Mar. 12th, 2017

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I finally got this finished and posted it to AO3. It's the first fanfiction I've written in aaaaaages. It is not, despite the pairings listed, explicit in the likely-expected ways. It qualifies as ace erotica though, very much so. Talia has some vivid daydreams late in season 1. This is definitely post 'Legacies', because one interaction gave my demisensual self the crawlies for a day and a half and inspired Talia's references to brick walls in narration... Call it somewhere around 1X21.

This is, I admit, a warm fuzzy note to a certain character who's my absolute favorite in that whole series. I'm still melting over him while grieving his actor at the same time, I've got myself rather stuck, and this helped at least somewhat. I just hope I haven't gone OOC for Talia. Suitable for teen and up audiences, watch for intense thought processes in narration and imagery to match, as well as gratuitous fantasizing, though that last is admitted by Winters herself right off the bat. And yes, the title is a reference to the English translation of the lullaby/carol. 6637 words.

All Through The Night

Please comment over there if you're going to do so. Nothing at all wrong with DW comments, but I'd really appreciate them on AO3!



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