Apr. 4th, 2017

chanter_greenie: Commander Seth Goddard of Space Cases fame (SC: Goddard - do the best they can)
My openly MOGAI, shamelessly politically liberal self is suddenly *very* glad she stopped crossposting to livejournal several years ago. Part of me wants to disable comments over there, but the rest of me either a) wonders if that's a moot point, given my last non-postdated entry is from 2013 and my last edit from 2015, or b) balks at agreeing, however briefly, to the latest iteration of the ToS as I've read it in translation. See above, especially the bits about my MOGAI status.

I miss the SouCon folks from LJ. I wish more of them were on DW. I also miss a few of the comms I used to belong to over there as well; rigelianculture, for one, radio_alouette for another, gay_oddities for a third. For me, though, the LJ ship has thoroughly sailed.

*emphasis on fluff, in its usage as a mild term for passing gas



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