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We're under not just a winter storm warning, but a blizard warning until midnight tonight. We've had over a foot of snow so far, and it's forecast that we'll get six inches more tonight. End of the world? Forget fire or earthquake, forget lava. The world will end by snow. ... Or not, because I know we'll be here come the weekend. But I had to get my two cents in about it somehow.

Took the dog out to play in the snay earlier today. He was a very happy, sniffy labby for a while. Then we came back in, and since it was still coming down out there (still is, too) he really was a snow lab for a minute! I looked like a white-haired old woman. Aaaaaand then we were just drenched. :)

I tried to make my way up to the square, got snarled in difficulty finding buried sidewalks on both paths I tried, gave up and went home. All I could think for a second there was 'I lost my way.' Then I nearly got teary right in the middle of Main Street. I know most people would call that an overreaction, but it made perfect, painful sense to me just then. For those who aren't gigantic quote geeks like me, 'I lost my way' is a Gene Roe quote from 'Bastogne'. Ow ow ow.

Couldn't be bothered to pick up a bottle of booze last evening, though I did get the rest of the groceries earlier yesterday morning. Now I wish I had gotten something. Oh well. I'm supposed to travel home tomorrow, but if we're getting several further inches of snow tonight, the roads may be questionable for a while. Heck, they're still pretty questionable now, and that's with crews out and working since dawn. I also know that the temperature's slated to drop, which could lead to ice, and that never does travelers any favors. We shall see, I suppose.

I think tonight is going to consist of threading (snowball fight and OOMery with Sariel!) and DXing a ton. Between the pirate ops, the hams and anybody else who shows up, the end of the world should be pretty thoroughly celebrated on radio. My evening's going to be the very definition of wild, isn't it? :)

I also need to get back to working on the fic [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith and I have been discussing. This is the perfect sort of weather to write the refugees being welcomed by Resistance folks in Ontario. I need to get Kendra out of her rather shocky state first though, ditto her traveling companion, unless I just skip over a couple scenes for now. Those scenes are rather important in setting up the tone of the introductions that happen once everyone's relatively clear-headed, though. They also influence who gets introduced when, and what reactions Kendra has to certain people. Hmm. ... If I go on like this, I'll be spamming my friends page with my thought processes more than usual before long. Heh. :)

The wind has been consistently over 20 miles per hour since morning. It's howling around my windowframes. No wonder I'm cold. Must turn the heat up in here! Bur!
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I told [ profile] newredshoes I was going to do this, and so I have! and I made my self-imposed deadline, too. gasp! XD

this is in a vague sort of retaliation for... well, it's a very silly story really. Er, the thing I'm retaliating against, not this story, although this one could be viewed as a little silly too depending on whether or not you know [ profile] milliways_bar. This's also referencing a scene that I sharding love, which is a large majority of the reason why I did it this way. Don't kill me? I really, really hope I've got voices right, especially my narrator, seeing as we're, well, getting the whole ficlet through his eyes. Anyway. Here y'go, Esther. Happy New Year!

The day one member of Easy found Milliways. )

I'm horrible, yes? :)

Proper New Year's entry to be made once I'm no longer in transit. *goes to finish packing*
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Long subject line, but oh well. It's all relevant. anyhow, what not to do when both those things--or probably either of those things, really--are true.

Don't read angsty post-war Tab/Shifty fic, or... angsty post-war Tab/anyone fic, probably. Good lord, I haven't got the link, but reading 'Letters from Kokomo' about knocked me over. I'm not so much with the Tab/Shifty, but the imagery... jeez. All I could think of after reading Tab's last letter to Shifty in that fic was the line at the end of "Points" that ran something like 'Everybody lost touch with Floyd Talbert' until shortly before he died. Good lord, that combination made me cry! I actually went "Awww Tab, sweetheart," just before I shut that browser window. This is why I don't generally like thinking about any of Easy post-war. Trying to reconcile Talbert the lovable scamp with charm enough for miles even with the fictionalized account of him dropping out of sight... good gods, that's rough. And to think that in some way or another, that really was something RL!Tab did... yeah, thanks for making me cry, fic. Ow.

Needless to say, and only slightly off topic, if that'd been a Roe fic I wouldn't have been much use at all to anyone for a little while there. that's horrible of me to say, looking at the rest of this entry, but it's still true.

On the (sort of?) plus side, I've had a plotbunny... or maybe it's a plot demon bunny, not sure... hit me on the head thanks to that story and a few others. It, combined with the aforementioned fic, the skipping meds for a day the better to not run entirely out days before I can get a refill, and the PMSing... yeah, the whole lot made me cry again. In the words of... who was that again? "Way to go, Smithy!" Anyhow. There may be fic of my own in future. It'll be Tab/Smithy because dang, that pairing's gotten more and more intriguing lately, possibly angsty in places, also possibly post-war in places even though I said I don't generally go there, and rather more... adult than is my usual. Gasp. :) Now to get into the right headspace -- and find the courage! to actually write the thing.

Definitely a plot demon bunny, yeah. *shuts up now I've gotten all this written down, finally*
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As if I didn't already have a headful of this particular fandom thanks to going fic-and-post sniffing over the past week or so. I get to Waupun today, walk into the living room after we've all had dinner, and what do I hear from the television?

Oh hullo, Band of Brothers. Oh specifically hullo, Breaking Point. ... Oh, lordy.

Charlie's raw reactions ahoy. Herein lie both major rambling and spoilers from The Breaking Point to the end of the series. You have been warned. )

Uh. Anyhow. that's me all rambled out. I think I *will* have a go at finishing that OOMery now. If anyone read through all that lot, I apologize for all the babbling. Disjointed it was, and how. And I call myself a writerly type. Snicker.

I thiiiink I officially have a new fandom. ahem. Yay? :) Poor flist, stuck listening to me go on. Sorry, folken.
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This... has been a long time coming, actually. Admittedly certain bits have had a longer time waiting than others, though. Part of this was inspired by the stone angels plot that ran at Milliways or, more specifically, by a conversation Micara and I had while the plot was running. the idea we were tossing around didn't work out IC, more's the pity, so it ended up happening in fic instead. The large majority of the rest of this was inspired by a daily entertainment post in the back room. What didn't come from either of those sources... well. Call it equal parts thanks to 'fic with demons in' a la [ profile] newredshoes (Hi Esther!) and something Sariel reminded Tuck of during her first trip to Sherwood. Er. In other words, my imagination's been in overdrive again. Forget everything else and blame me for this. Utterly.

Oh, and just because I'm paranoid like that, these are a whole lapful of might-have-beens and none of them actually happened to the folks from the bar. Just sayin'.

Five lives Sariel Rager might have lived, at least in part )

Whew, but this took a while to write! I really, really hope this works/isn't rubbish/doesn't tick anybody off. ahem.



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