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Jan. 1st, 2016 07:23 am
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I actually have one of these, now! I'm amazed I got this far. Fics available for funding by donation are listed below. I'm borrowing from the ever-marvelous [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith here by listing the name of the person who prompted the story. I've also learned about rate calculations by following her examples and links. For information on the orange!verse, and the Schrodinger's Heroes project that spawned it, see her menu page.

Just for my own sake, if a person donates for one of these fics, could they please send a private message or drop a comment or... something of that sort? I've never done this from the writerly side before, and I have no idea if PayPal will send a message of its own when a donation comes in. Edited to add: It does send a message! I still have no objections to people dropping a line, though. I don't often equate usernames with real names, especially if I don't know you RL.

Miller's Speculation
prompted by [personal profile] thnidu, with a hat tip to Professor Virgil Miller, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Sponsored by R. A. Olivero, a very old RL friend
Original ficlet. The quirkiest cautionary tale/moment of ironic justice you ever did see.

"Meteor Scatter"
prompted by < [personal profile] perfectworry, Sponsored by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Orange!verse. Quinn has nothing at all against other people's stars.

Tuning Up
Backdated several years before the events of "Adjacent Universe Splatter". Rebroadcasts to the northern States started first.
Orange!verse, $40.

Autumn On The Oak Savannah
prompted and sponsored by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Original ficlet. The scent of newly-harvested fields in the fall... and quite a bit more besides.

Spring Is Honest
Written in trade with [personal profile] helgatwb, who asked for a piece about early spring. I obliged, with Wisconsin in late March.

Musical Gift
Prompted by [personal profile] siliconshaman, sponsored by W. Blondeau, an RL friend
Orange!verse. "Someone's got to speak up. I'm having fun while I do it." Meet Eric.

Dual Path Echo
prompted in a roundabout way by [personal profile] siliconshaman and [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse. To Helen, love is verb, noun and natural state of being.

Orange!verse. Il est bien, sa bon, even when it ain't. Meet Doc and Sister.

In The Clear
sponsored by R. A. Olivero, an RL friend
Orange!verse, immediately post Open Carrier and Carrier Wave (both still in progress). Dat is niet alleen uit vanavond. Eric meets a refugee.

sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse, set just before Cat's In The Cradle. "It's for my girlfriend." A trans* citizen of America (recurring character) gets by.

Thy Father And...
There are two sides to what Kendra's inherited.
Orange!verse, $5.

Signal Strength
sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse. Concurrent with the events of Cat's In The Cradle. At eighteen, Kendra gets an education by radio.

Keeping A Logbook
sponsored by W. Blondeau
Orange!verse. These are the things Sandy carries.

Jammed Transmissions
Every refugee has a story of their own.
TW: visceral imagery (current), violence, police brutality, racism, homophobia, harmful institutional reactions to neurodiversity (all past, current environment supportive)
Orange!verse, $41.

Clandestine Stations
What makes the local Waxahachie team help with rebroadcasts to the southern States?
Orange!verse, $10.50.

Just what gets written in safehouse fridge notes, anyway?
TW: brief but vividly mentioned symptoms of illness
Orange!verse, $25.

Sharing space in Canadian safehouses is far from uneventful.
TW: past loss of family members, obvious mental stress
Orange!verse, $46.

Legal ID
Prompted by [personal profile] ellenmillion. Carlos doesn't envy the lawyers one bit, but...
TW: references to child abuse and violence (past, current environment supportive)
Orange!verse, $11.50.

"We're geese, not coyotes." Carlos and Quinn make a run to Detroit.
TW: hinted possible violence, nothing shown
Orange!verse, $28

Parliament Hill's Reply
Released for free post the 2016 U.S. election.
In Brampton, Leigh muses on Lady Liberty's inscription and the people who cross the border.

Essential Components
Which items are vital at the safehouse in Brampton, and why?
Orange!verse, $39.

Open Carrier Part 1
Kendra makes a decision.
Orange!verse, $12.

Open Carrier Part 2
Kendra gets rolling.
Orange!verse, $5.

Open Carrier Part 3
Kendra spends her first day and night on the road.
Orange!verse, $7.

Open Carrier Part 4
Kendra makes it to Detroit.
Orange!verse, $6.

Lighted Display
This little light of--wait just a second.
Orange!verse, $7.50.

Heaven Is Subjective
sponsored by [personal profile] technoshaman
Orange!verse. "People still hate up here," Sandy says.

Arco Iris
Free verse poem, not part of any specific universe. Someone asks a soundmage for a magical rainbow. She provides as only she can. This poem was the un-posted inspiration of a rainbow/color challenge a while ago.
Original, $5

Summer To The Winter Country
Prompted and sponsored by [personal profile] technoshaman. Original. Summer might be sand.

The Senses Of Same
Prompted by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith. Hope, wonder and hunched shoulders.
Original, $9.50.

Bring Back The Wonder
Sponsored by McSushi, an RL friend. Original. Just what would it take?

The Lamentations of Old Money
What Jennifer wants fits on a two-sided coin.
Original, $23.00.
This is as close as I can get to how this series runs, chronological order-wise. It's a fair suggested reading order too, although several of these can stand alone if so desired. The first two pieces diverge from the rest, but not as far as you might think. Works without linked titles are available for sponsorship, or incomplete and being worked on if noted.

Update: I now have a character list posted for the orange!verse. Be forewarned, some of the details in that list are spoilers for as-yet unreleased pieces. Read with caution if inclined to avoid info you'd sooner find out in stories as they appear.

Adjacent Universe Splatter
Pat and Scarlett get a signal they aren't expecting. Scarlet!verse.

Taking The Long Path
The team tune in the station Pat caught. Scarlet!verse.

Tuning Up
Backdated several years before the events of "Adjacent Universe Splatter". Rebroadcasts to the northern States started first. Orange!verse.

Musical Gift
Someone's got to speak up. I'm having fun while I do it. Meet Eric. Orange!verse.

Dual Path Echo
To Helen, love is verb, noun and natural state of being. Orange!verse.

Keeping A Logbook
These are the things Sandy carries. Orange!verse.

Il est bien, sa bon, even when it ain't. Meet Doc and Sister. Orange!verse.

Essential Components
Which items are most important at the safehouse in Brampton, and why? Orange!verse.

Just what gets written on safehouse refrigerator doors? Orange!verse.

Jij Bent Zo
You're like that, and I wouldn't have you any other way. Meet Kendra. Orange!verse.

Handles and Callsigns (in progress)
Cell members have all kinds of ways they identify themselves on the radio. Orange!verse.

Sharing space in Canadian safehouses is far from uneventful. Orange!verse.

Heaven Is Subjective
"People do still hate up here," Sandy says. Orange!verse

The First Rule of Pirate Radio (in progress)
Not everybody's squeaky clean, whichever side of the border they're from or on. Orange!verse.

Legal ID
Carlos doesn't envy the lawyers one bit, but... Orange!verse.

Local Interference
(backdated four years prior to Jij Bent Zo)
Sometimes you just gotta stand. How Kendra got that black eye. Orange!verse.

Cat's In The Cradle
The little Boy Blue and the man on the moon. Michael watches his daughter with his gifts. Orange!verse.

Thy Father And...
There are two sides to what Kendra's inherited. Orange!verse.

Signal Strength
(post Jij Bent Zo, concurrent with the earlier two thirds of Cat's In The Cradle)
At eighteen, Kendra gets an education by radio. Orange!verse.

Jammed Transmissions
Every refugee has a story of their own. Orange!verse.

Meteor Scatter
(backdated roughly three years prior to the end of Cat's In The Cradle)
Quinn has nothing against other people's stars. Orange!verse.

(concurrent with Cat's In The Cradle)
"It's for my girlfriend." A trans* citizen of America gets by. Orange!verse.

"We're geese, not coyotes." Carlos and Quinn make a run to Detroit. Orange!verse.

Parliament Hill's Reply
In Brampton, Leigh muses on Lady Liberty's inscription and the people who cross the border. Orange!verse.

Open Carrier (in progress, now partially sponsorable)
(set post Cat's In The Cradle)
Kendra makes an attempt. Orange!verse.

Carrier Wave (in progress)
(immediately post Open Carrier)
For some refugees, the only way out is through. Orange!verse.

In The Clear
(immediately post Carrier Wave)
Dat is niet alleen uit vanavond. Eric meets a refugee. Orange!verse.

Lighted Display
This little light of--wait just a second. Orange!verse.

Clandestine Stations
What makes the local Waxahachie team help with rebroadcasts to the southern States? Orange!verse.
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75,000 to 100,000 people at Capitol Square this afternoon. Diverse, entirely peaceful crowd: Women, men, nonbinary folks, multiracial, multiethnic and multilingual (languages counted so far today=3: English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese), babies to seniors. I got a pleasant surprise when Milwaukee's own righteous firebrand of a state senator, Senator Taylor, was introduced! :) Music, poetry, spontaneous organization... and zero ill will seen anywhere. Plenty of calling certain officials out on their horribleness, but no evil intent. *That* is how we rally, Mr. Donald [crude potty humor/cultural reference mashup redacted]. Expect more of the same.

I've missed this. I shouldn't have done, considering the circumstances that lead to protests in both 2011 and now in the first place, but... I have. The atmosphere today had the same magical quality as the iconic snow rally we held, nearly six years ago. Let's hope that atmosphere, and the crowds creating it, continue. I for one am crossing my fingers. And turning out, of course.

happy 2017!

Jan. 1st, 2017 02:30 pm
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Goodbye, 2016. Do not let the gate constrict on your fundament on the way out, to quote a stationmaster at The Crossings.
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And I have news! I also have new socks that are not full of holes, hot chocolate, tea and coffee, a space heater to fix the one I accidentally broke *facepalms*, and a rather pretty blue blouse. But I have news!

I'm going to be an auntie again! Allie and Jordan (Laura's parents) have kid #2 on the way, ETA June or July. EeeeeeeEEEEE! :D I'm hoping it's a second niece, so she can be Audrey for my maternal great-aunt, or Lois for my mother's mom. I doubt the latter, since that name's previously gotten the 'yuck!' treatment, but Audrey might fly. My other sister's floated that as a name for a future daughter of her own, though. Jordan says he wants a boy, since his was a houseful of boys as much as ours was all girlies. EeeeeeeEEEEE! :D I *suspected* something might just be up when my mother oh so casually asked me if I'd talked to Allie lately... but I didn't quite trust it until I got the news sprung on me. On Christmas Eve, no less! :)

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I know I haven't been the most active person on the planet lately, but I still figured I should drop a note in here. I'm off to Christmas in Waupun, back early-ish on Monday. Millifolken, Sariel owes a few Christmas gifts to people, so that'll happen then.

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I've just emerged from a mostly delightful rabbit hole of B-5 bloopers, clips and rather insightful comments. I say mostly, because I've only now (!) learned of two losses. This'll teach me to concern myself only with characters, and not with actors. Oh, Commander Sinclair. Oh, sir. I didn't know. Entil'zha, I didn't know. :( And Garibaldi too--jeez. But oh, sir. I had no idea! Two more beyond the rim, and I had no idea.

snip for something I'm ashamed to admit )

Oh, commander. I had no idea, any of it. Rest well, sir. You more than earned it.
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Said to myself after watching the episode 'Who Goes Where?' of a series I was utterly mad for in 1996 and '97, especially after factoring in certain phrases and plot devices: Well, I had a type even at twelve.

Good gosh. I really did have a type, even then. ... *embarrassed face* See icon. 'Tell me what happened, from the beginning.' 'Get yourself healed up.' Good *shards*. The frak is wrong with me and my lingering biases?

Don't ask me where the sudden burst of nostalgia came from; I'm not entirely sure myself. It's no wonder my friends and I all got into Voyager and DS-9, though, after/alongside that. I do remember wishing SC had gone a little more serious/less childhood and more teenage with a few episodes and snippets of same...

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I'm posting this, publicly and for free, in the wake of the utter explosive excrement storm that was this past week in the States. It's intended as part defiance, part necessity, part reminder of human decency.

For a summary: In Brampton, Leigh puts her thoughts about the neighbor to the south, and the people who cross the border, in writing. Sandy has a hand in too, but it's a relatively small one. TW for all kinds of references to institutional and societal prejudices on the basis of race, class, gender and sex, and economic status. Also for some very bittersweet imagery.

Parliament Hill's Reply )

Notes are here:

*Leigh is quoting and riffing on the inscription from the Statue of Liberty.

*DaƱada, translated from Spanish, is 'damaged girl'. In other words, damaged goods.
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Because I'm going to go ahead and post it. The Lamentations of Old Money is up as a sponsorable poem. It's original and lyrical, and I am quite proud of it.

Good night!
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Go ahead, Mr. Donald J. Duck Dump, he whose name in spoonerism crossed with amateurish potty joke is, so says the lovely [personal profile] meimichan, an insult to innocent duck shit. Go ahead, Mr. Tronald Dump. Go ahead, Mr. Sexual Predator, Mr. Shameless Tax Evader, Mr. Road Company Understudy of Harry Lime, Mr. Fractional Third of the Third Man. Go ahead, pal. Hit me. I can take it.

I'm a terrier with an idea, just like my own character Kendra. I am a stickler, just like James Madison, for certain convictions. My conviction, not quite in mirror of his but close enough, is equality and dignity for every person. People are people are people. Everyone has a story. I've been this stubborn since the idea of people not being allowed to believe what they wanted to believe set my blood boiling with an emotion I had no name for. I was in Mrs. Rose's class in the first grade. I was seven. I've been this stubborn since the phrase 'slave pen' set me so aflame with inarticulate righteous anger that I had to isolate it on the page and reread it, just to savor the acid and the horror of the rage I felt. I was roughly ten, and learning about the Underground Railroad for the first time. I've been this stubborn since I was maybe eight, and utterly bewildered by the idea of war in the countries in the news (Somalia, I'm fairly sure it was) being motivated by religious conflict. I've been this stubborn since I realized I was the weird one, and that respect as a competent human was novel. I was barely walking, barely using a cane. I've been this stubborn ever since I was a kid falling in love with Resistance stories and Underground Railroad stories and Revolutionary stories, secret codes and midnight rides and discreet exchanges of information, and I never. grew. up.

So hit me with your best damn shot, Mr. Duck Dump. Sybil Ludington fought for ideals better than yours. So did Deborah Sampson, and Dr. Joseph Warren, and the legendary Iron Brigade of Wisconsin, and 506's Easy Company, and my grandfather, my dad's dad, in Belgium with Patton, and the segregated officers washed ashore in Saint Lawrence, Newfoundland, and Washington himself and yes, I went there. Hit me, pal. Grab my queer self by the pussy. Black my eyes, break my nose, mark me up and down. I can take it. I will take it. Because I can take it where others cannot. I refuse to lie down or shut up. Go ahead, take a swing at me. Make me a target. You have got nothing on me for sheer, homespun, righteous blue resolve. I will get up again, and I will shame you as I stand. Go ahead, have fun trying to knock the dumpy little blind lady down. You'll fail.

You will look like an idiot when you fail.

And I'll laugh in your face as I square up with you. And again. And again. And I will. not. stop.

May have been the losing side, this time. Still fully convinced it was the right one.
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Wow, I have not updated this darn thing in a loooong time. Right, fixing that! I could also say write, fixing that, but more on that in a moment.

I truly am still here. This bloody buggering election is going to be the death of me, and no matter what the battleground maps and the polls suggest, I am still tinkle-in-my-big-girl-shorts scared of a certain possible outcome, and will be so until November 9! In other news, still working far too much and commuting for far too long the better to do so, still reading tons and tons of fanfiction and original work, and still attempting to write. And, with that last, finally succeeding with something original of my own, as of tonight.

800+ words of lyrical poetry, finally, and it doesn't feel entirely like it's done yet. If I say 'run its course', I make it sound like an infection, which it isn't. Writing this one did feel something like lancing... uh, never mind. If anything, the subject matter is a bit of an affliction to be enjoyed--ooh, would that be considered saudade? Anyway, the poem may be sponsorable, but it's incredibly personal, so... hmm. I'll think about that, once it's properly done and edited. The tentative, working title is 'The Lamentations of Old Money'. It does not reference what it sounds like it references, for the record.

Now, however, I think I am going the frak to bed! This afternoon saw me rather overdo it on coffee (not a giant problem) and sugar (much more of one) due to an abundance of Halloween candy at work. I proceeded to be super wired, came home and wrote like the proverbial wind, and now that I'm slowly mellowing, I really should curl up before my brain chemistry overrides the sleep disorder meds and decides to keep me awake all night. I do *not* need that, as work performance tomorrow will take a severe nosedive if it happens, and all other gripes about my job aside, I rather like being able to pay the rent.
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In the interest of transparency, I've edited the pricing of 'Lighted Display'. It's only a $0.50 upward tweak, but it wouldn't be fair not to disclose it.

Oh, and the edit was made because I initially forgot someone! *facepalms* Sorry, character who's now included in the poem. I <3 you, honestly. To say more would be spoilerific. :)
... Is finally, finally fixed! :D I can expand messages I've replied to now, which means I can have a proper message archive that doesn't rely on e-mailed copies. Conversational threads are go!

Hat tip to the Dreamwidth support folks for both sorting out the problem and having a clue about screenreader technology's interface with social media. That second one's a rare one, believe me. I wish I knew how they managed the fix.

*dances the uncoordinated white geeklady dance of wordy delight and relief*
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To all my friends in the UK, I am so terribly sorry. I'm also both utterly boggled and furious, but not at any of you.

Many a blessing on the second independence referendum now brewing in Scotland. I hope it takes this time. I say this as a Scots-Irish Eurofriendly American with an atypical bent, but I still say it.
This is posted with the blessing of the lovely [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, set in her Polychrome Heroics universe. The originating incidents, and very especially one particular situation and character, have stuck in my mind since age thirteen or so. Surprise, eh? Associated notes are at the end of this post.

TW for the events of 1692 in Massachusetts Bay Colony. These are not as graphic as they could be, but neither are they at all glossed over. Also TW for spare but vivid emotional details concerning a grieving spouse.

Stones In The River )

Notes are here:

*In our universe, Giles Corey was executed at the Salem witch trials. That first link does go into more graphic detail, be warned. In Terramagne, his descendants' educated suspicions are correct; he had both a latent regenerative ability - average (0) - and a latent phase ability - average (0) - that activated to save his life, with the former allowing the latter. Whether either ability ever activated again, alone or in combination, is not known. Whether or not Giles knew the methods of his escape for what they were is also not known.

*There really was such a thing as admissable spectral evidence at that time and place in history.

*Dell Corey identifies as nonbinary and uses the pronoun xe. Dell is not bigender, though people sometimes think xe is due to xyr presentation.

*This is the nine-patch heart that Khazella Corey both wears on her coat sleeve and displays in her window. Thanks for the link, Ysabet. Khazella's making it plenty plain that she and her shop are both a safe adult/place and openly quiltbag friendly.

*Per Ysabet, the Green Heart program designates safe people, i.e. people children/adults/whoever can turn to in a sticky situation. Ysabet, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I imagine a kid saying "Oh man, I'm lost! I'm going to look for someone with a green heart pin." The minimum age to qualify as a Green Heart is eighteen, again per Ysabet, and younger members are initially supervised. In this particular poem, Gill Corey is just shy of eighteen.

*A safe walk program can be a number of things, from a program aimed at escorting college students through areas to make sure they remain unmolested, to a method of getting kids in rougher neighborhoods safely to school. Similar idea, different people in need.

*So far, Khazella Corey is the only soup in her generation, with average (0) teleportation as an ability. Her cousin Lansdown's gizmology is at average (0) for now, though chances are that will strengthen with time; he's roughly sixteen. A few family members were surprised (not displeased or dismayed, just a little surprised) Gill wasn't the one to soup up, but Gill himself is quite fine with the situation. the way he sees it, he's a nascent first responder with a teleporting cousin... he's good. :)

*To clarify the legacy of first name variations: Giles Corey was married three times. His first and second wives, Mary and Margaret, predeceased him. His mother's name was Elizabeth, and his daughter was named Deliverance. Gilles is the French variation, and one thread in the origin, of the name Giles. The original Latin of it would be Egidio, but that's never been used in this particular family.

*The image of logs in the eyes is paraphrased from the Bible.
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Rest in peace, Nehemiah Hall [livejournal.com profile] singeruvsongs. Heaven has one more excellent tenor, and I hope they've got a well-stocked musical and text-based library and a load of seriously shiny assistive tech up there. I bet Bosco and Dolores have greeted you with wags, sniffs and kisses already.

Cancer /sucks/.
I have [personal profile] technoshaman to thank for sponsoring this one! :) The only warnings that apply are not particularly graphic but still present references to historical mistreatment.

Heaven Is Subjective )

Notes are thisaway:

*The title and theme of this poem both came from this Al-Jazeera story about Syrian refugees and their Canadian sponsors.

*In the orange!verse, the Vietnam War did not end until 1976. Not coincidentally, neither did Nixon's presidency.

*In our world, Gander, Newfoundland has a reputation for helping stranded airline passengers in desperate situations. It's got a similar one in the orange!verse, though in their case, that reputation's been built on several somewhat less fraught instances over a number of years. The idea is the same, though.

*Saint Lawrence, Newfoundland has its own reputation, for kind treatment of shipwreck survivors. That one *did* happen in the orange!verse. It had, for obvious reasons, ripples beyond even what it had here, and it is well remembered on both sides of the border, especially in certain circles. Warning: the above link is to a playable audio story containing some vivid and disturbing Jim Crow era details indeed.

*The name Canada comes from the St. Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata, which means 'village'.
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File this under W for whoops! Where did that come from? Also under O for ooooh, hi creativity! Please stick around a while. :)

The latest is a poem, playing off a quote I fairly recently read in an Al-Jazeera story about Syrian refugees emigrating to Canada. I'm paraphrasing until I can find the proper quote, but the general idea was "This is not heaven." Well, neither is orange!Canada, any more than the orange!States are hell, but who says either concept is objective and one size fits all?

Heaven Is Subjective is up for sponsorship. 500 words, $10.00.
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As of *checks clock, eek!* five minutes ago, there's a new orange!verse piece ready for sponsorship. It's shorter and free verse, and it could otherwise be summarized as 'Chanter is playing with light imagery and metaphor.' It's honest character exploration for all that, and I had fun with it.

The title is a reference to glowing radio frequency/signal strength/time displays. I know not all radios have these, but many do.
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Finally! I've surprised myself with a new piece being ready for sponsorship. This one started as and, I suppose still is, a list piece, although it went lyrical as well as simultaneously detailed and spare on me. What's absolutely vital in one way or another at the safehouse in Brampton?



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