senator Taylor, was introduced! :) Music, poetry, spontaneous organization... and zero ill will seen anywhere. Plenty of calling certain officials out on their horribleness, but no evil intent. *That* is how we rally, Mr. Donald [crude potty humor/cultural reference mashup redacted]. Expect more of the same.

I've missed this. I shouldn't have done, considering the circumstances that lead to protests in both 2011 and now in the first place, but... I have. The atmosphere today had the same magical quality as the iconic snow rally we held, nearly six years ago. Let's hope that atmosphere, and the crowds creating it, continue. I for one am crossing my fingers. And turning out, of course.
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Go ahead, Mr. Donald J. Duck Dump, he whose name in spoonerism crossed with amateurish potty joke is, so says the lovely [personal profile] meimichan, an insult to innocent duck shit. Go ahead, Mr. Tronald Dump. Go ahead, Mr. Sexual Predator, Mr. Shameless Tax Evader, Mr. Road Company Understudy of Harry Lime, Mr. Fractional Third of the Third Man. Go ahead, pal. Hit me. I can take it.

I'm a terrier with an idea, just like my own character Kendra. I am a stickler, just like James Madison, for certain convictions. My conviction, not quite in mirror of his but close enough, is equality and dignity for every person. People are people are people. Everyone has a story. I've been this stubborn since the idea of people not being allowed to believe what they wanted to believe set my blood boiling with an emotion I had no name for. I was in Mrs. Rose's class in the first grade. I was seven. I've been this stubborn since the phrase 'slave pen' set me so aflame with inarticulate righteous anger that I had to isolate it on the page and reread it, just to savor the acid and the horror of the rage I felt. I was roughly ten, and learning about the Underground Railroad for the first time. I've been this stubborn since I was maybe eight, and utterly bewildered by the idea of war in the countries in the news (Somalia, I'm fairly sure it was) being motivated by religious conflict. I've been this stubborn since I realized I was the weird one, and that respect as a competent human was novel. I was barely walking, barely using a cane. I've been this stubborn ever since I was a kid falling in love with Resistance stories and Underground Railroad stories and Revolutionary stories, secret codes and midnight rides and discreet exchanges of information, and I never. grew. up.

So hit me with your best damn shot, Mr. Duck Dump. Sybil Ludington fought for ideals better than yours. So did Deborah Sampson, and Dr. Joseph Warren, and the legendary Iron Brigade of Wisconsin, and 506's Easy Company, and my grandfather, my dad's dad, in Belgium with Patton, and the segregated officers washed ashore in Saint Lawrence, Newfoundland, and Washington himself and yes, I went there. Hit me, pal. Grab my queer self by the pussy. Black my eyes, break my nose, mark me up and down. I can take it. I will take it. Because I can take it where others cannot. I refuse to lie down or shut up. Go ahead, take a swing at me. Make me a target. You have got nothing on me for sheer, homespun, righteous blue resolve. I will get up again, and I will shame you as I stand. Go ahead, have fun trying to knock the dumpy little blind lady down. You'll fail.

You will look like an idiot when you fail.

And I'll laugh in your face as I square up with you. And again. And again. And I will. not. stop.

May have been the losing side, this time. Still fully convinced it was the right one.
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I had the good fortune to make it to Lauren Jankowski's 'Where Are The Asexual Voices?' panel at this year's WisCon (despite what eventually became an all-day rainshower and a marvelous but hazardous floor-length skirt that kept tripping me up--ahem). While there, Lauren mentioned she was seeking interviewees for her Asexual Artists blog (Wordpress/Tumblr). It took me rather a while to get up the courage, and rather longer to finish my answers to the interview (!), but I eventually... took the writerly plunge. Eep!

Today, the interview went live. :)

The link is alive, and the cake is not a lie!

Hat tip to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for allowing me to link to Schrodinger's Heroes as a whole in the course of that interview.

Oh my shards, I did the thing!
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Same-sex marriage is legal in all fifty U.S. states. Equality is now the law of the land.


:) :D :) :D :D

We won. We're equal, legally. No more second-class status. I'm equal.

I didn't think we were going to win this one. Thank you, and blessings on the five of you. And, Justice Kennedy. Thank you, sir. You were the known swing vote, and you came down on the side of secular equality. Thank you all, so much.

:) :) :)
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I could get married, if I wanted to. I could get married by a Justice of the Peace here in Dane County, and who cares if both brides are wearing skirts and calling it good? I could have my great huge reception under a Fond Du Lac County summer sky, overflowing the whole back yard and forget the caterers, everybody bring a dish to pass and nobody burn what you're grilling. I could get married, if I were so inclined.

Holy crap. It's still sinking in, even a day and a half later.
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Things are... not perfect. Not great. but they're somehow or other somewhat better than they were. I'll take what I can get.

I have a grey ring. It's tungsten carbide, charcoal grey in the middle and more silvery at the edges. It's got lovely forty-five degree downward slants at each outer edge, and it's very much distinguishable from black. the original ring I bought didn't fit - too small - and though I tried to make it work, I finally gave in and exchanged it for a larger size. the jeweler I bought it from was a sweetheart about it and allowed a one-time switch, and the correctly-sized ring showed up yesterday. It's now on the middle finger of my right hand. Hello visible orientation symbol! :)

speaking of orientation symbols, in the course of picking up the ring in question, I wound up coming out in full to my mother. I was expecting a bad or hurtful (or both, but mostly the latter) reaction, but to my surprise... and I find myself both pleased and suddenly with no need for this argument I've been constructing in my head for months... she hardly batted an eye. she now knows the whole thing, romantic homosensual grey-bisexual, if not in those terms and with plain definitions included... and she accepted it. I asked her if she was surprised, half-jokingly, and she said no, she really wasn't surprised at all. I'm... not really sure how to feel about that. Pleased, sure, because she gets part of me. but on the other hand... she gets part of me.

I don't think her initial reaction ten years ago on my attempting to tell her I was bi is ever going to not be hurtful. But this... this is a relief. and surprising. and just a little vindicating, even though I really shouldn't feel quite that way. See? It wasn't just a phase. Mostly a surprising relief, though.

In completely unrelated news, I have a planter that will soon be filled with either radishes or carrots, I haven't decided which. I'm also slowly working on another orange!verse story. It'll hopefully be posted for sponsorship soonish, though I'll warn in advance that there's a lot of both internalized and external trans* panic and transphobia involved in it. It involves a recurring character, if that matters to folks.

anyway. I have a sinkful of dishes and a planter to fill with seedlings. Off for a bit. Still here, though. :)
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Not dead yet, I promise. Muse has gone on vacation to Cape Canaveral and left me behind. whoever said a 9 to 5 job was the worst thing that could be done to a creative person was absolutely right.

Cut because I don't want this waving out there in the breeze. )

I've also just found out the editor of the shortwave column I contribute to is stepping down. Dammit, Mark, don't give up on us yet. The hobby's not dead. ... Call me stubborn, but I refuse to let it die.

I'm going to bed. Night folks.
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First the icky, then the happy.

Dear Justice Prosser,

Violence in the workplace is not allowable. Period, end of statement. If you'd tried that sort of thing on anyone at my office, you'd now be in hot water at the very least. So you know.

P.S.: Don't blame me, Wisconsin. I voted for Kloppenburg.

Dear New York,

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 and lots of rainbow sparklies! Thank you. That is all.

Much, much love,
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Because it absolutely sharding well needs to be shared. Thanks for the initial link, [ profile] simplykimberly!

Part of me wants to share this with my kid sister. Hell, part of me wants to share this with my mother. I won't say I haven't wished I could share this with high school!me, either. Considering I was one of the referenced asshole teens due to attempted religious conservatism and extreme denial... yeah, high school!me might've benefitted from something like this in a couple of ways. Might've sent her into a corner in a million pieces and made things worse, though. Eh, I get to properly enjoy it now. :)

I almost died at the Scrooge McDuck reference, good lord. And I never knew that about Cher's kid. I went 'Chastity is trans? ... Oh, okay.'

... Oooof, I really have come a long way from high school!me. Good thing, too.
You guys. Oh my gosh.

Goodbye Don't Ask, Don't Tell! Don't let the gate constrict on your fundament on the way out.

Woooohoo! XD :D :D My day is made. Made, I say!
Home from Dad's family Christmas. Whew, long day. Currently going goofy over old episodes of Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? but that's for a later post.

Right now, I need to share a link. Thanks [ profile] newredshoes for said link, and hi NPR!

It gets better? Darn right it does.

This is how you make Chanter yelp 'Yes! Yes!' at her laptop. I thought this'd never happen. Wheeeeeew!
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I won't go on about politics today, because all the Americans on my flist are probably all sick to death of them right now. Election day, oomph. Let's just put it this way:

voting after work=:)
registering in Dane County finally!=:)
using a talking accessible voting machine for the first time=:) and dang, that's cool, not to mention waaaaay more high tech than anything I've used to vote before! Welcome to the big city, Charlie.
discovering a problem with the talking voting machine and getting it fixed=:? :( and then :)! the ink cartridge was empty
being the first of the day to use said talking voting machine=:) whoa, really?
Bosco getting tons of love from all the election officials=:) aww
confusing Madison streets=:( whoever planned this city with its wheelspoke street intersections was loaded on something, for real
running into (not literally) a rather nice art student from the UW who sounded like the lead singer from Rascal Flats on the way home=:)
not daring to share my number with said nice art student for fear of being too forward when I'd just met him=:(
running into (again not literally) the owner of a local bar and his adorable jumpy puppy when almost at my front door=:) cool human, cute puppy
finding out that the bar in question won't turn alternative folken away if you know what I mean=:) I've been looking for a place like that!

... Whew. I haven't done a list like that in a while. Right, now there will be dinner, and then there will be NPR. Maybe there will even be NPR during dinner. XD

Spirit Day

Oct. 5th, 2010 08:37 pm
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Originally posted by [ profile] neo_prodigy at Spirit Day

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes at at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh (top)
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase (middle)
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas. (bottom)

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.

And I jus got a purple-patterned sweater and top, too. Quoth Dairene Callahan, referencing the Powers That Be: There are no accidents.
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Well, other than sticking something sharp on the seat, that is?

this is how you do it.

I read the headline before it, which talked about the Feminist Majority Foundation releasing astatement in celebration of the ruling, and I literally bounced up and squeaked 'Yes, yes!' :D :D :D I know, there's another court ruling coming down the road, but all the *same*. That's just it, actually. All the same. We're the same. That's been acknowledged today, and how.

I believe a suitable exclamation here is 'Currahee!'
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I can't really say much, as I'm posting from work with sneaky access, to quote a friend, but I had to link to this story. It deserves reporting. I for one am celebrating. Equality will out, if that's not a horrible and/or terribly irreverent pun. Yay!

*beams!* Now if the offending school would get it's act together...
Checking in from Waupun, because it's family Christmas with Dad's relatives tomorrow. I just got in about an hour ago. That's one thing.

The other is sort of related, if only because it happened between the time I got here and now. I was flipping through the channels shortly after I rolled in, went to see if any decent sci-fi was on, and what did I hear?

An episode of SG-1. As in, a season 5 or earlier episode of SG-1.

Yes, some of you folken already know where this is going.

At risk of misquoting A Scandal In Bohemia... curses, she still has me in a power. Only not curses, because I wouldn't honestly trade it, but still... oh man. She has me as enchanted as she ever did.


For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about... uh, it's a long story that might make some of you laugh and/or think I'm a total freak, possibly both. Ask me for the full details via AIM or something, I'd sooner not spill the whole thing in a post.
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Seriously, you deserve a round of applause for this one. I suppose the fourteenth time's the charm, or something. I won't dwell on that rather horrible statistic just now; for the moment I'm content and more to say better extremely late than never. You've finally done it.

I thank you from the bottom of my liberal, nontraditional, soon-to-be-better-recognized heart. and I doubt I'm alone.
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Instead of bringing you lot a post with actual content of the 'this's what's been going on in my little corner of the world' variety, you get a quote. A quote from the ever-amazing [ profile] sarahtales, she of the infinite number of clever and truthful turns of phrase. I really hope she doesn't mind me quoting her over here, but this's the sort of thing that needs doing.

The femme fatales, the ninja ladies, the shy girls, the chatterboxes, the ones several guys wanted, the ones none of the guys wanted, the heroines, the sassy sidekicks, the girl the hero fell in love with in one episode we never saw again, the girl who wanted a guy she didn't get, the girl who was with a ton of different guys, the girl who was devoted to her job, the girl who was into other ladies, the murder victim, the tomboy, the feisty redhead, the dumb blonde. There was never anything wrong with any of them.

It's worth it to recognise that we're all okay. We were always okay.

I applaud you for this. Loudly. So do Sariel, Alina, Tracy, Kayla, Lor (Lorany-that-was), Leah, Amy, Jillian Rhodes, Nancy and even Butterfly. And countless others besides; naming them all would make this list of headvoices *much* longer than necessary. At risk of oversimplifying things a bit, all I'll say is this.

Sarah? You've got it right. *salutes!*
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Oh wow. My ideal life ten years from now... well. It definitely contains an apartment in this city -- not a huge one, not a swanky one, just a nicer one with two bedrooms at most and preferably a little balcony/patio thingie that's got room enough for a mid-sized container garden. Someplace where my bedroom's not in the middle of my living room, you know? Being either within walking distance of work or, if that's not possible, walking distance of a bus line would be lovely, as would not ending up in the suburbs, yurgh! And cats, please. There absolutely must be a kitty or two in this setup; a couple FIV positive, raggedy-eared former strays who're the biggest loves in the world but who everybody else overlooked because they had black fur and one eye gone, or a missing leg, or just the FIV thing on it's own. I'd love to be known, in ten years time, as that friendly, slightly quirky but in a nice way lady that all the neighbors like. I'd love to be working somewhere that pays the bills but doesn't make me feel like a sell-out, somewhere meaningful, where my journalism skills are usable but where the newspapery aspect might not be the main focus of things. Some little nonproffit, maybe, some community organization that's really doing good on the ground, regardless of how small the improvements to conditions/situations are. Talking with people as part of my job, telling stories from the field and really seeing them lead to something positive, or if nothing else just get the word about X issue out there, positive or negative, in a human voice - that's what I want. And then at the end of the day I'd have somewhere to come home to and not be bothered by anyone if I didn't want to be; I'd have options if I *did* want to do something of an evening/night, but I'd have a place to recharge if that's what I felt like doing. If I wanted to, I could just as easily spend a night in with RP, assorted fandom and my kitties as I could go out somewhere and meet a friend. and I'd have friends to meet, coworkers or people from elsewhere, probably a mix of coworkers and cat rescue folks and SCA folks and who knows who else. I wouldn't be just that blind girl, or that queer girl, or that geek, or that bitch who never shuts up; I'd actually be someone who people would want to hang around. I'd probably know a crowd of other geeks, and we could all squee over fandom together, and talk politics at each other, and make references that nobody else in the coffee house gets. There might be a significant... whoever in the mix too, some delicate little elegant somebody with an accent to make a body's toes curl and enough of the femininity I lack to be fairly easily classified a greenrider to my blue. Yes, my ideal's a woman. Maybe we'd be living together, but somehow I don't see that; spending the odd night over at each other's place sounds more the thing, and neither of us would wake up feeling dirty in anything more than the most mundane sense in the mornings. She'd want me around. Enough to be with me, even, long-term. Sort of casual yes, probably, but long-term. Enough to meet my folks, and win them over to a few things (not least of which is the idea that someday one of their sons-in-law might just be a daughter-in-law), and go to family Christmases with me, and not get the curious kind of scandalized looks from anybody, Reetzes and Scheels or Forsythes, even when I introduce her as "This is Elaine. Or Kim. Or... whoever." The important things.

and NO KIDS, ta very much. I'll leave that to the other two girls. The mother-type I am *so* not. I'll just be the auntie that all the nieces and nephews and second cousins think is cool; my generation's version of my aunt Laurie. I'll give the kids back at the end of the day, thanks.

Oh, and everybody would know me as Charlie. They'd know my proper name, but everybody that mattered outside family would pretty much use the nickname. That'd actually be really nice.

Good God and assorted holy cousins. I'm Luna Lovegood, aren't i? Either that or I'm just a really bloody sad case with more romantic issues than I realized. Maybe both. and... this turned into a surprisingly long and rambling answer. Whoops.

*scarlet-faced Charlie scarpers*



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