Jan. 1st, 2016

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I actually have one of these, now! I'm amazed I got this far. Fics available for funding by donation are listed below. I'm borrowing from the ever-marvelous [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith here by listing the name of the person who prompted the story. I've also learned about rate calculations by following her examples and links. For information on the orange!verse, and the Schrodinger's Heroes project that spawned it, see her menu page.

Just for my own sake, if a person donates for one of these fics, could they please send a private message or drop a comment or... something of that sort? I've never done this from the writerly side before, and I have no idea if PayPal will send a message of its own when a donation comes in. Edited to add: It does send a message! I still have no objections to people dropping a line, though. I don't often equate usernames with real names, especially if I don't know you RL.

Miller's Speculation
prompted by [personal profile] thnidu, with a hat tip to Professor Virgil Miller, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Sponsored by R. A. Olivero, a very old RL friend
Original ficlet. The quirkiest cautionary tale/moment of ironic justice you ever did see.

"Meteor Scatter"
prompted by < [personal profile] perfectworry, Sponsored by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Orange!verse. Quinn has nothing at all against other people's stars.

Tuning Up
sponsored by [personal profile] mama_kestrel
Orange!verse, several years before the events of "Adjacent Universe Splatter". Rebroadcasts to the northern States started first.

Autumn On The Oak Savanna
prompted and sponsored by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Original ficlet. The scent of newly-harvested fields in the fall... and quite a bit more besides.

Spring Is Honest
Written in trade with [personal profile] helgatwb, who asked for a piece about early spring. I obliged, with Wisconsin in late March.

Musical Gift
Prompted by [personal profile] siliconshaman, sponsored by W. Blondeau, an RL friend
Orange!verse. "Someone's got to speak up. I'm having fun while I do it." Meet Eric.

Dual Path Echo
prompted in a roundabout way by [personal profile] siliconshaman and [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse. To Helen, love is verb, noun and natural state of being.

Working The Bands
On both sides of the border, people are rolling up their sleeves.
Orange!verse, $43.

Orange!verse. Il est bien, sa bon, even when it ain't. Meet Doc and Sister.

In The Clear
sponsored by R. A. Olivero, an RL friend
Orange!verse, immediately post Open Carrier and Carrier Wave (both still in progress). Dat is niet alleen uit vanavond. Eric meets a refugee.

sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse, set just before Cat's In The Cradle. "It's for my girlfriend." A trans* citizen of America (recurring character) gets by.

Thy Father And...
There are two sides to what Kendra's inherited.
Orange!verse, $5.

Signal Strength
sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse. Concurrent with the events of Cat's In The Cradle. At eighteen, Kendra gets an education by radio.

Keeping A Logbook
sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse. These are the things Sandy carries.

Jammed Transmissions
Every refugee has a story of their own.
TW: visceral imagery (current), violence, police brutality, racism, homophobia, harmful institutional reactions to neurodiversity (all past, current environment supportive)
Orange!verse, $41.

Clandestine Stations
What makes the local Waxahachie team help with rebroadcasts to the southern States?
Orange!verse, $10.50.

Just what gets written in safehouse fridge notes, anyway?
TW: brief but vividly mentioned symptoms of illness
Orange!verse, $25.

sponsored by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Orange!verse. Sharing space in Canadian safehouses is far from uneventful.

Legal ID
Prompted by [personal profile] ellenmillion. Carlos doesn't envy the lawyers one bit, but...
TW: references to child abuse and violence (past, current environment supportive)
Orange!verse, $11.50.

sponsored by
[personal profile] fyreharper
Orange!verse. "We're geese, not coyotes." Carlos and Quinn make a run to Detroit.

Parliament Hill's Reply
Released for free post the 2016 U.S. election.
Orange!verse. In Brampton, Leigh muses on Lady Liberty's inscription and the people who cross the border.

Essential Components
Which items are vital at the safehouse in Brampton, and why?
Orange!verse, $39.

Open Carrier Part 1
sponsored by [personal profile] mama_kestrel
Orange!verse. Kendra makes a decision.

Open Carrier Part 2
Kendra gets rolling.
Orange!verse, $5.

Open Carrier Part 3
Kendra spends her first day and night on the road.
Orange!verse, $7.

Open Carrier Part 4
Kendra makes it to Detroit.
Orange!verse, $6.

Lighted Display
Posted for free. Orange!verse. This little light of--wait just a second.

Heaven Is Subjective
sponsored by [personal profile] technoshaman
Orange!verse. "People still hate up here," Sandy says.

Trusted Voice
You need a couple of passable musicians and a lot of willing hearts. How Leigh does what she does.
Orange!verse, $12.50.

Arco Iris
Free verse poem, not part of any specific universe. Someone asks a soundmage for a magical rainbow. She provides as only she can. This poem was the un-posted inspiration of a rainbow/color challenge a while ago.
Original, $5

Summer To The Winter Country
Prompted and sponsored by [personal profile] technoshaman. Original. Summer might be sand.

The Senses Of Same
Prompted by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith. Hope, wonder and hunched shoulders.
Original, $9.50.

Bring Back The Wonder
Sponsored by McSushi, an RL friend. Original. Just what would it take?

The Lamentations of Old Money
What Jennifer wants fits on a two-sided coin.
Original, $23.00.
chanter_greenie: a house and road blanketed in snow (Wisconsin winter: buried in snay)
The first half of that subject line is fairly self-explanatory. I'm still alive! I'm also grateful for a looooong New Year's weekend, the snowstorm we got on Monday, and marvelous radio folks. :)

The second part of that subject also fairly easily explains itself. Last night, I had what was pretty definitely the mellowest New Year's Eve I've had in some time. There were pasta and breadsticks, there was a shortwave pirate down on 80M playing song requests (including mine!) and there was reading up to and through the second American midnight without even realizing the clock had clicked over. Then I fell over and zonked. Works for me!

Only one definite guideline/resolution/whatever for 2016, at least that I'm willing to write down at the moment: Write and hopefully find sponsors for an armload of stories!

In that vein, if anyone's got particular characters they'd like to see more of from me, let me know? I can't say this is a genuine prompt call, as I'm not sure whether or not the muses will respond, but maybe any or all ideas given will spark something.



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