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Bonus Muffin shows off her harness from the cat stand:

Pale cat in red harness
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Loading out for a weekend set of shows in Kennewick with Leannan Sidhe – if you’re in the area, here’s the Facebook event, c’mon out! Leannan Sidhe is a trad- and trad-style band, so playing a renfaire is something they do on the regular, even if very little of the music is actually Renaissance-specific, and the weather is supposed to be great. See you there!

Mirrored from Crime and the Blog of Evil. Come check out our music at:
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Nineteen: Evil and Escape

“For people who know about this thing—” the Diamond Raven warned.

“For people to know about it is truth!  Is all of us who rotted for the Tzar laid to rest!  Is everything that went wrong put better!”  The deserter was foaming at the mouth.  Raizel took a step back.  He only spoke louder.  “This is the thing that makes it all better!  Do you understand?  This is the truth that I deserted for!”

“But what is it?” Raizel asked for the third time.

It is a spell so dark your eyes cannot comprehend it.  It is a spell so nasty that your mind will shy from it.  It says that the Tzar who won the Seventh War did so with the darkest of magics.  It says that he bled his own people’s souls to do so, and did so knowingly.  It may shake the foundations of your world.  It may change everything.  It may change nothing, save that people will know exactly how far their Tzars will go to hold on to this Empire.

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Sep. 22nd, 2017 09:45 am
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[personal profile] analise010 is doing a one-card draw to raise money to test as an actuary.

Sienese posters

Sep. 22nd, 2017 02:34 pm
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 I have a liking for posters wherever I go in the world and on our first day in Siena as we walked into town, I knew of a place where there would be some nice ones.

I wasn't disappointed!

One for a transport show:

And one for a donkey palio (yes, really :o) Such a beautifully captured image of one of my favourite creatures:

And general posterage:

That's all I have time for as we're now in the process of getting the new attic room as we want it, but there'll be more later, I promise! I took two hundred odd shots!

Friday DE: A thousand words

Sep. 22nd, 2017 05:33 am
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It's Friday so let's have some fun. I have two image memes in mind, feel free to do either or both. 

1 - Comment with an animated gif or still image of your pup's current state. 

2 - Comment with your pup(s) and we'll post an image that we think sums up your pup, either by keyword search on Google or whatever.  

If if you're on cellular data, you might want to avoid this one if it gains a lot of comments. :)

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Sep. 22nd, 2017 08:24 am
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Sentences I honestly had not expected to see at any point during my day when I got up this morning:

"In more than 30 years of cymbal cleaning I have used everything from ketchup to gasoline."

(I was trying to find out whether Noxon, a metal cleaner I remember using as early as Montessori preschool, would remove green discoloration from Artistic Wire, which is copper with a colored or clear coating. Turns out the process of cutting the wire into little bits and bending/looping/etc. the bits to make figure-of-eight chain exposes a lot of copper to the air and provides the opportunity for verdigris to form.)

New Moon Reading and Happy Equinox!

Sep. 22nd, 2017 01:32 am
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Life keeps being, well, life. I sure don't feel balanced, either in world news (so many hurricanes and earthquakes!) or politics (I can't believe the GOP is still trying to take away my health care) or personal life (renewing my license plate is expensive enough without having the engine light on my car start to glow to assure me I'd fail the emissions test without repairs). Life feels so very uncertain, for me and for so many, many other people right now. It would be too easy to get lost in worrying, but that isn't a good life, and wouldn't help me or anyone else.

Last weekend, we went to a Pagan Pride gathering and got to listen to one of my favorite musical groups. While I was there, I let myself be talked into getting a reading by a lady who used three different animal-based decks. I had too many possible questions in mind, so I stuck with the simple question, "what do I most need to know?". She drew me Armadillo, which she said was all about setting boundaries appropriately, but also a warning to face my troubles and not try to hide in my shell. Armadillo was flanked by lizard, for dreams, and snake, for rebirth. My spirit Guide was drawn from another deck, and was Panda, who advised me to create a sacred space in my home and place of work. Finally, from a deck that's all wolves, I received the advice that I'm at a crossroads. The more I think about boundaries and sacred space, the more different ways I see that this reading applies in my life. So I've been working to get my spaces in better shape for the work I need to do and the life I want to live. Maybe I'll write more about that in a separate post.

But it's Equinox (or about to be), and the New Moon (or was, just a bit ago), so I'm reminded that one of the sacred things I chose to do for this year is to do regular readings. Maybe I can bring you some inspiration or some insight to help you find a new balance in your life.

So, on to the readings.

New friends and old are very welcome. I'd love to do a bunch of readings!

I am continuing to offer a five-card reading for $25, or if you want a larger reading we can discuss costs. As always, a signal boost will allow you to ask for a clarification card on some part of this reading, if you wish. Alternatively, you can ask for a Torn World reading and get an in-character reading in Affamarg or the Breidalam Mountains using that world's standard layout for the divination disks.

Or, of course, you can simply ask for a single card (with the usual clarifying card for people who tip). The guitar case below is my personal PayPal link, featuring my own artwork, which still inspires me even though it isn't Tarot-related. I'm still thinking about doing an appropriate self-portrait. Not today--but should it be realistic or abstract? Me as I am, or me as I might be portrayed in a deck? The idea is percolating, anyway. But back to readings!

You may ask about real life or a creative project, even a game. I can draw a card for you to meditate on, to represent the Guide you need right now, or to get you unstuck. I can draw a card for a character or can draw a card or cards for you to use as writing or art prompts, and I can modify a more-traditional five-card spread into a prompt for a story focusing on plot or characters or a little of both.

For free one card readings, you can pick from the Brian Froud's Faeries Oracle, the Daughters of the Moon Tarot (one of the round decks), or the Shapeshifter Tarot. You can ask a question, ask for a Guide or for inspiration, or you can just ask for a card. I don't need to know what your question is, but you are welcome to share it with me if you like.

The first card is free (though tips are always appreciated). Tips (including requests for longer readings) also let you ask me to use any of my other decks, including but not limited to my combined Susan Seddon Boulet Animal Spirits and Goddesses cards and my Fantasy Showcase Tarot deck where each card was done by a different science fiction/fantasy artist.

Tipping can also be used to request a private reading, or to draw a clarifying card if the initial card (or paid multi-card reading) leaves you with questions. If you want a longer reading, send a direct message so we can agree on the type of reading and rate.

Signal boosts are very much appreciated, and also earn you the right to ask for a clarifying card. (If you only signal boost, please do not ask for two cards to start with. A clarifying card, if the reading is unclear to you, is fine.)

I understand all too well that when people don't have cash or spoons that is generally when they most need inspiration! Don't be afraid to ask for a card if you can't tip.

If you tip, it's helpful to me for you to mention it here so I can connect your Paypal information with your request. Tips should be at least $1 (Paypal charges fees). If Paypal doesn't work for you, drop me a message and we'll work something out.

I've written before about why I do readings and some of the decks I use here, feel free to hop over and check me out. I'll wait.

I will reply to all requests. In the highly unlikely event that the number of requests nears my limits, I'll close this card draw by changing the status line below rather than risk leaving anyone without a response.

Thank you, and Blessed Be!

Status: Open to free readings through 9/24; open to tipped readings until this status message is changed.

As always, these readings are for entertainment and inspiration only. See my "Dandelyon's Readings" page if you have questions.

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Family Stories
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 6 of 9 (working)
word count (story only): 1198

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, this is a Finn family story which includes Shiv, Boss White and the Ebonies and Ivories. ::

:: Author's note: following through on the teaching-storytelling model has increased the length of the story significantly, but including these details seems to be following the audience's preference. Details become even more important when the personal and practical intertwine. ::

back to part five
to the Finn Family index
on to part seven

“So… it's kind of like what Cook calls 'kitchen sink soup?” Shiv ventured.

Heron wanted to shout for joy at Shiv's willingness to take a risk and engage. Instead, his lips quirked up as he nodded. “Exactly. As long as you get the basic ratio right, and do not over-knead it, this bread will work with pretty much anything you want to try. You want a holiday bread with fancy orange peel and some canned pumpkin, go for it. Let me show you what I mean for ratios.” He put a teaspoon of the baking powder they'd just mixed up next to the mountain of flour, then a pinch of salt. “Salt makes the bread turn brown better, so don't leave it out. If you want a pinch of sugar, to make the buttermilk seem a little less sour, that works, too.”
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Sep. 21st, 2017 05:13 pm
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So, it's been quite the 24 hours for nostalgia. The new Alola arc (based on the Sun and Moon Pokémon games) ongoing in Japan released the second of two parts featuring Ash and his friends from Alola (Lillie, plus Trial Captains Lana, Mallow, Kiawe, and Sophocles--all of them are characters pulled right from the game, with Lillie being the unfortunate daughter of the evil Team Leader of the region--who actually will be showing up for the first time in the next episode, but I digress...) visiting Kanto and reuniting with Brock and Misty. Last week's ep was cute, with Brock and Misty meeting the new characters (there's a cute scene where Misty hits it off with Lana, who is also a water-type trainer, and Brock and Kiawe seem to hit it off, as well, though trying to stop their Marowaks from fighting, heh). There was also an adorable scene where Ash, Brock, and Misty get a little time for themselves and reminisce about the old days. Even Jigglypuff (who hadn't been seen since Hoenn) shows up again.

But as cute as part one was, part two (which I actually watched unsubtitled because I didn't want to wait) was just amazing. Brock and Misty hold some exhibition matches to show off for the Alola crew. There are some sparring matches first (Brock vs Sophocles and Lillie and then Misty vs Lana and Mallow), and then two big matches: Brock vs Kiawe and Misty vs Ash. And the biggest thing revealed is that Brock and Misty now have Mega Stones/Keystones for their Steelix and Gyarados respectively to Mega-Evolve. Mega-Evolution is a game mechanic introduced in Gen 6 (the previous gen) where certain fully-evolved Pokémon can gain a temporary Mega Forme if the bond with the trainer is sufficient. Ash didn't get a Mega during the gen 6 arc, but he had a special Battle Bond Forme for his Greninja which was slightly different in that no Stone was required. But Brock and Misty have Mega Stones and the reveal was amazing--Brock carries his keystone in a necklace under his shirt, and Misty carries her in her hair tie. And it brings about so many questions--how did the get the Stones, how did they train to use them, and gah!

More than that, it's how we've seen Brock and Misty grow from when we (and Ash) last saw them. With Ash being the only member of the original trio to be a consistent player in each saga, it's possible to watch him grow and develop as a trainer. And that’s great; he’s come so far, and it’s been great to follow his journey and growth for the last 20 years.

And now, after so many years, we see just how far his first companions, Brock and Misty, have come since their debut 20 years ago, too. Everything about these exhibition matches was amazing, but best of all were the keystone reveals–to see Brock and his first Pokémon having reached amazing heights, and to see Misty having not only conquered her fear of Gyarados, but now command one at its strongest.

These are characters that I grew up with in my highly influential years–the first characters that sparked my imagination and inspired me to follow my dreams and write. And to see them again after all this time, and see how far they’ve come and how much they’ve been able to achieve, is simply indescribable.

And I also got to visit my other favorite anime yesterday; I finally saw last year's 20th anniversary Yu-Gi-Oh movie, Darkside of Dimensions. This one, I saw in English--I have a fondness and loyalty towards the 4kids voice actors who did the first 8 seasons of Pokémon and all 5 seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh. Pokémon is out of their reach now, sadly, since it doesn't look like the current anime owners have any intention of bringing them back (which is why I watched the Brock & Misty reunion eps in Japanese), but when the YGO movie was announced, I was willing to hope that there might be a chance, despite the fact that 4kids as a company no longer existed--and I'd even decided that Eric Stuart returning to voice Kaiba would be the deal-clincher for me, and lo, both he and Dan Green were announced to return as Kaiba and Yugi. But then they later announced that everyone from the 4kids dub was coming back to reprise their roles, except for Maddie Blaustein, sadly, who had passed back in 2008; it was a bit of a sad moment to hear everyone else but not her, but everyone else was in perfect form, and it was great to hear them again!

Spoilers and stuff under the cut )

So, overall, even though the story and characterizations were "ehh," the message was good and it was great to hear everyone (sans Maddie, sigh...) again--it really was like visiting old friends! And I got an MFU plotbunny out of it--the movie seems to suggest that the Millennium Ring is inherently evil even before (and after) Zorc corrupted it; it's basically sentient like the One Ring (when it takes over the disciple and merges him with a monster, it basically says that the disciple is no longer in control--again, post-Zorc) and feeds into people's inner fears and hate/anger, and that Mahad was the only one pure of heart enough to resist it. Granted, the items were created from a horrific ritual and probably all have different degrees of evil associated with them (the Eye seems to be the other one that messes people up a lot, seeing what happened with Akhnaden and Pegasus), and Thief King would have had a lot of hatred and anger in his heart for the Ring to feed on.

But now I want to have Napoleon temporarily end up with the Ring and the Ring be astounded that it's not able to influence him until something starts happening to Illya since only then Napoleon starts feeling angry and afraid--but, of course, in the end, he fully resists the Ring and discards it/gives it back to Shadi. I can probably tie this in with the Ammit Medallion arc, which will wrap up Lionheart and Kid's story, as well. That won't be for a while, though--I have a Halloween fic in the works for October, and then I want to do the first Lionheart and Kid novel itself for NaNo in November!
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Thanks to a [personal profile] liv-triggered happy rabbit-hole I just read Marissa Lingen's fabulous post illuminating why most people find the experience of impairment so mystifying.


if you need convincing: an excerpt )
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I'd like to offer my own apologies for disappearing the past couple of weeks. I think Danny and Selina are the ones I've left things hanging and I hope you're good with me tagging in and continuing. If not, that's fine and thank for what we've got done. = )

To Hell in a Handbasket

Sep. 21st, 2017 06:37 pm
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It was a very nice basket, Yeri had to admit.

It was pretty, well-woven, and tidy, and it was just large enough that he could fit in it.  Not particularly a hand-basket, if you were really going to think about the term as such.

Then again, most baskets were not man-sized, most baskets did not have lids, and most of them did not have wheels. 

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Sep. 21st, 2017 12:06 pm
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Hello my friends, just popping in to give a big apology for disappearing this last week.

captain of the fail boat is I )
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Chapter 46: Arnbjörg
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

She was trying, she really was.  

She wasn’t trying, perhaps, as hard as she ought to or as often as she ought to, but Arnbjörg was trying hard to accept this place.  It was just...

“It’s so fucked up.”  She threw up her hands.

“What?”  Jaya turned to look at her. They were studying together on their bed, Jaye’s head on Arnbjörg’s shoulder.  They hadn’t been talking at all; Arnbjörg had been glaring at her textbook and attempting to focus.

“This school.  Everything about it.  Babies.”

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Sep. 21st, 2017 09:02 am
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My apologies for dropping off the face of the Bar for a while there. I've been busy RL- not a great excuse, I know- and I've been making jewelry as a hobby/small business lately. Which doesn't sound like it'd interfere, but man, have you tried typing with a pair of roundnose pliers in one hand and four 18-gauge dead soft wires in the other? It is not an easy experience.

... anyway. I'm sorry to have vanished for a while, and would like to get back into posting properly if anyone is still interested.




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